Sasha Banks and Sheamus Surprise Social Influencer Fans! | WWE + Cricket Wireless

– [Man] Without further
ado, your instructors. (screaming)
(rock music) (gentle music) – And they have no idea
what they’re in for. (upbeat music) – This is gonna be fun. – Before we start the workshop, I need to know whether or
not you’re true WWE fans. Tell me why you love
Sasha Banks and Sheamus. – Talk about me. – I love that Sasha is a true boss. She’s like, I’m not taking
any crap from anyone. – When it comes to
Sheamus, he takes me back to like that attitude era. The bro kick is one of the most brutal finishing moves with Sasha Banks, too. She will fight her sister. She will fight her mom. – Yeah, I would fight my mom. I would (laughs). – I think you guys are ready to learn a simple secret that will seriously up your social clout. So without further ado, I’d
like to introduce to you, your instructors. (screaming)
(rock music) – [Announcer] Ladies and
gentlemen, Sasha Banks and Sheamus. (screaming)
(rock music) Sasha Banks and Sheamus. (screaming)
(rock music) (upbeat music) – The best way to improve
your social clout, obviously to create killer content with WWE Superstars. – First station is all about the style. (cheering and chattering) – I’m kind of in the streets. I gotta be raw, I gotta be rugged. – [Woman] I like that. There you go.
(chattering) (camera clicks) – Drop the movies, step inside, and then it’s just all about that strut. (they cheer and scream) (he yells) (fire explodes) – Got the persona, got the outfits. Let’s put this all together. I’ve got a WWE entrance
going, you ready, guys? – Are you ready? (they cheer and yell) (upbeat music) – Please welcome Ben City. (they cheer and yell) – [Announcer] BC. – The plot twist. – [All] Plot twist, plot twist. – [Announcer] Plot twist. – The Siren. (they yell and cheer)
(upbeat music) – [Announcer] Siren. (police siren wails) (screaming)
(rock music) – [All] BJ, BJ. – Guess who is here,
Sasha Banks and Sheamus. – I don’t think I’ve stopped smiling. My cheeks hurt. It was incredible. – I’m not gonna shut up about this. – We just had the most funky
hard in such a long time. It was good.
– Yeah, I think we put – a smile on everyone’s face. – We did.
– Even I was smiling. – [All] Click and learn, WWE. Thank you. Let’s go. (they cheer and yell) (upbeat music)

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  1. Omg this is when she wore that on insta and i thought she was returning 😂😂😂who else me pure crying she dosent return until 2 months

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