Safe or Out? Ball not in glove. Umpire, you make the call.

In youth baseball, crazy things can happen. Coming up next, an odd force play. Is the runner safe or out? At the end of this video we’ll give you
the answer, but see if you know what should be the correct call. During the LLWS 2019 west regional championship
game the following play occured. Would this runner be safe, as the umpire indicates,
or is he out? And why? In real time this is an extremely difficult
call for an umpire to make…or is it? In slow motion close up we can see that the
fielder did pick up the ball with his bare hand and then touched the bag with his empty
glove, all before the runner reached the bag. Given this new information, is that runner
out or is he safe? The rule in baseball is that the runner is
…. out. But why? He tagged the base with his glove, but the
ball was still in his hand. Why is he out? So in this case, the commentators are correct, which seems to be rare these days. On a force, if the fielder has secure position
of the ball, then he can touch the base with ANY part of his body or uniform. The one exception… the laces of the glove
do not count as part of the glove for this type of play or on a tag play. Some gloves can have very long laces, especially
pitcher only gloves, and tagging with only the laces doesn’t count as a tag, but any
other part of the body or uniform would. Check out this other VERY crazy play during
a LLWS regional game.

11 thoughts on “Safe or Out? Ball not in glove. Umpire, you make the call.

  1. Hes out because you can make a force out if he maintains control of the ball and the glove touches the bag, even,he doesnt habe the ball in the glove

  2. Even if 2nd baseman has the ball in his pocket and touches the bag with his tounge, as long as he maintains controlled possession and makes contact with bag runner is out.
    MJH for Coach !!

  3. Wow! I'm surprised LL International/ESPN let you use a recent game. Great to see this again. Each time you reach someone, you teach someone. Thanks MJH.

  4. initially I was definitely saying "out", since the glove has the same effect as a foot on a force play (i.e. any part of the body or properly worn uniform), but after U2 called him safe I started to wonder if maybe an empty glove might be an exception to that… but "no," i said to the screen, "the laces are the only exception, right?". Right. Thanks MJH-Baseball

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