Scenario Mode [18 Sixes] – Cricket 19

hello guys and welcome to another video
so I have been scrolling over scenario mode what the hell is a scenario mode
you may ask I took a peek and it’s actually an objective driven gameplay
situations so there are several presets or pre-made scenarios for us first one
bigger and studios I think this is the team of developers they inserted
themselves into the game well I’m going to do one of the scenarios for this
video so there is an achievement to gain one scenario if I beat one scenario
there’s an achievement if I beat all the scenarios there’s an achievement so I
want to try one first this one requires you to play as an Australian hit 18
success against England let’s do this the bowler is at the top of his run up
let’s go in the middle of the back gone great reflux caching there it’s
always tough on the balls coming in here so fast that goes sailing into the crowd great song the right arm medium bowler is coming
onto the home in the southern end money’s coming along nicely he white
timing right off the meat of the back that means the payer on 250 nothing that that is all men fifteen right off the middle of the back that’s
right from the middle of the back right Armour is coming into the attack
from the northern in he’s bitten all ends up by that March coming out to bed it’s being a
long way for the foodies partnership being really strong boy down place Paula
is coming into the attack from the sub that was the final six 1860s in all
first achievement from the scenario mode is done the second one requires me to do
every other scenario well there is no pop-up yet there it is
challenge accepted all right that will be it for this video and let’s see what
other scenarios I can do for the next one well I will check out all the
scenarios for the next video and post it right after and you guys that will be it
for this video guys and I’ll be up with another scenario most probably in the
next one so stay subscribed and I will see you
guys in the next one have a nice day bye

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