Ryan plays with Thomas and Friends Hide and Seek at the Park

Hey Ryan, Hi Mommy. What are we going to do today? We’re going to play hide n seek with Thomas and Friends Welcome to Ryan ToysReview kids, I’m going to hide and then you going to find Thomas and Friends okay go no looking okay kids, we have to figure out where did Ryan hide James ummm, let’s take a lot around, do you see it kids? Do you see it anywhere? There it is? There it is? We found James, found him Okay Kids, where you do you think we should hide Percy? kids, I’m not going to look, I’m not going to look Let’s hide him over the tree over there Ryan don’t look don’t look Let’s hide Percy right here kids. Shhhhh Don’t tell Ryan. Open your eyes. Find it Where do you think it is? Where? It’s somewhere? Somewhere, where? I found it. Did you Good job, yeah kids, don’t look Let see, I think Ryan hide it over here somewhere I think so There it is. There it is. Good job we found it together. We found it together. Alright kids, it’s time to hide James and Thomas. Where should we hide it kids? Where, where do you think we should hide it? Let’s hide it right here. Let’s see if Ryan can find it. Under here Okay, shhhhh Oh Ryan, we’re ready, go! Where do you think we hid it? Where do you think we hid it? ummmm, where? Where? look under the bushes In the bushes? Where Oh yea, you found it kids, it’s my turn to hide Percy in such a really good spot okay go I wonder where Ryan hid it kids umm do you guys see it yet? Do you guys see it yet? There’s Percy, There’s percy, we found him We found him togethere Close your eyes and turn around. There you go Okay, we’re going to hide all three of them togethere kids and Ryan is not looking. Where should we hide them kids? Let’s hide them on top, right here, Shhh don’t tell Ryan don’t tell him okay It’s hiding right there okay Ryan, we’re ready find them. I found them Already? wow that’s fast James If you like this video, please subscribe

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