San Diego City College Baseball (2012)

Welcome to San Diego City College baseball.
Knights baseball has a long tradition of quality intercollegiate athletics at the two-year
college level. As a player or a sponsor, we welcome you to explore the opportunities that
are here for you at San Diego City College. We have our on-field practices that we work
all our philosophies as far as defense philosophies, offense execution; we get our boys their reps
in, on the field as far as fly balls, ground balls, running drills, hitting drills, the
whole nine yards. We also branch into probably what I feel is the most important part of…
players that are aspiring to become division one or professional athletes… and that’s
the speed factor and speed and agility factor of the game. We introduce our speed and agility
program at the beginning of fall and we usually go for about a month-and-a-half to two months
where we’re working our players on, “How do we develop speed?” Generally our weight-training
program begins in December. Then we work hard between December and February, as far as our
strength development phase of our program. This is all done in the weight room to give
the kids the best opportunity that we can to get them stronger for the game. This game
has proven that it’s a game of repetition, and the more contact moments that we can provide
with our players, as far as number of swings they get, number of quality swings they get,
or the number of quality ground balls they get, or the number of bullpens they throw,
we feel that that’s going to escalate their opportunities to play at the next level.
I think City College was an opportunity for me to play baseball and kind of expand a little
bit more both in school and obviously on the field. Chris Brown… that was his first year
here, at the same time when I came here so it was a new experience for both of us. Everybody
had to kind of get used to everything, but I think at the end it turned out well.

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