49 thoughts on “Scalise returns to congressional baseball game

  1. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    وما قتلوا وما صلبوه ولكن شبه لهم
    كل عام وانتم بخير يا امت عيسى ابن مريم
    …سرقوا مني دكاني واموالي
    وبلدي وهجروني المجرمون

  2. Vote blue and stop the Republican Party who lost their integrity and morales to trump ….and corker isn't running again cause if he was , he be quiet too….their afraid of their voters ….you tell ppl what they NEED to hear and not what they WANT to hear …..and when republicans speak out against trump 3,000 lies , his insults on twitter , and lack of integrity , the voters get mad …..if any democrat say something we don't agree with ,it don't mean vote them out , their a sell out , their the swamp …. some republican voted on trump on 90 percent of things and they say one criticism or disagree on trump on one thing and voters call the them swamp …. don't be like them ….we going to disagree but it's important we move forward …don't be like republican voters …..'

  3. Shouldn't do videos on this man, it's inappropriate, CNN tells people to hate republicans 24/7, it's very likely whoever shot Scalise just watched too much CNN and lost his marbles.

  4. Odd how CNN doesn’t care about the shooter at all here OH WAIT he was a liberal democrat that explains it.

  5. I was reminded the other day by a Libtard that Conservatives are more violent than Liberals. Let that sink in.

  6. Yea! A horrible scumbag survived! CNN is a joke. How about asking the people that have been kicked off of healthcare from this scumbag. They can't survive without healthcare.

  7. CNN an there anti American race baiting 24/7 cause this shit ,lover of Antifa an Lemon the number one media race baiter .

  8. If the script was flipped it would be on cnn 24/7 for the next twenty years. A Republican was shot, hey what is the next story?

  9. I hated conspiracy theories especially against the good people please to stop SPK piss your a disgrace…..

  10. Scalice & the GOP better keep doing what Russia wants or they're going to send another hitman to shoot up their game or put another garbage truck on the tracks in front of their train again

  11. Remember to wear your flak jacket Steve. There are plenty of libs out there that hate conservatives.

  12. This useless animal Steve should just die. Less tax payers money would be thrown to air. This motherfucker is playing baseball while children kept as animals in crates without their mothers. No sympathy to this fascist.

  13. Vote red help the greatest president ever Donald Trump cares about the USA the Democrats want to destroy us wake up and open ur eyes and ears. I know it’s hard cuz you are just dem witts

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