Sagehens Baseball Season Preview

♪ [electronic music plays] (Frank Pericolosi) We hope to
compete for a SCIAC championship, so you know,
every time we go out we expect to play a competitive
baseball game and you know, our schedule
is a tough one, but you know, I think
we’re in a position to, you know, be in every game and have a chance to win
every single game this year. (Kevin Jordan) Expectations
are pretty high, we’ve lost a good amount
of position players but we got a lot of
returning pitchers, still have a lot of
returning seniors, some good senior leadership, and we expect to
win SCIAC this year, just like every year. (Simon Rosenbaum) We’re pretty young, but I think we have a lot of young
guys that are ready to step up, and that’s really exciting
for all of us. (Pericolosi) The front
end of our rotation is back, so that will be good, and we’ll definitely have
some guys in the lineup need to step up this year, some younger guys,
some freshmen, some guys who haven’t had
the chance to play before. (Kevin Brice) A lot of guys just
striving to get into the starting spot and trying to make an impact
on this program that’s had so many really good
true players over the years. (Jordan) A kind of a stereotype
of our team in the past and SCIAC in general is that
it’s a hitting dominant league, and that’s not kind of,
that’s not how our team is. Our team is very fundamentally
sound defensively, and we will, you know,
we’re going to manufacture runs, we’re going to scrap and fight, and you know, I think we’ve got
a lot of grit on this team, a lot of ability to, you know,
when the big game comes, you know, we’ll be ready. (Pericolosi) You know, our starting
pitching will be strong, I believe, and from what we’ve seen so far I think our offense
will be good as well, we’ve been pleasantly surprised
with some of the progress that our returners made and you know, a couple freshmen
have been strong so far, and then we have a couple core guys
who are back offensively that will be, you know,
middle of the lineup guys, and expect a lot out of
those guys this year as well. (Rosenbaum) First and foremost
I love the camaraderie that we’ve been able to build,
especially with, you know, guys that
we’ve been playing with and that I’ve been playing with
for all four years here. I think that it’s pretty obvious to see what the baseball program means to everyone who
comes through it by how many guys come back
for the alumni game like I think we have
35 guys coming back and that makes it really exciting
to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself. ♪ [music fade]

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