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Sabremetrics 101 offered
by Boston University. Sabremetrics is essentially
the science of baseball. All major league teams now have
baseball operations departments, using analytics to help
drive their decision making. Have you ever asked yourself,
which major league baseball club has the best player development,
the ability to take their draft picks and make them into major
league baseball players? Have you ever wondered
whether a pitching coach makes a difference to the bullpen’s ERA? We create environment in this course,
so that students natural curiosity can take over. Your natural curiosity leads you
to a question about the game, and then you dive into the data. I’m going to introduce you to Sequel,
the most commonly used database language. I’m going to introduce you
to the programming language, R, which is the most widely used
statistical programming language out there, used across all
sports analytics departments. People who complete this
course will learn more about the science of baseball. You’ll learn about Big
Data, Data Science. Students from my class have
gone on to get real jobs now in major league baseball
with the nationals- the Red Sox, the Cubs, the Dodgers,
and the Tampa Bay Rays. Have you ever ask yourself
if we could measure the value of general managers
and baseball operation staff? Can they create wins for
major league ball clubs? Have you ever wondered if there are
good measurements that compare players from different eras of the game? Is there any good way to compare Babe
Ruth, Barry Bonds, Albert Pujols. If these questions are
questions that you ask yourself, that you’re interested
in, Sabermetrics 101 offered by Boston University on edX
platform, is the course for you.

2 thoughts on “Sabermetrics 101: Intro to Baseball Analytics | BUx on edX | Course About Video

  1. I found out about this course last week and signed up immediately. I'm finishing up with CS50 course offered by Hardvard on edX and it is amazing. I'm looking forward to this course even more.

  2. Have fun learning #datascience with @Boston University's Sabermetrics course: #baseball #science  

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