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Hi Friends You know, my best friend broke our friendship with me. Watch the video till end. To know that we became friends again or not. Please like this video – Who likes to enjoy with friends. Mumma Learn these 5 words … (Mumma teaching Aayu) Mumma, my last exam is over now. Now, I am free I will enjoy a lot. Wow, Pihu’s exams are over now. Now I will play games. Yeah. We will play now. Your 3 exams are still pending. Sister will play. You study. Wow sister, your exams are over. My exam are pending. Aayu’s 3 exams are pending. Aayu you learn these 5 letters. I will bring lunch. Aayu look, trailer of new movie is coming. How To Train Your Dragon Wow sister, we must go and watch it now. Oho, It is going to release on 21st March 2019 Wow sister, by then my examinations will also be over. We will go together to watch it. Oh…. You started watching TV Aayu’s exams aren’t finished yet. Mumma, sisters exams are over. Let her watch TV. Yes. Your sister can watch. But, Aayu you should focus on studies. Yes mumma, Iam studying – Watch yourself. Mumma, Can I go to Sanvi’s home ? Aayu is studying, might create disturbance in studies. OK, change your dress and finish the lunch. OK mumma. I have finished lunch. I am going to Sanvi’s home. OK Wow, exams finished. Now I will enjoy with friends. Door Bell Hi Sanvi Hi Pihu Come inside. I have a surprise for you. Tell me what is the surprise. I cannot control. Here is your surprise. Hi Oh, Pari when did you came? I just came 10 mins ago. Wow, exams are finished and all 3 friends are together. We will enjoy a lot. I was waiting for exams to finish. Yes Pihu, you are correct. I was bored with studies. Yes friends, we will have a great time today. Hello Kids – How are you ? Hello Aunty. Oh Sanvi, ask your friends to sit comfortably. Mumma, then will sit. You all sit. I will bring something to eat. OK Aunty. Come sit. I will bring some game to play. Which game are we going to play? We will play Crossword. Coffee for kids. Thank you Aunty. Wow, this mug is very cute. Mug has eyes. Eyes can be closed also. This is very colourful and very cute. This is my favourite mug. My grand father gifted this to me. Pihu, If you want, you can drink coffee from this mug. Thank You Sanvi, please bring out the game. Oho, I am bringing, you finish the coffee first. Your game is here now. Your mom, made very nice coffee. Ok, let us start the game. Pihu, please put this tray backside. What have you done Pihu? Sorry, I didn’t broke it knowingly. It fell by mistake. I was touching the mug and it fell. But that was my favourite coffee mug. So what? That was just a mug. I already said sorry. My grand father’s memories were associated with mug. Pihu – You leave. Never talk to me. Never come to my house. What are you saying Sanvi? Just leave from here. But Sanvi? Just leave. Sorry Sanvi !!! Leave Look Sanvi. She is saying sorry. If you also want, you can also go with her. Wait Pihu. Wait Pihu. No I am going. My Child, why are you so angry? Look Mumma, Pihu broke my grand father’s mug. It was my favourite mug. Child you should not get angry. No mom, I will never talk to her from now. OK My favourite mug. You came so early my child ? What happened? Nothing !!! Then why are like this? OK, I will bring milk for you. My child, drink some milk. Pihu Drink some milk. No Mom. This mug might also fell and break. So what? This is just a mug. Please drink milk. I Just broke 1 mug. I broke it accidently. – Aayu playing with friends- These guys are making so much of noise. Why are you making so much noise? I won this game… Why are you shouting? Oh Sister. I am playing with my friends. Friends – Friends also fight. Yes sister. Friends play together and sometimes fight also. Yes Aayu, you are correct. Yes correct. You can also play with us. I don’t want to play. It seems, sister is not in a good mood. – Playing Carom Board – Kanu & Manvi. It looks like sister is not in a good mood. So, we will play later. OK, Bye Bye Sister Don’t disturb me. Mumma. Look sister is not talking with me. It looks like sister is not in a good mood. What happened Pihu tell me? Did you argue again? No mumma, I didn’t argue with sister. Sure – Yes Then what happened Pihu ? Something happened at Sanvi’s home? Do not take her name? What happened? She asked me to leave her house. Asked you to leave? Why I accidentally broke her mug. Sister, don’t worry. I am your best friend. You are me good sister. My child, you broke accidentally. But her cup broke… That was her grand father’s memory. She had feelings with that mug. Mummy, you are also favoring her. Sister wait. I will bring something for you. Your brother loves you a lot. Sister Take my favourite Dragon. He will become your friend. Wow, now Pihu has 2 friends. 1 Aayu and another is Dragon. Wow – Atleast smile now…. Sister My Lovely Sister My Sweet Sister. My Pihu Sister. My Prakriti Sister. My Green Chilli Sister. Oh Sorry Sorry Laughing Aayu made his sister smile. Yeah Sister is smiling. Aayu’s sister is smiling now. OK, now you can play. I will prepare dinner. Do you know, what I am making for Dinner? What? Pav Bhaji Aayu knew that? Aayu watched in kitchen. Mumma, please bring fast, I am feeling hungry. After listening Pav Bhaji’s name, Pihu get hungry. OK, I will bring Pav Bhaji for you. Sister, look this is my new friends. DRAGON. This is my friend. Sister this our friend. Mumma, can we go to play? Oho, your exams are still pending. You must study also. When will my examination end? Come Aayu, I will help you in studies. Very Good Pihu. Please help Aayu. A new day came. With new beginning. Sister look. Sanvi sister is coming. What happened sister? Wait I am coming. Sister wait. She asked you to leave her house. She is not your friend. What are you saying? Can’t you see she fell from bicycle. Sanvi you are hurt. No No this is just a small bruise. Sanvi, come inside. I will give you First Aid. No No leave it. Yes sister leave it. Oho, can’t you see she is hurt. No sister. Leave it. Come Sanvi. Aayu bring the bicycle. I don’t know what is she doing? She only asked my sister to leave her house. Now sister is taking her inside our house. I am not going to bring the bicycle. Sit here Mumma Sanvi, fell from bicycle. I bring the First Aid Kit. What happened my child? How did you fell? Nothing Aunty, I just fell from bicycle. Pihu bring the kit fast. Don’t worry, it will be fine very soon. Are you feeling better? Yes Thank You No Thank You – I must say Sorry. I must say sorry. It was my mistake I broke your lovely mug. No it was my fault too. I got angry at you. Friends? We are already friends…. Oho you liar. I will not drink coffee at your home. I will offer coffee to you. But not in a mug. I will give coffee in steel glass. So you cannot break it. Dink this milk with turmeric. You feel better. Take my child. Thank You Aunty. Both of your bruise is healed now? Mumma, she bot a small bruise on her hand Yes Aunty only at 1 place. 1 bruise came just now. You already did First Aid. 2nd bruise came on your friendship I am asking for that. Did it healed also? Yes Aunty, our friendship is also OK now. Yes mumma. We gave first aid to that also. Laughing You can break my mug. I will not mind. It will not break. It is unbreakable plastic. Laughing I have parked her bicycle. You became friends again? This is good news. How are you Sanvi Sister? Sanvi sister, are you feeling better? Yes Oh that is good news. Now both of you never break friendship again. Ok Now tell, what did you learnt from this moral story? A friend in need. Is a friend indeed. Who don’t break your mug !!! Share with friends. Like it also. Friends Are you going? To watch How To Train Your Dragon on 21st March. It is a story of true friendship with a Dragon. Come let us watch bloopers.

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