Scared Man Goes Paragliding

If you sit down, it’ll ruin and get hurt. Alright!! In starting you have to run fast Let’s go… 1,2… go on run…. run ahh ahh yeah! and in this height of the skye very high everything is white white… uhhh ahhh very much height bro, you’re camera! bro, I don’t how does it ok, press the button which button? there is it no, I can’t see no, I can’t see it bro, land me now just wait haa bro, I don’t want to fly for a long brother! I won’t ride for a long just! bro, how it’ll be long there is the button ohh shit father ohh my grandpa no, no, no….. no, no, no,….. just straight stop stop… ohh no.. brother motherF*****r upper your leg upper your leg or we’ll fall I did it do it more did it more upper It won’t be more upper what happen with you? dear nothing brother just land me now open your eyes and upper your leg brother upper my leg bro, believe me my legs are on higher bro, just land me.. upper your leg ok.. did it brother, just land me I’m a motherF****r come for fun just upper your leg. what’s happen? just land me brother upper your legs or we’ll fall down and will lost our legs upper it yeah do like this just land me brother yeah.. it will open your eyes just land me take 200 extra and land me brother bro take 200 extra and land me brother upper your legs do it more I am dying upper your legs bro what’s you are doing? do it more we are landing but upper your legs my bro. upper your legs how much will do? do it you’ll fall upper it what kind of person you are! higher it yeah do like this upper it brother hit me bro, I am fool, I am motherF***r upper your legs please bro, do it more you’ll lost your legs more more upper your legs brother, you will fall down video! upper your legs we are landing upper it bro just land me upper it bro do it more your legs will be lost finishing upper your legs do it more more.. more upper it

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