100 thoughts on “Sana Mir on Rewind with Samina Peerzada Shares Unheard Cricket Memories | PSL | Cricket Journey

  1. I second Sana's opinion that process matters as much as (if not morethan) the product.
    We can start early by appreciating the efforts of children in their processes of learning anything and continue.

  2. Gem of a person.These are the the women who have physically struggled n endured hard times to reach where they are now.They should b honoured enormously as they are the true face of Pakistani women.Well balanced, sensitive yet so humble.Shine on…Sana Mir ❤

  3. Such a strong personality!!! RESPECT and wishing more success and fulfilment in everything she does in life 💗💗💗

  4. Really nice program..after a long long long time i come accrosd with such a nice tslk show..otherwise its rubbish..guest ko bula kr isy bolny ka moqa b nai dety…really gud show..best of luck..

  5. She is right grils k liye safe environment nh hai bhair meri sister kafi interest thi humne sis ko jab samujhaya ye interview dekhaya ab nh bolti

  6. Sana Mir is a true inspiration. She’s done so much for Women’s cricket in Pakistan and is a great ambassador of the game. What an articulate woman and so thoughtful. Wonderful interview. Good job by Samina Ji, as always!!! 👏

  7. It's courage, simplicity, honesty, intelligent, hard worker and passionate woman… Sana Mir..❤️❤️❤️

  8. Salam Pakistan 🇵🇰
    Salam Samina aapa
    Salam Sana .
    Lots of love 💕 for all members of rewind’s team & their amazing ideas 💡.

  9. WAO and love the wording from her father (we have got a lot of female engineers but we do not have female cricketers )

  10. I must say thank you for brining this issue again to surface. I really liked Sana's logic for not encouraging girls in cricket whose parents aren't willing. we need a structure where all people should be safe first, in case of female its extremely important. Good luck. I'll be happy if I could join this cause. we are already working in our individual capacity but we need a forum as well for collective representation. Salute to all people esp females who are working.

  11. Sana Mir u are good person. Very smart and down to earth. may Allah give u more and more success. U are our pride and I'm proud of u. Thank u for what u are doing for our country and society. And Samina peerzada u are such a lovely person and brilliant actor. Stay blessed

  12. what a great interview it was, really impressed by speaking power of Sana Mir. Unfortunately in Pakistan we d'nt have sports opportunities for females. Sana Mir is inspiration for all youngsters

  13. Thank you Samina mam for invited Sana Mir. She is very good Senior Women Cricketer. Good luck to her for future👊👊👊👊👊

  14. Amazing interview 👏👏
    I saw many shows like talk shows I really really love this show because this is not scripted and every gossip is real I mean k Samina maam ap aesy baat krti hain guests k sath like I feel like hum ghr mein baithy hain discussions ho rai hain really bht maza ata hai 🙂

  15. such wonderful person and seem very educated. Wish Pakistan male cricketers were as educated as she is, so soft spoken and speaks so well.

  16. Henceforward I m fan of SanaMir #trueHumanBeing #Spirit kindly see their hard work before criticise them #WomenEmpowerment

  17. boht khoobsurt batein ki sana ap ne … etna piyra bolti hen ap Mashallah😍😘 ALLAH ap ko sehat vali lambi umer ata kare

  18. Sana Mir! a legend! What an inspiration for girls in Pakistan. What a visionary dad she has. The only youtube interview channel I've subscribed to because I've really enjoyed the unusual people called here to tell their stories. Please call more people like Sana Mir, Sarmad and Shuja Haider. What geniuses. Meera's was the saddest because the poor girl was utterly confused and unsure of herself. Wish she would tell her real story, I feel she would get a lot of support in today's Pakistan. Maybe her story is still too much to handle so she keeps it inside. Good Job Rewind team!

  19. I also want to be a cricketer not to earn money or publicity but respect ❤️️ love the show

  20. Sana is An inspiration…
    A strong woman with such a beautiful n clear vision… #BeautifulSoul
    Love u captain Mir❤

  21. Sana Mir is a role model for every women, her hardwork, dedication towards women empowerment and sports is truly commendable. Saminaji you're always fabulous.

  22. Samina i m eager to know about you, i wish someone can interview u as u interview others…u r awesome !!! Love u

  23. What an amazing overall personality.It's not necessary for an individual to got married and compromise.May Allah Bless her with everything she wants in her life.

  24. Sana u are very humble and a good nature lady your life purpose is very good so keep it up My Allah Bless u more more and more

  25. sana mir ap keh ri hain k agr parents na many to who kary jo parents keh re hain
    to parents b to hamari ni sun rahy phr hm q suny
    I really want to become a cricketer
    I can't live without cricket
    cricket mere liye junoon se b bhr kr hai
    mere piyaar ki had bayhadh hai
    please help me SANA

  26. Wow, I got tears in my eyes listening to this. Sana Mir, you are my inspiration. So much poise, intelligence, and compassion. I pray for you and your utmost success in all your endeavours, whether be cricket or social justice.

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