– Going down hill baby! (traffic) Wooohooo! (bright pop music) Good morning guys. 20th of August, 2018. We’re just leaving our Air BNB place here, it’s about 8 o’clock in the morning and we’re going through the big red door. And a big security gate here
in the Tenderloin district. And we’re about to go and get a coffee, start our day, it’s our
second day in San Francisco. Alright let’s do this. (bright pop music) (laughter) Alright it’s 9 o’clock in the morning, we are standing in the Union
Square here in San Francisco. We’re at the back of the
queue waiting for a cable car. We’re gonna try and get on the cable car and, it’s already packed
at 9 o’clock in the morning it’s already packed. So I doubt we’ll get on but, I’ve got a feeling it’s
gonna be a very long wait, before we get on the cable car. Are we gonna get on it? (conductor yelling) – [Conductor] No drinks. – No drinks? – [Conductor] No drinks. – [Brad] Oh no. – What do we do? What do we do? – [Brad] He said no drinks. – Ah. (bright pop music) – [Brad] That’s our cable
car. Watch out, watch out. I’ll take a photo of you, here. There we go, number 26. I’m OK. That was the best, you’ve
gotta do the cable car if you ever come to San Francisco. It’s a seven US dollar
per person one way trip, our fare expired so we
had to get off here, but it’s worth, it was
like a ten minute ride, or something up and down the hills. And it’s very touristy
but it’s one of the things you, you gotta do here if you come here. And it’s worth the wait. We waited probably about half an hour, I think all up we waited
about half an hour. We caught this cable car on Powell Street, What are we doing now, Robs? What are we up to now? – Breakfast? – We’re gonna walk around,
we’re gonna get breakfast now, down at Fisherman’s Wharf. We’re off to the Crepe Cafe. The Wharf store, souvenir shops. Another touristy place, tours and tickets, we should do, we should
go Napa, look! Napa. You wanna go inside here? The Crepe cafe. – [Robyn] This is so cute. Look at it. – [Brad] Crepes for breakfast guys. Crepes for breakfast. She loves taking photos of everything. – Well look at this. Why, why would you do this? – She takes… lets go to Crepes, come on. – I’m trying to take a photo. – I know you’re trying to take a photo, you take a photo of everything. – Can you move please, you’re in my shot. You’re in my space. (laughs) – [Brad] Oh come on,
you’ve taken the photo. How many photos do you need? It’s a sign. Oh man, enough photos! Enough photos! (laughs) Cheers to coffees Robs, second coffee. So we didn’t have crepes, we
just went and got a coffee. And now we’re leaving. (bright pop music) Alright, 10.30 in the morning, we’re down at Fisherman’s
Wharf here in San Francisco. We just bought tickets for Alcatraz baby. We’re off to Alcatraz tomorrow, I’ll actually throw up on
the screen exactly where you can buy the tickets from last minute. We’re literally going tomorrow, we just bought the tickets now, for $120 US per person, yes it is a lot more
expensive than what you pay on the website but it’s
usually booked, like, six months in advance, booked
out at 30, 40 bucks a ticket, or something like that. And there’s a whole thing about
how to get Alcatraz tickets it’s like, number, one
of the number one… It’s the top attraction
here and in San Francisco. The only way we could
get tickets for Alcatraz was with a combination tour, so basically, Alcatraz plus a tour with something else, like in this case we’re
doing the hop on hop off bus. (smooth pop music) No idea what this place is. That’s weird. I’ve never seen bread being moved around on a conveyor belt before,
like check this out. This is rad. Look at the slope. So we’re at like Boudin
or whatever it’s called, but I like, it’s a bread
shop, like bread cafe place. Never seen a place like this in my life. There are bread baskets
here getting moved around on a conveyor belt. There are like different
shaped, like sour dough breads. And loaves of bread like crocodiles, and like it’s really
weird man, I don’t know! Have you not seen this before? Is this normal? Like is this a big chain? I don’t know if this
is a big chain or not, I have no idea but I’m
super pumped to be here. I’ve never been so
pumped over bread before, in my life. Ever. And I’ve never seen this one
take so many photographs, of a bread shop before. So we’re determining what we’re
gonna order here at Boudins. – Baby turtle? – We’re gonna go baby turtle? Two baby turtles. – [Robyn] We can go for, look
at those chocolate croissants. – [Brad] How about we get a,
shall we get the croissants? – [Robyn] Ahh do you want one? – [Brad] Yeah. – [Robyn] Can we get two of those please? Yes please. Thank you. – [Brad] Ahh that’s it. How cool is this. (Laughs) – [Robyn] Thanks babe. I’m gonna enjoy that. – [Brad] It’s gonna be fun. Ahh, how good is that? How good is that? – So good. – Mmm. Back on the cable car, we’re
leaving Fisherman’s wharf. (bright pop music) – [Brad] Woo! Hey guys. – Hi. – [Brad] That was really close. Alright we just got off the cable car, it was the best experience. Our second time on the cable car and, I don’t think I’ll
ever get sick of that, I feel like a little kid on that thing riding it, you gotta stand up on the edge and you gotta like, lean
into the incoming traffic. It’s really really fun. We’re on a race back to our Air BNB place, we have to check out by 12. (mellow pop music) – [Brad] That’s our place, right? This is gonna be fun. Alright let’s check
into the Air BNB place. You sure that’s it? 893? – [Robyn] Yeah. – [Brad] No way. Is that ours? That’s cool. This is it. – [Robyn] This is our little place babe. – [Brad] This is our little room. – [Robyn] Yeah. – [Brad] Get out of here. – [Robyn] This is ours. – [Brad] This is ours. I like it. Little nut bars. (guitar strings) I’m so impressed with this place. Air BNB place here in Oakland,
California, San Francisco. We’re staying at Leah’s place, I’ve never seen such a
nicely presented house as part of an Air BNB experience. We have access to all this area. (intense pop music) We are at Pier 39. I think it’s Pier 39? We are off to Bubba Gumps. First time in Bubba Gumps, and she’s pumped, for the first time. Alright so it’s a Corona
that’s been dropped into a Margarita, and at Bubba Gump
they call it ‘Coronarita’. Alright you go first, enjoy. Nice? Yeah? – It’s good – [Brad] It is good? It’s really nice. (intense pop music) Good afternoon world, it’s
about 4.30 in the afternoon 20th of August, we’ve left Pier
39, crazy busy with tourism and it’s definitely a
place to come check out if you come to San
Francisco, lots of shops, restaurants, souvenir places. Just arrived at the
Oakland Colosseum for our first baseball game. So we’re watching the Oakland Athletics versus the rangers tonight. (intense pop music) (cheers) – Woo!


  1. If youre still in California check out Chico (lots of bars and big national brewery called Sierra Nevada [they make some good stuff imo]and tons of lakes, Mountains, hiking near this college party town too) and Lake Tahoe (incredibly beautiful words don't do it justice).

  2. How cool is the cable cars there. I have always wanted to go on one of those. Getting on the cable cars reminds me a bit like getting on Jeepneys in the Philippines with everyone hanging off them lol. You are dead set living the dream Brad and sharing it with a beautiful woman also. Take care guys 🙂

  3. I've been to SFO so many times but I haven't tried the cable car yet. I'll see if we can try it next time we go there. Oakland is one of the most dangerous cities in California, but that Air bnb is nice.

  4. Brad, did you guys cross the Golden Gate Bridge? One of the most famous postcard pics of Golden Gate is taken at Battery Spencer in Sausalito.

  5. If memory serves me correctly, San Franciscans (and probably Americans in general) pronounce Boudin as something like boo-DEEN, although since it's French in origin it should be pronounced as Boo-DAN (with a nasally French accent on the 2nd syllable). It's pretty popular in San Fran. What did you think of the baseball game? I only ever went to one and it was across the bay at the San Francisco Giants stadium years ago. All I can say is that if people think Cricket is boring, they haven't seen a very slow game of baseball! It was a 1-0 result for the game I watched! Although I see the Oakland A's won 9-0 when you went so that would have been a lot more exciting!

  6. P.S. $120 each for Alcatraz!?!?! Do you know how many stuffed unicorns you could have grabbed with the claw down in Santa Cruz for that?! 😛

  7. Wow you were here in my San francisco. I'm only 100 miles from there I could of met you guys for lunch. Its me Denise from instagram. I didn't see these s.f videos till now for some reason. You got a uber from oakland? Wow usually they don't go over there.

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