13 thoughts on “Sanders stumps for Clinton

  1. This is the reporter that scared Hillary to be a bobble head! Her face is scary though, kind of looks like she has some rat dna.

  2. jew bernie sanders is a total sell out.. supporting a candidate backed 100% by jewish wall street backers and special interests

  3. Looks like the knife is sticking out of his back and Hillary is twisting it.  It must really suck to be Bernie Sanders.  I probably sucks just as bad, if not more, to realize that you were a Hillary/DNC defrauded Bernie supporter.

  4. Feeling the burn yet? It's not too late to jump on the trump train and take back OUR COUNTRY !!! ALL ABOARD next stop 1600 Pennsylvania Ave choo choooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have full confidence that fair-minded Sanders' supporters would never, under any conceivable circumstances, cast vote for DJT! Options available to them: (1) vote for HRC, (2) vote for third-party candidates, (3) not vote at all!
    To all Sanders' fair-minded supporters out there: you are entitled to an inalienable right and free-will to cast your vote! When hopes for Sanders being the Democratic nominee and president were crushed, the grim reality is either having HRC or DJT as the president! Some protest voters defend their votes by suggesting that it is unfair to blame them for having sent DJT to the White House! However hard you like to defend this line of argument, I hope you won't have any buyer remorse when President DJT's misdeeds quash your dreams and hope for this already-great country and your future kids!

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