Save Little Flash from BENDY’s INK MACHINE! (Hide and Seek Family Game) KIDCITY

we’re in the world link telescope or arm what is this doing over here it’s been a
zinc machine not sure but whatever you do don’t pull this lever Ava come out of there we got things to
do so today we are playing bendy elimination hide-and-seek elimination
what that means hey who are you little flash is playing the part of bindi he’s
gonna be lurking about and we’re gonna be trying to find the pieces to fix the
ink machine we have a gear a spout and a lever and if we find all three and we
pull the lever we’ll be able to save Beckett from
bindis ink machine got it you see you’re gonna have 30 seconds to
hide all of the pieces and we’re gonna go find them okay guys Ava okay now Ava listen this is very important
the elimination part comes in where if you catch any of us the person you catch
is eliminated from the game okay the person who’s eliminated will have to
stay in the ink machine let’s go three two one good hi we’re gonna start outside for no reason
at all this is not hello neighbor but we’re gonna start outside anyway come on
it’s freezing out here yeah let’s go guys we’re looking for a gear but yeah
the gear is very flat it could be hidden anywhere camera winchester I’m gonna watch it
I’m gonna watch whoa whoa he sees us he says hi that way that way oh yeah there’s bendy
speed safe zone safe zone by the ink machine safe zone by the ink machine
alright we’re safe what’d he hit the chair we
have no idea where he hid this thing here found turn it found your gear got
one item there’s the gear we need the spout and
the lever Bendis fix this mask why’d you tell me to get down on you okay my goodness
you better be smart if you want us to follow you there it goes she tells me to get his heads turn
around back he’s super hard because he’s he’s not letting us get anything okay
yeah he just stays in that pan sure he’s probably eating snacks or something
eating his bendy M&Ms where do you think it’s not upstairs that’s a weird head whoa Oh come here there he is there is I think he’s guarding something I think
Bendis guarding something we already checked that cabinet but not that
cabinet and he’s right there so we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to entice
him how nothing in there or taking advantage of the fact that
he’s guarding right there to try to find item number three he’s not moving either guys he’s not
moving he looked in the fridge let’s take this out get to the safe zone get
to the safe zone Oh bendy Oh bendy I think I think it’s
in that cabinet that gets in the cabinet oh yeah I’m pretty sure his crooked head
is guarding the cabinet what you have to say to me yeah that’s a good approach
just ask nicely that’s what you should always do is ask nicely and say please Ben he’s wondering what to do then he’s
wondering what to do did he get you even Ava has been caught
and she is going in the ink machine now so we’ve got the gear we’ve got the
spout and all we need is that lever to pull he says that we’ll never find the
lever skinny Ralphy you know where he’s at right now in the
pantry again I’m gonna do this thing I’m gonna do it
dishwasher okay that was a good move now now he’s preoccupied I thought it may be in here’s nothing up
here nothing up here oh man she’s distracted enough she’s keeping him
distracted I’m Syndrome wait a minute you reach it like it was right there all
along oh it was right there okay what do you think happens when we pull the lever
I don’t know Wow what’s happening there we go so we found the spout
we found the gear and we found the lever which ultimately saved our children out
of the equation we’re so happy to have them back good job your your heart hider
of objects thanks for watching

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