“It started knowing we had a really good group
of kids, not necessarily what kind of baseball players but when we went down to the D.R.
and took this group with the focus of that trip you saw firsthand the quality of kid
that we have in our program. And that excited us. Ya know, being able to do that in the fall,
it really did. I think it energized our kids. It energized our staff, just knowing that
man, these are first-class people. So that got us going and I think that’s been
a big part of our success is just these guys got to bond and know each other in a different
way that through the trials of the season and we’ve had plenty of them. We’ve had a lot of low moments, uh our guys
didn’t give up on each other. They really stuck together. They believed in themselves and more importantly,
they believed in each other and I think that’s led us to good things. They really have no idea what they’re going
to experience this weekend and the post-season atmosphere, I mean this is the NCAA Regional
and for these guys to have the opportunity to play in this environment is something they’re
going to remember the rest of their lives. The challenge of this regional is there and
ya know, you’re playing three ya know, not just good teams, but historical programs and
to have this opportunity for our guys to play in one of the best venues in college baseball
is something that these guys are really going to be excited about.”

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