SA vs England T20 Series, st t20 Highlight

I think that’s gonna get the players Thinking a little bit. Let’s go through their South African lineup. Yeah, no surprise I think timber at the top of the order is the right call roll in at number three in the shorter format I think he’s been in good touch So he’ll open of Quintin de Kock Smuts will stay in the middle order there at number four Miller Pretorius back into the mixer all round up obviously will make contributions with bettin ball to acquire They’re sticking with Buren Hendricks Shamsi indeedy And then the old man’s back Dale Steyn bringin the big fish are back butler, Bairstow Morgan Rory Stokes is back into the mix 10 He’s going to come in at number 6, which is a little bit of a different position for him Moen early Tom Curren who was really good in that last game at the wonders and the one-day internationals Rasheed Jordan and Mark Wood the story is that it’s England who’ve won the toss and they’ve decided they’ll feel first Over the top isn’t all just Just over the top Believe me was anyone here Jordan able to taken that catch? When he’s gone again and that as a blind out there is a Magnificent shot goodness gracious me. He has blitz that 1 for 6. Oh Goodness, maybe that’s gone. That’s a no ball and has gone for 4 as well. Oh And again now he should be out of the attacks of me first one was a warning was there one above waist height. Oh That’s huge. Nice light. No, it’s not it should be out As outs that is a big wicket for England Florida was going bigger than that It wasn’t deadly were settled and he easily took that catch that he has to go for 31 now South Africa 48 for one Man out there saw just a single again dot see oh dear should have been Man out there man. They all know jaws at Toronto’s right den Lee Shot beautifully played it was short and what is quick but not on here Misdirected again helped on its way for runs. Oh Yes, so inventive it’s so good That’s a few no, it’s gone up in the air it’s taken Johnny Bairstow Running in taking it low England needed to break through its slopes again Second wicket goes down with a score on Nelson fern Edison goes for 30 way 2news to sweep one-handed Timon Ali’s just stayed it round the corner too short fine leg England have another it’s a shot that he’s used to really good effect throughout his innings so far, but this time you didn’t get anywhere near the parry was after three down Timur goes for 43 113 on the Reverse hit hard. Denley is scampering round can’t do anything about it. Wonderful stuff from Miller That’s gone a long while it will take some catching in this breeze Difficult difficult conditions, but you’d expect Jason to catch those That’s out Jordan with a cat and David Miller’s got a go trying to go over the top Unfortunately that disc gets caught up in the wind as he tries to clear mid off he’s now gone for 16 and South Africa 135 for four Give himself some ramen. He’s having that one over the top and that’s gone for Sex runs, that’s not a bad way to start Mining’s Dinars and he hits a sweetly. There’s beautifully struck Boost that one. He’s hit that four miles. That is a magnificent Shop of death LeClair Well, that’s straightening every and Stokes is not going to drop that this is outstanding stuffs remark Would this MUX goes for? 2174 phone Fold in knock that off take out of the ground Another one goes fitori us for one one seven two four six He’s on a hat-trick that is magnificent from Jordan Henry’s gone for North 172 for seven Patrick ball He’s down the leg side Easy’s alexis now starting orders take four ball short product doing the fear be not quite Hard into the ground again that’s going to be a run-out It as am I getting away code or two in the last over Jordan that is this magnificent stuff from him England have done this brilliantly the end 177 for eight and that’s what England require from here. They’ve got to go at nine runs per over Oh, that’s clean that’s very clean Blattner loves playing those sorts of shots looking to drive on the up and every opportunity Crack that’s gone that’s gone like a rocket for for Staying strikes Brilliant to endow stein. He’s back on their game and he’s back in the wickets column nineteen for one Butler goes for fifty That’s in the slot it is it out It’s not out at six runs men are down there That’s high it’s coming to us it’s very close to us Shawn, why didn’t you catch that stick your hand out the window That’s gone for six beautiful head Face on it whip through the onside and away it goes before Shot not beautiful that is so well done I’ll try and succeed short put away for for a fifth half century fourth Jason Roy off just twenty two balls to Close close close Finger goes up best. Oh god, he’s got 423 played well, too. It’s 91 for to Go diving away is tendered the boomer slashing away is England captain perform Shams his last ball Powered that through midwicket before that is just wrist and timing Well, that’s an extraordinary way to get out she’s somehow Top hedged it round the corner to fine leg. He cannot believe it girls 471 32 for three Straight to the man And Allah preserve are Just there for the four deliveries three runs 137 Let’s plant baton away before waited and waited Morgan Taken Milla Slow balls, they have done the trick. They do the trick again here a big one Stokes gone 152 five Pace is going to disappear. It’s disappeared. Again. This is Absolutely. Brilliant takes more than 250 233 delegates Bang again Warmer take the catch It was was in the slot. He didn’t hit it as well as the previous three He’s gone for a brilliant fifty to one seven one four six There you go is gone for the wind the wind says now He’s gonna try and go through a tailback himself to clear the fan. We’ll just get held up in the 175 Freight kitty to uh shade One Second Wow What about that Like England was there they couldn’t get there in the end Both sides Producing some really good stuff at the dish and it’s South Africa. Who win By just one run right? Okuni. What about that for a game of cricket? Yeah, quite interesting towards the end there, but we all see chatters. So is that your definition of quite interesting towards the end? I think you know it is like I said quite interesting. Okay, I was was very thought But we knew it at halfway through the stage where we are as a bowling unit We just made sure we kept to our basics understood with Nick again. We could end up winning this thing anyway We understood also as a team that here in East London this week sauce can really starts getting tough to better in the last five hours. So we just hold on and great It’s great to see the boys fourth back. So well, you know pretty calm when you’re out there as Captain I know you’re enjoying that role as Captain But how are you feeling inside when things quite weren’t going your way at one stage getting towards the death of the game? Um, to be honest, I was still calm doorway. I knew what needed to get done Win or lose? That was it’s something that you can’t control you can control but obviously just the way we were in a battle that really pleased me And I knew that if we had to do that we were going to win. Anyway, I think some of y’all so pleased you was the way the timber Mvula reacted after being elevated is 43 of 27 balls you open with mg. You were striking the ball. Well, yeah, obviously better timber timber better do really well He’s worked really hard. Obviously James and C League and our coming approaches and he’s done really well for us young great Great to see great to see he’s playing like this at the moment So one up in a three-match series means quite a bit with a bit of sunshine around the corner as well

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