Scoreboards, Live Video & Live Scoring by Rankedin

Rankedin provides a world class
solution to showcase your tournament It’s free to use and available for most
racket sports such as table tennis
squash and badminton. Your tournament will look a lot more PROFESSIONAL
with a live SCOREBOARD and a LIVE STREAM included. My tournament is already created
at so let’s get started
and see how it all works! Either the players or official referee
can use a mobile phone like this to record the scores of the match. You can add this to your web page and there’s no
need for paper sheets anymore. So you can use your TV, Tablet or PC to display your browser which shows the scoreboard of
the match. Here is 1:1. Every court can have a scoreboard which
can tell spectators the results of the match. This is SportCam the app you can use it to livestream the
match you’re playing. It’s great value for sponsors and you can have a huge
audience watching by Facebook and YouTube. This is a professional solution
that usually cost thousands of dollars but here you can get it for free using

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