Say Goodbye to my Kitchen: Moving, Babies, and Memories

– Help me say goodbye to my kitchen. (soft piano music) Welcome to Stump Kitchen. I wanna take you on a kitchen tour and a final goodbye to this kitchen space. In one week, my partner, Alison and I, are moving to a bit of a bigger space because we’re having a baby as you saw in a previous video. So, I wanted to do a little
kind of goodbye ceremony with you and with this space, because we’ve been here
together for so long and you’ve seen a lot of
my growth on this channel happen here in this kitchen. This is the apartment where Stump Kitchen really became my full time job. It went from being a part-time situation and I wasn’t really sure
if I should take the leap to making it my full-time job and completely following my passion. This kitchen means the world to me and leaving it is not
the easiest thing to do. I’m really glad that we
get to make this together. So let’s do a little goodbye tour. This is where I keep my measuring spoons. It’s a Scorpio mug because
my partner is a Scorpio and this is what she wanted to use, so this is what we used. This is an orchid that hasn’t
had a flower in a long time, but it’s still alive. This is our fruit bowl
and I love it so, so much. I love filling it with good,
colorful, beautiful things so I can grab a snack and just have it as something beautiful to
look at in the kitchen. Alison got it in a silent auction, and you can’t see it right now, but there’s really pretty designs of birds around the inside. Yeah, it’s our fruit bowl. (laughs) A lot of the art you see in my kitchen is done by my friend Mel who
does Farts, or feminist arts. So we have the it’s okay
not to be okay bunny. This has been in like the
majority of my videos for sure. This is my big dipper that
I got from The Nook Cafe here in Edmonton. And of course, my little
gay avocado friend waiving a rainbow flag. This was made by my friend Jenna. Up here is a piece by
Mel again, feminist arts, it says prairie queer. And I just absolutely love it because I’m a prairie human,
this is where I was born and where I wanna spend a lot of my time, and I just love the
colors, it just represents a lot about like who I am. So it’s been, again, in
a lot of the episodes that you’ve seen. Here are my oils and vinegars. This timer, it’s broken
now, but this used to belong to my grandma who passed a few years ago, so it means a lot to me and I have it here as a reminder of who she
is and just kind of have a piece of her with me in the kitchen. Now, okay, usually up
here what you would see is a picture of avocados
spelling the word love, but it fell down behind the stove and I don’t wanna get it. So I’m gonna make Alison get it. But right now, I have a
piece also by a feminist arts and it says, do what you can where you are with what you have. And that I think is a
beautiful message for me that I carry with me a lot that just kind of tells me
to be okay with where I’m at and to be okay with the
capacities that I have at the time because they change throughout your life depending on your circumstances. And so, it’s a gentle
reminder to all of us to just be really kind
and gentle with ourselves. This you might not have seen,
it’s always on the oven. It’s our little like where
you put the dirty spoons when you’re done stirring
and it’s from Saskatchewan. I think this is from
Alison grandpa’s house and it has some tiger lilies and it’s just really,
it’s just really pretty. And of course, here’s another cute piece from my friend Jenna who
does lots of great embroidery and stuff, and has done
a lot of my patches and little buttons and stuff. And I just, I love it so much. They’re probably not all up there because they’re probably not all clean, but these are things that I use a lot while I’m cooking of course, I like to have them in arm’s
reach just available to me. Here’s another little Stump Kitchen magnet by my friend Jenna. And then, over here on the door, here on the door I have tons of things that remind me of who I am
and where I’ve come from. So I have a picture of
my friend Angel Giuffria who’s just an awesome actor
and like is a bionic actor, that’s kinda how she goes by. And pictures of me when I was a baby, Stump Kitchen stickers,
I have a birthday card that Callie made me for
a couple birthdays ago. A card from my friend Sawyer. Some pictures of birds
’cause I love birds so much. Yeah, just little things
that kind of ground me and remind me who I am and
help me to be the best person that I can be when I’m
in front of the camera, talking to you, making meals. And it just makes this
kitchen more full of love which I really, really love. And of course, last but
certainly not least, my knife collection. This is like the best
thing about this kitchen. I love my knives, and if
I wasn’t at risk of losing another limb, I would sleep with them, snuggle up beside me, I
just love them so much. My first three knives
that I got are this one, this one, and this one. I got them at Knifewear,
and I got them as a set, along with this little mounted thing, they sell these magnetic
mounted wall things for knives. And they came and they installed it for me in another apartment, and
then I moved it over here. And then, I got this knife. I met with Kevin who’s
the owner of Knifewear and he gifted me that knife because I, maybe because I’m a Knifewear champion and I tell everyone about it. And so, he was just really
appreciative of that and he gave me this beautiful
sharp ass knife. (chuckles) This knife is Alison’s knife. I’m only allowed to use it if
I take really good care of it, which I do, but it’s her
baby so I totally get that. And I love the color of
it, it’s very similar in the patterning, but it has a nice light kind of handle to it. This is our family of five knives. I hope we grow the family
as we grow our human family. (laughs) You can never too many knives. So now we can say a tiny little goodbye just in our minds to this kitchen. I’m gonna do it and if you wanna join me, that would be wonderful. (deeply inhales and exhales) That was wonderful. Thank you for doing that
with me, that felt very good and what I needed for my soul. Because leaving here
is really, really hard. But none of this is any kind
of goodbye to Stump Kitchen. We’re gonna keep rolling,
we’re gonna keep making all the good foods and doing Stump chats and you’re gonna see my baby
in videos down the road. I’ll probably be making my
own baby food, I don’t know. Thank you for being a part
of this kitchen goodbye. I felt this was important because
then we can start together in our new kitchen, kind of refreshed and feeling okay with moving on, ’cause I know transitions are hard. You’re all so, so wonderful,
and some of you really notice when things change, they’re
like, oh, did you, did you move, or like, did you get a new haircut? And so, thank you for noticing, and so I wanted to give a little heads up that this was happening. Change is hard, but we
can do it together gently, and I can’t wait to
show you the new kitchen and all the cool things that are in it. There’s lots more storage
which is really fun. We’ve had over three years in this kitchen and having you along on this
journey has meant so much. This is the place where
I’ve really been able to grow as a human and as a creator and there’s so many memories. In fact, there’s still
pizza sauce on the ceiling from when I made pizza with Ethan. There’s still some chocolate
pudding on some of the walls from having a chocolate
pudding food fight with Kelly when I was doing the CBC episodes. So there’s a lot of history here and this is a beautiful
way to kind of close off this chapter and to start
a new one in the new place. (burping) Ooh, pardon me. I mean, I burped a lot before, but this pregnancy, holy cow. Thank you so much for being here, this was absolutely incredible. Definitely subscribe to my
channel if you haven’t already. We’ll see you next time on Stump Kitchen. Bye. ♪ Stump Kitchen, Stump Kitchen ♪ ♪ Gluten-free vegan eats,
Stumptastic treats ♪ (soft piano music)

13 thoughts on “Say Goodbye to my Kitchen: Moving, Babies, and Memories

  1. Bye bye kitchen! Cant wait for you to have the baby. Does alison ever join you on camera. You're so funny and I am so glad you're gay. Love and hugs xx

  2. Aaahhh saying goodbye to places and things is a whole other level of difficult. Well, bye bye kitchen, will miss you! And all the best to you guys! ❤

  3. Yay! What a lovely way to say goodbye to your kitchen! I'm sure it will miss you too! Looking forward to seeing what life has to bring you in the new place with the expanding family.
    Maybe you can take some time to equip the new kitchen with custom mounts or tripods to make filming easier for you!
    You sounds like you're in a really great place right now. I hope that is the case.
    Stay Happy and healthy A&A!

  4. Omg! Congrats! I met up way back at a home and garden show. You inspire my kiddos. I'm a homeschooling momma and so excited you and your partner with be entering the mommahood chapter in your big book of life. Congrats. Stay healthy!

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