Sachin Tendulkar Bat | Unknown Facts About Master Blaster Bat

Only Sachin Tendulkar has used a heavy bat
and hit the ball forcibly in International cricket. He has decided to have a heavy bat
during his childhood itself. He went to buy a kit with his coach Achrekar,
liked a bat and bought it. He did not listen even after saying that
it would be difficult to play as it is heavy. That journey with bats of Sachin never ended then. Normal batsman would use a bat of 1.1 KG. But the bat used by Sachin was of 1.51 KG. Even the cricketers with height of 6 feet
did not used those bats. In free time he would feel great about
cleaning his bat and giving strokes. In free time he could feel it as a great
by clean his bat and giving strokes. Even when he was with Tennis elbow injury,
he did not reduce the weight of the bat. The questions by his companions were mostly about his bat. Sachin would place all the bats in a room,
with which he made century. Sachin was always ready with his bats
for an auction to fund the needy. So he became a great batsman.

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