daddy just past by me and didn’t see me didn’t notice me so I think that’s a good sign I picked a good spot hey everyone it is we are the davises what’s up guys and girls and people and as you guys can see behind us we are about to enter the upside down house which is wonder world why is it upside down what happened to it I wonder because it it’s a upside down adventure it makes you wonder what happened exactly that’s how that works wonder works it works you wonders so we don’t know if you’ve seen the first video of us going in here it is an awesome place to go play but this time we’re going inside and we’re going to play sardines sardines wonder works baby yea sardines in an upside down house hopefully our hair doesn’t stand on end this is really long yes so basically the rules are one person hides and everybody else has to try and find them the last person to find that person is the loser and gets to hide and everybody has to hide with the original hider so we’re going to do this each of us get a turn to do the hiding and this is going to be really fun because wonder works is crazy yea well let’s go inside and get started this is how we get in here oh my gosh I feel dizzy I can’t even look I can’t do this oh my gosh there is no way I would hide in that tunnel there’s no way oh god I didn’t know there was actually water in there wait what that’s water in there is it cold no it’s something bad touch cold alright so we are in the uside down house right now and Tyler said he want’s to go first so I’m going to go seal so there goes Tyler he got 2 minutes 2 minutes 2 minutes it is really really really busy busy and really loud in here so we’re going to do our best to speak up so you guys can hear us okay I have a spot I’m sorry if it’s kind of loud but yea hopefully it’s open because that would be cool yesterday is okay yea 2 minutes are up here we go arlight let’s go find him let’s go find Tyler let’s see if we can go over this way okay so we’re going to look for Tyler now he likes to hang out in arcades so I’m pretty sure he’s going to be somewhere around here I don’t know where he could be so I’m expecting him to be in like pool or something See I don’t know he could be anywhere going to go check out over here so it’s been like a minute I don’t htink I can hold it any longer someone just walked in I’m just going to shoot some zombies real quick you know hopefully I’ll win because I don’t want them to find me right away and hopefully they don’t so yea so I’m just in this little zombie thing I’m looking at a screen right now zombies dying but yea I’m just in here going to hide so I’m going to be quiet now oh my god that’s creepy that kid can hide really good I can never find him where’s he at not here not in there I’m scared I’m scared Oh I think I heard dad there’s so many places to hide in here oh oh I’m not sure hey no no no found him found you so now we’re waiting because I won alright so I found a hallway here I don’t know where this goes oh nowhere it’s like bathrooms right not hang in there hopefully I think I’m lost nope wasn’t behind the spaceship we’re still waiting everyone lay low and we’re pretending like we’re playing the game we’re just sitting here pushing buttons with one in so oh no he dropped all of his tokens it makes us look like we’re normal people no we’re not pretending oh no oh your stop I dropped all my coins I found them I stuck my head out Tyler gave it away we are inside a creepy creepy game we have a zombie guy I know I told them that now we’re just waiting for dad oh here he is I found them what I get last man so you guys playing a game no okay zombies alright okay so I guess loser hey now it’s Shawns turn to go hide see you later bye get’s 2 minutes and then we get to go find him yea they’re never going to find me here I found a really cool spot that I thought I could go yea this place is really busy right now so many people here there’s so many good hiding spots get out that way times up let’s go yea so oh going to find dad yea so I’m going to go and find daddy and I’m going to win I’m going to win look at all the stuff there’s a piano right here everybody is playing on super cool I’m going to go hide in the bubbles or maybe the space port okay I find my hiding spot looks like a 8 ball so I come in here pretty sure ain’t nobody ever going to find me in here so I found him I found him I found him I found you are you still trying to hide yea okay I find my hiding spot buy Kayla lke she was onto that quick almost like she came immediately as soon as I got in here she like a homing beacon on me or something I saw you walking I was like oh god no he’s not in there people just got out of there where where could he be I wonder I wonder I don’t know where is he I don’t see him in the bubble works we’re about to strike a pose this place right here maybe he’s in there no he’s not in there I have no clue where he is ah we can’t find him I bet Kayla already found him where is he where could he Kayla totally already found him touch the nob below asking your question hello can I have some candy now what’s it saying it just tells me to touch the nob and that’s it okay it’s coming up on the answer it’s coming up with an answer nope how about in here I found you guys we’re trying to figure this thing out Kayla found me like right away wow this is cool I can’t like figure this out we’re in like this dome thing right now it’s a magic 8 ball we’re inside a magic 8 ball look at up on the sealing it’s all weird so wierd you know what’s weird I was recording honey recording me mind blow okay now we have to wait for Tyler okay here he comes see him I see him yea he just turn around look the other way where is he Kayla totally found him because I’m not seeing her I would have seen her already oh my god I can’t find him is he over here I don’t think I’ve been over here yet maybe where is he I don’t see him anywhere I don’t know I bet mom already found him too he’s probably in the disco room no he’s not in here where is he I have no clue people think we’re crazy mom there’s these weirdos with the camera in the magic 8 ball and they’re peaking outside and the lights is blinding me you see him yea see him of course you guys are man I knew you’d be in here Kayla how does this work it doesn’t work touch the knob ask a question it didn’t work am I smart do you answer us can you answer a question can I get a million dollars okay so who’s next my turn my turn okay Tyler already went daddy’s already gone so now Kayla want’s to go man I knew you guys were in here bye bye Kayla bye mommy everybodies got such good spots I hope that I can find something there was one that I really wanted to do and I hadn’t thought it was near by and I walked passed it this and I said no I want this discover who does’nt want to hide in the magic 8 ball yea this is awesome okay whoops okay okay so I’m trying to find my hiding spot not sure where to hide yet I might hide in like this area because it has this thing put your hand in it I don’t know where else I could go oh no that is too much there’s too many possibilities okay so I think it’s about time what do you think yea we’re going to go get Kayla alright we got to go and try find her now so see you so now we’re going to find Kayla if I can find Kayla if I can find Kayla then I’m going to win it then if I’m going to win then I’m going to win so let’s go I’m not going to win I’m not going to win she’s probably in the disco thing I’m going to check I’m sorry I pass I just want to find her now she’s not in there I wonder where Kayla could be I’m going to hide back here okay I don’t know where I am but I’m hiding here and I’m in the room right next to the 8 ball so I’m going to try hide myself a little better I just left the magic 8 ball trying to find Kayla let’s see if we can go find her is she be over here it’s not over here she’s not in here she over here no I have no clue where she is she’s got to be around here somewhere where can she be going to be hiding somewhere awesome probably daddy just passed by me and he didn’t see me so he didn’t notice me so I think that’s a good sign I picked a good spot ooh I’m going to play the piano real quick am a born musician baby where is she where is she not over there Tyler just passed by me too both the boys just like completely passed me maybe she’s in the bubble park going to check out she’s not in here dang it that’s a cool game mars game I see you somebody I found her I found her you completely passed by me I did oh mommy there oh shh hurry hide back here I just saw I think there’s slice in the way oh my gosh you guys light blue okay I got to hide behind you guys alright so now very cozy back here good spot Kayla bring my face like I don’t know if you guys just see where we are but it’s like this space huddle thing I even looked over here oh that was fast Kayla must have move no I was right here what does this say huddle machine mars lander Mars lander Shawns all into the space studying and all that terminology well I plan on being the captain of the SS enterprise when you know when time comes I’ll miss you bye alright you guys it’s down to me I have to go find somewhere to hide I don’t think I can find something as good as they found got 2 minutes girl 2 minutes I better go I’m heading south north east west I don’t know I really wanted to hide in that bubble place but I think it’s too easy I got to to find something else going down I don’t know where I’m going this crazy spot look it wonder if I could right here this might be a good spot to be then they might find me real fast because I’m like in a hallway okay so we’re just going to hang out here for a second and orange armor landing station I don’t see it nope nope you got to about another minute where you going he’s just goofing got to I have to do something good down here I keep going okay I just found a lazer tag stairway I’m going to go down here and I’m going to see if I can find a spot in the stair way of lazer tag it’s time for us to go and we’re going to go find mommy where could Connie be I don’t know I’m going to go this way see if I can find her so it’s time to go find mom and I’m looking I think I’m going to go downstairs I’m going I’m going I’m gone they’re following me she’s she’s really good at hiding too so actually we’re all pretty good we all find some really good spots okay downstairs is laser tag I don’t think mom would hide in laser tag so we’ll see somewhere else I’m in a dead end near an elevator right here let’s see if they could find me here let’s see here man she’s hiding really good this time she in the disco room mom has been the hardest one to find so far I can’t find her anywhere hopefully I find her soon because I always get lost in these videos always going to get lost again always going to get lost again are you following me no no form an alliance let’s see form an alliance alright Kayla and I are going to be first and second place Tyler sorry guy see here don’t see her don’t leave me you’re leaving the alliance trying to ditch this girl she keeps following me every where I go we formed an alliance you know you did I found you were follwing each other she followed me we formed an alliance oh my gosh are you serious she followed me we formed an alliance you’re going down this deep dark tunnel like where are we going because that’s what I felt like when I was start coming down here I was like this endless tunnel I didn’t know where like this endless tunnel going end I just was going with it daddy’s not admitting that we formed an alliance oh here goes somebody there’s nobody in there the ghost this is where we should have hid inside hid in the elevator bye oh no Kayla okay she could get last place now because she left if Tyler comes before she comes back she’s not going to get it she might be gone she might be very pissed or in fourth place I’m in second though because I got here first first place how can I be in second if I got here first my math isn’t all that great today maybe Tyler’s busy playing video games maybe he’s like ooh I’m next yea I’m still looking for them okay they might be over here I here him Kayla get back hello got you I’ve been looking for like 30 minutes it felt like it but it wasn’t it was a good spot in the corner I don’t even know how I found this place I think I’m lost do you feel like you’re lost because I’m lost I’m lost I thought I was lost for sure they’ll never find me bacause I didn’t know where I was I get lost all of these videos everytime everytime I see a camera I think I’m lost alright that was a good game guys everybody did so wonderful who got first you got one first I just didn’t I didn’t ever lose that’s the purpose I was last one when I was last one I don’t think I was ever first though I was last all of them you were last so I win I was last on the first one because I was hiding you weren’t last oh you were last it’s really crowded in here so hopefully you guys were able to hear us while we were doing the game this is the end of the video everybody’s gone so so much fun we hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe share this video with your friends and family and until next time bye

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