Scared Out Of Our House – YouTubers Onyx Kids’ Creepy Bat Story

We used to live in a hundred-year-old Victorian
house that reminded me of a haunted mansion, the type of house that looks like there were
ghosts walking through the hallways and skeletons hiding in the closet. One night I was laying awake wondering why
the dogs were barking and whimpering so much. I tried to sleep but I had bad feeling in
my stomach. Just when I thought I could sleep all of a
sudden a big shadowy black figure swept across the walls in my room. It was then I realized it was a bat. I rolled out of bed as fast as I could with
a blanket over my head crawling military-style into Shalom’s room. I continued to scream and Shalom, not knowing
what I was screaming about, started screaming with me. We both saw the bats flying to the hallway
and she jumped over me and shut her door. With all her screaming it was surprising that
Shilo did not wake up. We screamed at him to wake up. Josh had joined us as we made a mad dash towards
our parents room which was on the fourth floor. Everybody was now upstairs huddled together
in terror. My mom on the phone talking to animal control
and our dad dressed for war heading back down towards the stairs to find the bag. We thought we were safe until we overheard
animal control telling our mom that the bat would find its way to the highest point of
the house we all looked at each other in horror. We realized our parents room was the highest
point of the house. We heard a rustling in the closet. All chaos broke loose when the
bat first is the opening in the closet door. Shasha grabs the spoon she had been eating
and headed for the stairs Shalom grabbed sleepy Shiloh and headed for the stairs. My mom grabbed the phone and headed for the stairs. And I grabbed my blanket and covered my head. We all passed my dad who was now wondering what was going on and why everyone was screaming and everyone was headed down the stairs toward the bat. We all slam the door shut again and lock our dad upstairs with the bat. Our dad couldnt catch the bat. So we ended up spending the entire night in the basement as far away from the top of the house as possible. We stayed awake all night playing monopoly, watching tv, playing cards And when that didn’t work swapping turns keeping watch until animal control came in the morning. Animal control caught the bat with a sticky trap Animal control told us we might see another bat because they may smell the trail of the first one. We scoffed at that. Surely this would be the only one. One week later, I noticed a familiar black shadowy reflection flying right behind me I dashed out the door I stood outside watching as it was flying around, heading upstairs where we all knew it was going to make itself at home. We knew where we were heading though We moved out that night and never came back.

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