I see daddy, I know where, I know where he is I know where he is, I’m gonna get to him first. No [music] Hey everyone, it is we are the Davises. Hello what’s sup everybody Today we are at our home water park. What are we going to be doing here today? Sardines. Sardines at our own water park. We’ve done it everywhere else except for where we live So now we are going to do it here. And this place is so much fun. And there is so many different pools, it’s humongous. This is probably going to take a while. But For your entertainment, you guys asked for a park one, so we’re doing the water park. And here we go. Who is going first? Me. You want to go first? Yap. Okay, I guess Tyler is going to go first. And he has two minutes and then we are going to go find him. Alright, last person to go find Tyler is the looser. Our first hide and Seek. Yes Reverse, So as soon as you go find him you gotta hide with him. Everybody hides with him until the last person finds him. And there is more seekers than hiders. Oh oh, we’ve got some trouble here. What’s sup buddy So I’m off. I know a spot that I want. It’s a fine place. Let’s go down first and hide. We em, are just gonna sit under this area I’m just gonna sit under here. Under the playing ground Okay, I’ll tell you if something happens. Alright two minutes is up and if you Didn’t notice, we ran into Smelly Belly TV. So anyways, we gotta go find Tyler before he gets angry. Because He is being hiding for a while now. Alright. I will go this way. I will go that way. Alright Let’s see if we can find Tyler. He has got to be here somewhere. I’m heading towards the concessions area. Consisency area. I don’t know what to call it, it’s very confusing. So I don’t know if he would go to the splash park or the climbing park. I will check this little kid splash area first Had fun looking in the little kid splash area So I’m on a mission to find my boy who hides really really good He is always getting on to it. This place is so crowded today. There’s like a lot of people here today, which is kinda cool I’m gonna go down this way, let’s see what we’ve got. Going through the jungle right now, you see it. Probably some monkeys flying around the tree behind me. Are you supposed to be crashing my party here ma’am? What are you doing here? Nothing over there. What are you doing here? He is not, she is returning. He is probably not over here Lets still check and see. Is he playing with the little babies? I don’t know, I didn’t see him. So. And I see a playing ground ahead of me. I don’t know There’s also a food area right there, so he could be hiding there in the food area. But I don’t see. Oh, oh my gosh Okay you guys so Tyler is in this playground. I do not know if you guys can see this There is a dingle jungle gym and there he is. He is hiding in here. So I gotta. May I try and climb in there. I’m too small, too big I mean. Oh Kyler found me. Oh, there is Kyler. So, Kyler, Tyler and I are here altogether. So that means daddy is the looser Looks like I’m last. Oh men. There he is. I knew it once i saw a playground. He would be here somewhere. And everybody beat me to him. What is this? That is so not fair. We are like observing this grass. Its like a structure underneath. Oh nice. Look dad just go. Just go? Is it my turn? Yes. I gotta to go hide now. So Shawn is going right now, we are going to give him two minutes. I’m gonna go get lost. Get lost. Go . get lost now. Anybody wanna go play sticks? No I go first. I’m tired of these kids telling me to get lost all the time. I’m finally going to do and see how they like it. Daddy is gone. And there’s nothing you can do about it. This is such a big park men they’ve got so many different areas. Hiding. This is such so cool back there. It has like a giant water park area I think I got some good spot over here like we are gonna do. I’m just gonna kick it. Oh yeah, this is awesome. Look at this. This has got me written all over it baby. Let me come inside here And I’m just gonna keep it down right here for a bit That’s my spot. Right there baby. So Shawn is probably hiding now. So, we are going to split up. Bye. Bye I think if I where Shawn, I would be near maybe food. Okay I don’t see him. Maybe he is not here. I don’t see him in the food park so I think my instinct was wrong. Okay wait who was I looking for again. Oh yes daddy, okay. Got this. Okay, so he was invited over by the lazy over artwork, the what was it called again, the lily pads so the only place left is the big pool So we’re gonna see if we could find him. I think I see him. I don’t know, I think I saw him. Looks like his glasses. I don’t know. Okay Its been like quite a while now and I saw him and found him Maybe he is at the water side. No not here. What a pretty water falls. Look at the water park. I don’t see him, I’m gonna look real quick Did you guys see him? I didn’t see him. I just saw Kyler getting her picture taken with somebody. So, She is slowing her down, so I think I have a chance She is running, she’s tryna. I’m going to run after her I see daddy, I know where, I know where he is. I know where he is. I want to get there first One. No. Tyler got there seconds before. Two. I got found at the same time. At least I didn’t lose, I didn’t lose. I always got stopped by some fans, and Kyler got stopped by a fan too, she was getting pictures. So, I thought I would use that chance to get here, but then Tyler got here running so fast Its now my turn because I was the last. So I’m gonna go find a spot and then hopefully someone would come find me. Yeah, you’ve got two minutes girl. We are coming for you. Alright. Alright. Go get lost girl. I don’t know let’s see. I’m gonna throw them off by going the opposite direction of where I really want to go. Wow, the water sides. Do you guys check or hang in the water sides? I do not think they would let me in. I don’t think they would let me hide under the water slides. I would probably not be able to stick in there anyways Look at the water side. Did you guys see that? Where can I go on this lazy river? I think I have found the spot I’m hiding on a spot in the lazy river where you are not allowed to get on the lazy river but you can get out from. So we watch all the kids go by. Alright, so I think it’s been about two minutes. What do you think? Yeah. Alright, so you think we should go get her? Yeap Alright. You go that way. Tyler which way are you going? That way. You’re going that way, I guess I would go that way. Alright lets see if we can find her here. Looking for mum. Yeap, I love your channel. Okay, you’ve a really cute arm. Yeah Nice Okay, so now let’s go find mummy. They’ve distracted me. The fans distracted me What are you doing here? I’m following you. Walking through the jungle again, no bananas and coconut on the trees. Nope, I guess I gotta go hungry. Look at all the kids coming by. I don’t think they’re going to fine me here. On the lazy river section here let’s see if I can find her. I don’t see her in this part of the lazy river, maybe we will go check out the other side of the pool now I guess I was wrong. Used to be right all the time. I just saw Tyler walk by. He totally passed me. Oh, I see Kyler now too. There she is. Where and where is mommy? Up here. What are you doing up here man? Looking at my searching spot. What’s wrong with you boy? Oh, I see her. I see her. I see her. She’s lost. Do you think she can find me? She found me I found her right there. Aarh, Tyler is going to beat me. I gotta go get her now. No wait a second, wait. Wait does that mean I lose? Oh men. Kyler is on the other side of the pool. Kyler is on the other side of the pool, so she is last. Finally, I’m not last. So second to the last. But I’ll take it. I’m usually last, the kids are such good finders is so cunny right usually on top of that. I think I just expected too much somehow. I entered a store and just start shopping Yeah, she made it. I think I separately won, because I found you and then they came So why weren’t you here first then. Because I was on that side. She saw me over there and she couldn’t get to me So I don’t know does that count? Even though she saw you first? Looser are weepers. I don’t know. I found you first I have video evidence. Okay guys does that count? Nope. She says she got video evidence. I think you’ve got to hide with the hider. No, you have to find them. That is what you said in the rules. And hide. You said find them. I think you’re supposed to hide with the original hider though. Nope, nope. I can’t take it. so that leaves Kyler to be the hider. Yeah. Alright girl. Go. Alright Kyler. Bye bye. There she goes. Bye Kyler. Okay so, I’m going to hide and my original plan like what I wanted to do at the beginning was to hide over by the lily pads but we are way too close. So there hiding, right there waiting too close to the lily pads so I can’t do that. So, I’m gonna have to find a different place. Time is up, we better start looking for her. She is going to be wandering what happened. Alright, so which way. I guess we are gonna go one way from here. Right. We kinda have to follow each other. Because we are trapped inside the lazy river. Its an awesome pool area here and if you guys ever get to see it, it has a Lilly pads and stuffs I’m following you, lets create an alliance. We are a team for the moment yeah. It’s really cool here, cuz I’m in the splash zone. I’m not going to go in because obviously I’m holding a camera which is not water proof So, I’m just gonna hide next to it. And it doesn’t look like anyone is looking yet. Because I don’t see them. So hopefully we are good Okay so the fans are holding me behind. I lost mummy, I lost mum Kyler, even though she is the oldest of my two children is just a big kid in heart. She loves puppies, she loves unicorns She loves going to the park, she loves water slides. So, I have a feeling she might be playing in the kids pool area So, I’m gonna go inside. Hi, hi. He is over there. What. Tyler is over there. Tyler is over there? Yeah. I’m not looking for Tyler. Have you seen Kyler? No, she is hard to find. she is hard to find, okay well I’m going to go this way and see if I could find her i had some help there. they thought i was looking for Tyler. Now we are heading into like the kids park that we saw earlier. There’s a lot of water though. I don’t think she would be hiding in here because of the cameras. see Im gonna go another way. Right there is mum and she is coming to get me. She is gonna get me. I see her Hello. Where did Tyler go. I thought you were with them. I ditch them and look at my favorite, I found you. Alright Now we are hanging out, she was actually hiding behind this big water thing. So we are not really in the water. I see daddy, I see daddy. He is over there. Tyler was so close, but I gave him the switch. There he is, I see him. He is coming There comes daddy. He is trying to figure out how to get over here. He is going to get beaten because Tyler is coming the other way look Oh Tyler, oh yeah alright. I’m going for it. it’s going to be that deep. Oh its cold, its cold. Ahhh, I’m walking in the water. It is freezing. I can’t and I got beaten It gets confusing because we are all together and have all the cameras on. Who should be recording? Who is doing what? I’m talking. You’re talking, mummy is talking. We are all blogging. So did we all win a round that time, because I think I won one. I won one, I don’t know who didn’t win anyone. Guess worth daddy, I lost everyone everyone. I was last to get to Tyler, I was last to get to Kyler, I was second to the last to get to mum. So I never came in first. Did you guys realize, how difficult it is to do some games like this when they’re 100 million people in the park and they all know you. Some would stop and say “hi, I watch your show”. Yes, which is awesome. Because We love you guys so much yes all of you. And why are you making it hard. Its totally fun actually. We enjoy been been able to say hi to you. Its very fun. So now that we are at the water park. We are gonna enjoy some time together here at the water park. Yeay So we hope you guys enjoyed this video. Like and subscribe , share this video with your friends and family and until next time byeee [music]

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