SA vs AUS 2nd t20 match 2020 Highlights | cricket Highlights today match

at referee and amina tamale is our KFC
mini create kid all round a nine years old good to have him with us
Aaron Finch and Quinton de Kock the captain’s grinnin call his tales from
Vinci so I’ll ever go in the toss we’ve guitar to have a better first now he turns faces us in the commentary
box he’s just beneath us was so close to him here and he starts to run away from
us now first bore of the second KFC t20 he’s on the money in slows Quinton de
Kaap you see either of those balls swing there’s the pitch spurts an analyst
spend a long time analyzing pitches and often get them wrong so de Kock himself
said at the tasks and more cracks in it that he remembers and I repeat he
expects it to get slower quite shiny this sort of bear mud pieces that are what a stroke what a stroke that is
I gotta tell you from just back of a length to have that speed of eye and
footwork and hand awesome yasss quality from Quinton I was just thinking on the
surface sometimes you can struggle to hit the ball over the top
it wasn’t short first over bowled by Pat Collins this sparkling stroke sometime Cummins does
develop your temper you need to because you have days we
your up days would be down days when you better feel like it days when you don’t
please you get a bit of stick in other days
when you knock them over yeah on cue that’s brilliantly played in
swinging delivering is no surprise that Mitchell stock is searching for that
wicked ball trying to target the stumps the woods tailing back towards the
right-hander’s with it brilliantly put a little bit of wood come back as much as
stock wasn’t any up and over yeah just holding on that legs just
slightly leaning back and they don’t even go looking for that ball definitely
got the third fourth vampires bringing the new box of balls in a bit of
entertainment for the boys in the dressing room and the crowd that’s come
to witness but so wasn’t the massively short delivery from stock and as far as
the middle it found the center of it tactics ringing about what’s the
follow-through top of shots down on the ground just
like they bring up another Bambi say he’s mixing it up nicely
unless approved of the pitch have you ever needed it cannot play a shot like
that unless the surface is true really just dropping the bat on the ball
and has the ability to find the gap you always had an ability to do that of the job for Richardson to the grease
first one the man just gets down and pedals you past 45 and walks at you in
takes it straight past you a little bit short he’s pounced on
that’sthat’s gone for goodness gracious me I think we can just
say that’s gone for is it just one that’s Superman that’s ridiculous that
is absolutely unbelievable Steve Schmidt we saw the other side in the last over a
bowl of a kissy which is a somersault in Afrikaans and then that leap tell you
what you’re thinking that’s gone for six the crowd thought it was gone for six as
well what about that unbelievable astonishing absolutely astonishing short again this time he’s found the
boundary just one bouncers bar for four he pounces on those the partnership is
50 between Quintin de Kock and Reza Hendricks third 50 partnership between them this
time he’s had to place it make sure that it’s as far away from those fielder’s in
the deep as possible far away from Smith as possible where is that Superman get
it away from him down the ground straight down the ground
that is at vu t that is a big boundary I’ll say it again Quinton’s Got Talent
he can play some of these shots that he’s played here have been magnificent
you’re trying to make sure you give him so he doesn’t free his arms your balls
straight you can get it straight back over your head
he’s also punished that Lex I financials it is that will be out that is a that’s
a simple catch I got down there called loudly positioned himself
perfectly underneath that tousled easily as he walks off I reckon he’s thinking
why didn’t I just try and hit it for six it’s been circumspect in the way he’s
played he gets it short and he tries to roll the wrist there’s he hits that long
boundary and he gets a bit of a top edge so it carries comfortably into the deep
and agar makes no mistake but Reiser Hendricks goes and an innings that he
would have liked to be aggressive rather than circumspect it’s 64 1 for just 1
over Shawn why sweeper out there they’ll come back for 2 by constantly fed oh my
god before oh there’s a odds around the corner of the post that’s an excellent effort from Mitchell
Stark Queeny has been that in good form and I
think as a captain as long you know kept in my captain they betting together
almost around not be you know they’re enjoying every single moment I tell you
that well I’m a key make sure you enjoy the rest that I stay away from all that
chicken up there thank you very much hey mr. Hausman said amma say congratulation
for being here beside the stumps would have been interesting that’s for sure so
pain he’s got an edge on that that’s gone away for four
it’s an educated edge it’s gone all the way to the boundary it was much needed
as well needed by du + EU who had an inner boundary to that point and also by
the partnership that’s just been bumped down a little bit down the wicked
looking to make the play and the edge goes in the gap before enter for full
toss good cat see this from Aaron Finch that’s one hi there is a sweeper it is
going to be taken and is taken he was a bit unsure at one stage to placee has
just hold out that’s not a good shot he won’t want to see that replay that’s
exactly what they wanted to do didn’t want to do so now I figure they’ll
absorb balls and a wicked us form our beautiful bowling just wide saying right
you can go over mid off if you want that’s the man who’s up but then takes
all the pace off it and in trying to hit it doesn’t wait long enough buff Dukla
see yeah that’s exactly why there’s that reaction caught in the deep and du
Plessis got a go for 15 it’s an 81 for 2 the swirl ball take the pace off it and
then quit did can’t use the pace it’s a super innings act but he knows it’s
Harvard jock maybe less than half a job having said that your own say a brighter
or more enjoyable fifty oh yes how I just say to the fellows up behind us and
say winning is one of those players that they actually make the bales for South
Africa and in every one starting to followed after that and then what he has
done it to the scoring 50 as well you know when a decent walks in it looks
pumped that’s all pretty swing of the bat from Quinton Dukakis it’s been all
day finish on that the knuckleball they take a lot of practice those things to
get right you see where we’re sitting we were actually standing we can
actually see exactly where he’s standing he’s waiting for that slow ball he can
just punch it anywhere he wants to when a is called a 50 he must be looking now
to get the team you know closer to that 200 mark we’re talking about and nothing
from the it’s been around oh no no drop sort of Alex Gary don’t do that
that’s why it’s hard to play that little lap offered quicks when they cut the
ball this is one of those things a mark I think if you are not used to it
don’t do it hit the ball straight down the line you what a massive you know
open gaps everywhere well he was trying to play more of a ramp than me whenever
a reverse actually and he got done by the lack of pace anyway he’s stayed it

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