Sachin Tendulkar recalled to wicket decision by umpire ind vs Aus

he’s given him 10 bill to Clannad
believe it he’s in shock but he has to go it was a half-hearted
appeal to say the least and umpire Benson sends Indian fans into a state of
silence well I have to say look at this even just a normal motion from our
commentary position he’s missed us by miles he’s come so much off the shoulder
look you can hear the ears around the ground in fact the players may be
calling him back here this is I’m part of the lamp on may be actually calling
back here matched to the eruption of the crowd here at Caen Rolla this is
incredible now this is staggering he’d been given
by Benson at the firing of the ground Mike Benson had given the decision coal
behind off-the-shoulder was the bank of the shoulder as well and punting is not
happy he’s having a huge crack as Ricky Ponting and one would feel wise within
his walks to because the out part given him this is bizarre but this is an interesting turn of
events here a stone-faced ricky ponting I’m short Glenn McGrath thinking totally
opposite to what his facial expression says there’s a smile on his face but he will
be seething that Australian captain Ricky Ponting probably more so than the
bowler I think really me and Bishop said it was a fairly half heart of Appeal I
saw that just the normal motion when McGraw was running through to the slip
court and I think he knew that $10 didn’t get a glove or a bet on it just
now as a Boleyn turns off the Charlotte it parried slowly off the body through
to the during the keeper hadn’t where the ruling the laws of cricket state law
27.9 that an umpire may alter his decision provided that such an
alteration is made promptly the only deliberation here is whether it
was prompting us but the umpires within his rights to alter his decision it is
in the laws of cricket first time I’ve seen it I’ll ask you another thing
bishop what if it was if someone who’s betting down at eight or nine and wasn’t
certain Tendulkar that reputation would get that sort of benefit of the doubt
incredible and say reading that out and he’s got to make that decision and read
versus decision and do it quite quickly well yeah you could say this quite quick
but I tell you what $10 was down to the 30 meter circle and it’s all just how to
do erupt I thought for a minute the players are actually asking him back but
of course they’re Australians I wouldn’t do that till I was gone
six without loss draw came charging in Boulder a shortish delivery to den
Booker this is what happened did even the shoulder in fact and it was caught
behind that they all went up and the umpire gave him out huge appeal then he
was called back ponting went over and had he says it’s a disgrace even hear
what pointing said that’s a disgrace he’s not happy he was called back after
the Empire reversed his decision and of course sir under the more the umpire
perfectly entitled to reverse his decision
it’s law 27 point number nine an umpire may alter his decision provided that
such alteration is made promptly

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