Science of the Summer Games: Badminton/shoulder mechanics

Hello my name is Xinze Su – I come from the English
Language Institution at the University of Delaware. Today we’re going to talk about shoulder mechanics. A vital skill to possess in badminton is the forehand overhead smash shot, which is an aggressive overhead shot and accounts for
approximately one-fifth of the attacks during a game. The first step to a successful smash shot is for the athlete to properly position their body, getting their feet in a good
alignment is going to help generate energy from the ground up through the
legs and core, finally reaching the shoulder and arm. This will help dissipate forces at the
shoulder where the greatest amount of stress is seen. Becuase of the repetitive nature
of these high-stress movements, the majority of injuries in badminton are related to overuse. Recent studies estimate this number of
being over 70 percent of the injuries. To protect against overuse injuries,
an effective training program including both stretching and strengthening of your entire kinetic chain is important. It’s
something we as physical therapists are well trained in to work on daily with
our athletes here at the University of Delaware Physical Therapy Clinic.

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