Satellite patlu – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

We just got an information that due to a short circuit in the satellite, something has blast. Many parts of it is falling down. These parts may fall on any house in Furfuri town, it’s requested that people should get out of their houses. Get out of the house fast, or else the antenna may fall on our house itself. Where is the door? Oops, it’s behind, we forgot the direction in panic. What’s on your head? Come here I will remove it. Enough is enough, will you make me a giraffe? Come lets go to dr Jhatka, he is the only one who can remove it. Patlu my brother my dear, it’s not easy to remove this. I will study this material the whole night and remove it in the morning. Dr. Jhatka, TV has started. Our TV has started because of this antenna buddy This is still in contact with the satellite, satellite is still transmitting through this. Because this is on the ground, it can only catch nearby TV’s and they will work. If Patlu was in the sky, TV would have started everywhere. Patlu come sit down, drink tea and have snacks, I won’t let you go till the football match is over. I don’t want Tea or snacks, dr. Jhatka, I will come in the morning. Oh my lord! Why did you allow them to leave? My match was at an interesting stage, Patlu wait. Patlu come back, till the time you are in front of the TV it is working. I will watch the match and then you can leave. Oh my god! What kind of magic is this, TV in the whole country is off, then how come Patlu can turn any TV on? The antenna wich is stuck on Patlu’s head is the one which has fallen from the satellite. Now wherever he is in that area TV will work. Oh, in that case, he will come to my house, my boxing match is being telecast. He will come with me. Hands up all of you he will come with me. I want to watch a TV show in which they are showing the meeting on how to catch the criminals. Let me also see Chingam sir, how will you take him away from here? Leave my friend alone, he will not go with anyone. Stop in the name of law, swear you of your law. Stop. Put me down. Shut up or else I will punch you and make a TV out of you. It’s impossible to escape from Chinagam’s web. Chingam sir this is kidnapping, you too can get punishment for this. You will come to me only to report the case of kidnapping. But I will not write the case. Come to my house and turn on my TV. Stop, I am asking you to stop. Please it’s a matter of just an hour, let me watch my show. Oh my god! I will serve you guys idli at my house, I will serve you Dosa. We don’t want to eat anything, bye Chingam sir. Dr. Jhatka, why did you put the car on reverse gear? Apply front gear please. Hey this has happened because Motu Patlu are holding the bumper of the car. Therefore the car is not speeding up. Come, come on, now where will you go? You have escaped from Boxer trap, but where will you go? It’s impossible to escape from Chinagam’s web. Goal!! Dr. Jhatka look at this replay of the goal, it must be the world’s best goal. Oh my god! Ghasitey jump. Is this the truth? Yes boss this is true, Patlu has a kind of antenna, wherever he goes, TV of that place turns on. I have a terrific idea running in my culprit mind. Now John will be the don. We will steal the antenna from Patlu, and then we will go house to house and sell our services. Whosoever pays, we will go to their house and turn on the TV for them. Patlu you will go to the satellite and serve the country, ask Mr. Iyyer, we both are incharge of that satellite. Yes Patlu, Mr. Subramanian is right, lot of time is required to make another antenna. You can go to that satellite and turn on the TV for the whole country. There is so much going on across the world, nobody is able to see anything. Patlu, you will have to go up on the satellite. If you yourself will not go, I will get an order from the government. No! I alone will not go and stand on the satellite, not at all. Motu you do something. What can we do run. Where is Patlu? There? Patlu!! Motu, were you saving me or killing me? Patlu the antenna has come off, and is now it’s on Johns head. John will be don. I will turn on TV in everyone’s house. And take money form them, will charge per hour. Dr. Jhatka, John wants to turn on the TV for all and wants to serve the country. Is this true John? Yes hundred percent true, John wishes that all should watch their favorite TV program. I will give home to home service. You are great, no one is like you, you don’t need to go home to home. Where are you sending me? What are you doing? Mr. John you are doing a great service to the country, you will get everything to eat on the satellite. In a month or so, we will make another antenna for the satellite and call you back, over and out. No over no out, I cannot stay here for a month. Motu Patlu, I will see you both.

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