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Hi, guys welcome back to that youtube family Don’t you tell already but this house is huge now were going to play sardines in this huge mansion Thank you to holloway for providing this house from staff all right you guys ready to play soo yeah So the rules of Sardines is simple one person will go hide We give them two minutes to hide and then the rest will come looking for them once you find them you have to hide next to them It could be a really cramped space That’s the aim sardines the last person to find them loses all righty get ready, okay? Audrey is going first go All right So I am the first one to hide I think I have a few hiding spots to go out just in case one of them Work, but I’m pretty sure this will be a good one. Hopefully I could get in a good spot So that they can’t find me fast, but here we go Okay, this is where thisis where I’m thinking Underneath so let’s try it. I don’t know if I can fit though. My jeans just rip even more yep, that’s not that’s not going to work plan b. Here we go kids and downstairs I Got on be fast because if they find me Then I basically lose because you’re trying to be the one that hides longest And that’s how you win shall I hide under all these beanbags. I’m a hide underneath um Here we go oh my okay I think I’m hidden Currently waiting in the Walk-in closerunder good Shelves normally our closets are relative base This is really nice around squish while waiting (coughs) It’s one closet walk-in closet of six bedrooms and we’re on the top easternmost part of the house And so we have no idea where Audreys at but were gonna find her she might be down stairs I’m going to win sleep and this is a crazy house you guys I’m hiding in the beenbags I’m scared. Just find me all right we’ve waited about two minutes We ready to hide we’re gonna hide find her. Let’s go ready This is what people that they can see me Okay, um I don’t even know where she’s Gonna hide Jesus Christian, I’m Gonna go into Peace mitch She’s got hiding business. Oh no, I’m gonna go look at the hot tub because if you didn’t know there’s a hot tub in this mansion and I think I know why she can’t hide outside Her should be shower now in the shower um I’ve no clue where she is laundry room That’s a good spot in the laundry basket That might be my spots, hi oh Go downstairs. So now we’re Now we’re on the main level. Let’s find our dad is this closet open? It does like clean closet That’s a good spot. – yeah Downstairs, I’m just going to go straight for downstairs Okay, okay keep hiding Where is she I got to see her? Oh there? She is oh? That’s great. Gee Guys, here’s Dad right here. Here’s dad I’m hiding behind the beanbags autumn tire are over there underneath to be back. So we’re all squished This is Christian kid please I found her normal Holly did this Did you see me? So we all saw and audrey and apparently dad in Thai I’m sorry team they saw me or they heard me coming downstairs And so they were just in a high gran’s be nice to pretend like oh We found her but they didn’t really but then she was actually there So they’re very shocked, but I and I was too. So now we’re waiting for Dad and ty to hide Okay All right, so Tyler hid an entertainment center down here in the theater room, and there’s no way I’m going to be able to get in one of those so I’m going to hide in that closet which is the boiler room which I’m kind of scared because Nighttime is Dark is the bedroom Where do you think they’re going to go carlos? I’m crazy eyes, but I think on the laundry room dad pushes the limit so when you say Not outside it means Columbia on the patio now that I love the video. Where do you think it’s going? You guys to find a larger space though because him and tied together they can’t find like Unless if they find a squishy space for titus to end and another 50 sign up for Dad Spin it. Oh That’s what they’re gonna. Do I think they’re going to find like a cubby or something okay now? I know for both of them to hide ends using media my idea right now You think oh down there under the stairs probably oh, I’m racing there. I could be there to see that I guess you them going on yeah, underneath the stairs Are we all headed to the stairs yeah? Yeah in the theater room? really enjoy All right, so I think dad and I have had enough time to hide let’s all race to the basement I Could make a birthday party there. Yeah always to ever come back up We are this very desk is gone. We need come back here Andre he’s where we thought? Yeah We knew your hair. I’m here for styler. Yeah, help is not yeah Wow How’s the retractor there so Jacobs hiding and we are waiting? Oh? Yeah, you guys think he’s Gonna hide someplace dark. Yeah Oh, yeah honey, please So I’m going to turn you off. Sorry turns out. I can’t fit in there, so I’m gonna have to perform I Like going into something up Okey-Dokey hmM. Nope, okay here. We go. Don’t be a baby So that’s one ideas into the bed wait it out. So you think you might be maybe a closet? Good idea, but I’m not big billing it. I know he’s not in the basement making events together by yourself Target shoot twice on oh yeah some sneaky Get my God is there You know anything are you there? I don’t know you because he’s getting in a dark space it might take him a minute to crawl in Okay, I get too comfy. Let’s go. Let’s go I’ll take you deeper. Yes My mom okay, okay. Look in the bed. Hey, just make sure I’m sure Why not turn? Take a shower I Don’t know that I can hear you. I don’t dance like gosh. Just trying to find them to prove it. There’s the covers What’s your concern where the toilet is right there behind the door? Check the shower Light would be on a fuse in there You gotta find you it’s a fight my fight is driven last one. Yeah, I know your last one Wow better squish goodnesses squish things all cramped up the marriage Wow use magic to get in Okay guys, so they just left to go wait And it’s my turn to hide and I think I have a really good spot, and I might win. Are you guys ready? Let’s go okay, clear I Could I think we’re going to hide it in this fondue room you see there’s hamper right here and I’m going to go inside of it and hide there, so Hopefully, it’s not dirty All right guys see you when they find me. I guess open. This is still squishy. How am I gonna fit in here? Checking on a breakage oh That’s it Now who thinks Jordans hiding in the kitchen, and there are so many covers No, Chi-wai, hon. You say scared of expires in there Oh, I don’t know where she can be this house is huge each Okay, change of plan without change of plans. I can’t fit. They’re Going down go down Change of plans okay, I’m on the main level. I’m gonna hide in this little cleaning closet I Hope you guys continue in right here I’m currently in the cleaning closet And I’m waiting for them to find me and I can’t wait because I really hope that they don’t find me straight off the back What do you think that? I think she’s in the kitchen somewhere? That’s what I’m going Saji nitrification I think she’s in the middle for the co closet the cleaning closet. Okay right here Two minutes, I think they’re coming now hey, shh? They’re coming mama sighs you’re lucky throwing on my new buddy He’s wine. I Think she’s down here So I dream on here Okay, so should we have an ear cancer die while I’m here Derek. Hi, mom and Dad rolling yes, this is my wow, I Was right? I guess turnin ride all right, so that’s where I guess that journey would hide was and the cocoa easy And I recently did you hear me talking mix with us. It does a good squat? Oh, but I saw you I wonder if I saw you come down and check there That’s why I thought you would go there around. That’s a good spot. Here you guys how you look Livin went up funny all right. Thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video Don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up Discuss this channel our goal is to reach women before that is this year when you do with your guys stuff And we’ll see you all next time. Bye see

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