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[alarm noises] Hi guys, welcome back to the YouTube family! We’re so tired!. It’s 3 a.m.. And we’re playing the 3 a.m. Sardines in our house you [guys] have been [requesting] us to play Sardines in our house again so we figured this will be the time to do it now, we Understand that at 3 a.m. Things come to life in your house paranormal experiences take place I don’t know that’s really going to happen though audrey didn’t wanna come up up So we’ve got to go downstairs and wake her up so that she’ll play this game with us Audrey Audrey, Do you Wanna play Sardines? Alright guys, so I guess that we’ll have to play this Sarines without audrey because I can’t wake her up So we’ll just have her play with us another time alright. Let’s go [okay], it’s my time to hide I’m a little freaked out because it’s like the middle [of] the night. I’m going to turn on this light It hide into this box Okay, now I can watch for them So I got this um box fot all by ourselves and [alright] help me It’s pretty cool because there’s [like] [a] ladder inside Alright the lights just went off!How did that Okay, um where’s you search the kitchen? Let’s look at the kitchen Okay, you can trust see me in here, but I know him [others] mom. Let’s go try to find Jake Dark [I] Think he might hide in this theater room They see them there Okay, we’re going to search in here, and he might be behind those bean bags And he’s not there Actually, you know what he likes to hide behind a couch I’m not behind there and yeah [now] outdoors is limit meaning we can go outside, so I’m going to see if Jake ran outside and I Don’t know. I think he’s probably too scared of that side in a 3 a.m.. I hope I Don’t nobody comes I can get to me Because there are animals that are by us here Let me see if we can show you Now so here’s some if you’re running down the street. [oh] Okay, I don’t see them in there um let’s go World did you just see [something]? That’s weird, okay. Well, let’s keep going research. Whoa. Oh my gosh What what [dad] I? Just totally check it. [I] don’t know if that was because I’m playing up three o’clock a.m. And I’m really tired or what how can [I] [ask] [you] [vernon]? I obviously can’t find them. Nope. They’re definitely not in the kitchen um Now the laundry room check the boy here My gosh guys shh look? Mr.. [Dick] [there’s] jake you can’t really see him Hide, [I] don’t know I have a feeling I’m the last one to find him. I haven’t seen anyone else downstairs searching So I’m probably the last one Jacob, I don’t find anybody else so I imagine I’m the last person to find him [oh] man I’ve never been up this late before okay guys, so [I’ve] got my phone right here and So that way you can see there’s jacob right in this little box port and there’s tie up there Hmm okay, so we’re playing at 3 o’clock a.m. Have you seen anything suspicious because I don’t think anything suspicious is going to happen yeah Yeah, I like a light turning off. [we’re] [gone] Yeah, that could be a little bit suspicious, but it could just be like power Yeah, I don’t know but yeah There’s no baby stuff. There’s no creepy stuff. I am so far and I [think] we just have to Wait for Mom and Dad find us now Here’s something Just go through that oh my gosh Okay, [I’m] not going in there. Oh Hey, I’m glad you don’t you hate dreamily? ideas logan yeah Oh without longer it scared me. Yeah, you say [yeah], [no], [I] got high down point in oh my gosh I’m so freaked out because it’s so nighttime. It’s so quiet [Laga] steal something, but I thought it was some meds It was so scary why [I’m] so creepy Okay, you can see God be quiet because I haven’t seen [dad]. I thought you guys don’t sound it what? my gosh, oh My gosh, I’m scared. You know I bet. I know wearing that I bet you Hmm And a new hiding spot that wasn’t there before let’s go check it out and see oh Here’s [you] jugs are I Keep hearing these noises and the lights [and] all do you mean like about I hear these like? Capping things like I think I was done sigh of our houses I’ve heard it before when you’re gone, [so] [I] just walked outside and seriously somebody just ran by Oh, why not, just be like empowered turning off because it’s late at night and so I don’t want electricity bills to rack up Okay, it turned off on me, and yeah, I’m sure She looks [wait] let me get this over with because I’m not going to get a little freaked out Okay guys, so now it’s time for [me] to hide Wait guys guys. I got let’s get the door my gosh Get into my cupboard under my covers. That’s my safety spot. That was so scary guys Hey, got [backing] up No, oh my gosh. Did you see what he just did? He literally came my house and locked the door. This is really freaky. I don’t play sardines anymore Do not play starting ins at 3 o’clock a.m.. I’m gonna hide now. So let me turn off my lights guys I was super scary I’m just going to wait in my room and wait for mom [and] dad and jake and tide to come and you find me because They probably heard my scream. I want to play Sardines anymore at 3 o’clock tonight. You guys just here’s Jordan screams Hey, she just screamed. I think she ran downstairs go go go go go. [let’s] go suit Em Go go Go go picking off Mercy Children – can we talk to you Jordan Jordan Pizza, Jordan Jordan vinegar you can ask Mary to covers Yeah, you got a pizza box here You tricking yourself. Oh, are you talking to Clinton? Ah okay? So everybody else is too afraid to hide so I’m gonna go hide real fast you guys. Give me two minutes, okay? all right, so I know exactly where I’m in [height], but I got a hurry because They’ve got all the lights on in the house here. They’re all afraid I’m Gonna go downstairs because nobody’s [been] downstairs yet And I’ve got a good spot Well, I guess Jordan came down here, but it didn’t really count so I’m not going to that theater okay, so I’m going to go in the theater room [Gazza] Theater, okay So I was thinking [that] maybe I could hide in dirty in thermos Closet because I don’t know anybody’s gonna look in there I think curtains are sleep, but you know I think I over here by the couch Is a really good spot over here? What the heck oh? Okay, it’s not cool anymore [not] with me Okay, guys are you ready to go find that? I think I heard him scream. Did you guys hear him scream? Yeah? Yes, okay, which okay? I saw this is all fake up first yeah some gadgets. Yeah, those are nice. Why is everyone screaming? I would like to see my gosh [pic] together guys [check] the other here Jeez toby Where do you think you Jeremy [Brick] my Dad Logan [Logan]? Where she what? What are you lying your way, okay? [a] lady in white since no lady in white [Er] was a lady in white with dark black hair Did you see Jordan yes? I’m not very sure I have white 200 so I made it up probably you guys not hear me screaming for you We heard some scream, but there’s a lady in white since I’m so scared boy [his] mom We’re going together go free [so] let’s go Go ahead Okay, so we’re hiding behind the air hockey table, [okay]? You’re just freaking out for nothing [see] they wait in my office to check. Yes go go I take your light you They’re not in there. Oh, [oh] Michel Stairs you’re Gonna fix this turn on all the lights as you go yeah yeah, here, we turn the shower like right there and The ball yeah, just two bowls over there Okay, so I think we’re done playing this game tonight, because we’ve all got a little scared [I] know. I saw a lady in a white Robe the socks on your shirt Okay, good. Don’t Mr.. Needs a three and yesterday’s at [3] a.m.. If you play it play it at your own risk because There’s some crazy things that happen at [night] all right. Thank you guys so much for watching remember to like subscribe and share my Well, this is all gift of Joe Jerry guess you guys tell us in the comments below it was all Frank ah you

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