Santa Gertrudis Lions vs Taft Greyhounds – Volleyball Playoffs

Our energy was just amazing we were able
to overcome being…going through all five games we were able to stick together as a team. [Reporter] and then as far as you know again y’all being down and having to
come back I mean I know y’all aren’t really used to that so having to
be in a game like this prepare you going forward after a win like this? Of course. We lost a player during the game and we just knew that we had to go stronger and
harder to come out with the win. [Reporter] of course you know the moment y’all
finished I mean just your overall thoughts and how you felt once once you
found out that you ended up winning the game? I felt amazing because last year we
didn’t make it to the playoffs so this year it was just ten times better like
we feel good going on to the next round. Never give up. I mean we’ve worked so
hard this season putting a lot of work in the offseason and I knew they were
gonna you know go down fighting if we went down or they were gonna fight to the end . [Reporter] first year of coaching and y’all are already in the regional
quarterfinals you know you’re still waiting for your opponents next week but
you know after the way your team played tonight I mean what can you say going
forward? Oh yeah we have a chance. I mean as long as the ball is around we have a
chance I know we’re gonna play Goliad already and they’re legit team.
I mean we’re not gonna you know take anything for granted we’re gonna go you
know give everything we got and see what happens.

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