SCHILTHORN: The BEST view in Switzerland! ❤️ Paragliding Interlaken + Birg Thrill Walk + Piz Gloria!

Get ready to experience Switzerland! Interlaken is stunning and popular
resort town with a population of around 6,000 people. There’s plenty of winter
sports activities here, from skiing hiking, skydiving and paragliding which
is exactly what we came here. From Interlaken we drove to Stetchelberg our
plan is to head to the top of the Shilthorn. But first we’ll take two gondolas
to the village of Murren, where John’s going to suss out a place to fly from. The two gondolas don’t take long and with John’s paraglider on his back we walk through the village of Murren. Oh my gosh, this is amazing. Even if you don’t paraglide it’s still worth checking out this spot. We
came here because John wanted to go paragliding and that is what he’s doing
and he’s doing such a fine job at it as well. We just watched him launch from
this gorgeous lookout it’s absolutely beautiful up here.
So I was filming him while he went down. A little nerve-racking. It’s his first
time on such big mountains like this. It’s so gorgeous we’re surrounded by beautiful
flowers, snow-capped mountains, chalets. Phew, safe landing! Now it was time to
continue our journey up to the top of the Shilthorn. On your third gondola ride
you’ll approach Birg where you can experience the Thrill Walk. Your heart is
racing as you’re 8,000 feet above sea level Walking along a thin metal wire with a
sheer drop beneath me. My legs were shaking. There’s no extra cost to do this, but let
me tell you, this is not for the faint-hearted. See that little dot up
there? That’s John and he wasn’t going to have a bar of this. The fourth and final
gondola took us to the peak. And the gondola ride itself was absolutely
breathtaking. Welcome to the peak of the Shilthorn.
At the very top of the mountain we had lunch at a revolving restaurant called
the Piz Gloria which featured in the James Bond movie on Her Majesty’s Secret
Service in 1969. “My name’s Bond, James Bond.” The elevation up here is two thousand nine
hundred and seventeen meters. While you’re eating lunch they play scenes
from the movie that were filmed right there in the restaurant. “Fabulous
beauties all of them dolls. Every one different.” Even the bathrooms were themed. The summit has 360 degree panoramic
views you can see some of Switzerland’s most famous mountains such as Jungfrau
and even Mount Blonc. As you saw earlier paragliding is really
popular here. In fact it’s the top thing to do in Interlaken. So, if you want to
head up you can go for a tandem paraglide, which is
perfect for someone like me who has no experience in the sport. Oh my gosh! The cost is around two hundred dollars and that includes your equipment and transfers. We
took off from this launch site, flew down the valley and landed here in town. Where going to show Kristina what we can do with a paraglider. Are you ready? Yes, ready! All good? Okay! Alright, get ready to look at the horizon. PS. We were told not to scream. A request
from the locals. Meanwhile, John was right behind us solo! Yay. You did so well! How was it? Pretty good! Pretty cold. So the average temperature here in summer is 18 degrees Celsius
although most days reach a top temperature above 20 degrees and in
winter the average is smack-bang on 0 or 31 Fahrenheit now if you want to
see live video of the Schilthorn or Jungfrau I’ll leave a link below in
the comments section. Thank you so much for checking out
Switzerland with us make sure you write your comments and questions below. We’d
love to see you next time so make sure you subscribe! Thank you very much bye bye!

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