Scotland Beat England For The First Time Ever | Scotland v England ODI 2018 – Highlights

Oh in Morgan won the toss as England like to do they like to bowl first and chase so it will be Scotland batting first. Oh, That sounded good off the bat there’s a couple of shots from cross that have sounded very very sweet off the bat That is the positive option go up and over It’s a boundary first here at the Grange at the moment for Scotland High wide and handsome I think over the tenths 50 for the captain in some style Bold straight and given was actually caught by Sam Billings bulb Irish sheep God take a well by Sam Billings Swept very firmly 150 up for Scotland and Now the big sweep comes what a shot that is 50 from the cloud what a way to get them up High mid off comes round and should be taken it is Up and over mid off and nearly all the way Oh Big shot right to the crowd That’s safe – all the way six more Goes leg side goes long way up. They should be taken it is taken It legs side can bar to get back get a move on budge He does get a move on in Kalama. Kyle gets his seventh Hundred the first scotsman to get an ODI under against England With shots like that. They’re going to go past 350 Oh Full and strain, there you go That’s the other option for six 371 for five the first part of the day belongs well and truly to Scotland Another kruncha I’ll put over this time for Best out This time straight down the ground and pick me up in good time Up and over into out jolly Bairstow that’s hundred up for England But where is that gone is it out of the ground? That’s why get down Jaison Roy who has to go Hit to mid-on he takes the single three ODI hundreds in a row for Johnny Bairstow No, England player has ever done that Goes aerial now mid off should get that he dies and he takes the catch and bears dogs gone Perfectly good delivery to a new batsman and he’s gone for four 200 is up 204 for two Not happy, he’s waving his arms around at Alex Hales and he’s striding off. He’s not even waiting All in there and God morgen 20 on his way back And we have a game on at the Grange Local task good catch Wicked keep tumbling Language swinging about from mowing alley my goodness has gone all the way to six what a catch water capture the hospitality Majority of short balls have been punished as that one was by Liam funk it Is the cry oh Well done my watch slightly slower suckered my own Ally into the big shot Plunkett is hurrying. He wants a second Rashid responds to the desperate dive out it is Scotland have done it. What a victory this is for Scotland the greatest in their cricketing history You

100 thoughts on “Scotland Beat England For The First Time Ever | Scotland v England ODI 2018 – Highlights

  1. I would love to watch an India Vs Scotland match. Seems like Scotland can give a tougher fight than pakistan nowadays.

  2. That type of matches Benefecial for england …now give citizenship to good scotland player…take them into u r team😅😅

  3. Why they are not gave chance in the big Tournament they are so good then Afghanistan,, Sri lanka,, India

  4. Those who hv followed world cup qualifiers dey know that Scotland deserved 2 b in d world cup but rain nd some unfavourable results did them

  5. ICC itself is the biggest hurdle to new team and talents.. they just wants to play with few selected team that had been playing cricket from very beginning…..

  6. Both Scotland and Ireland should have had bys to the World Cup!!

    How on earth is the game going to grow?

  7. How weird this is for england they won their first world cup under captaincy of an irish player (eion morgan)

  8. Icc-हम नही मानेंगे
    Scotland-रे फकीरा मान जा…….😊😊😊😊

  9. Kya dileri se khele scotland batsman
    England ne b fire starts kiya…
    At d end scotland won…amazing game of cricket…England ko usiki ghutti piladi…aggressive cricket well done scotland

  10. lol have u noticed subtitles are so wrong like they have Written Moeen Ali as Mowing alley,Liam plunkket as liam funk it

  11. I think England become the Champion in the 2019 wc with the same team🤔🤔 but they lost the game to a team which not even qualify for this….. how is that possible for a team to get changed in such a short span 🤔🤔??

  12. If it was india, the video would have never be uploaded on to their channel. They only choose to show people when their team has won. England cricket board is great.


  14. Could u believe this is world champ.
    This is not a sports anymore it is a bussiness now.
    Play bet n go home that's it

  15. England strong, Scotland strong, all strong teams simple as that!

    Scotland can beat Australia and Divided Pakistan!

    I hate Australia and Divided Pakistan!

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