Scott Boras opens 25-year-old baseball cards

[MUSIC – “TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALLGAME”] MIKE OZ: Hey, it’s Mike Oz at the MLB All-Star Game. We’re opening some more baseball cards. 25-year-old baseball cards for this man, Scott Boras. He’s the man who knows about making a deal. So I think we’re going to see what we can do here. Scott, these are 1991 Donruss, been in my garage for a long time. I’m going to let you open a pack. Go for it. SCOTT BORAS: All right. MIKE OZ: Let’s see if we can find somebody you repped in there. SCOTT BORAS: Well, let’s see Steve Lake, Chris James, a checklist, Mickey Morandini– MIKE OZ: Mickey Morandini, I remember that guy. SCOTT BORAS: –Shawn Boskie, Randy Johnson, Larry Walker, Les Lancaster, Mark Lewis, Rudy Seanez, Greg Olson, Juan Berenguer, Leo Gomez, and Craig Biggio. Those are some pretty good– [INAUDIBLE]. MIKE OZ: Any of your guys in there? Any of your guys? SCOTT BORAS: I represented Mark Lewis in this group. Yes. MIKE OZ: Tell us about Mark Lewis. SCOTT BORAS: Mark was the second pick in the nation in the 1988 draft, I believe, and had about an eight or nine major– year major league career, and when you play in the big leagues for a long time, you’ve had a successful career. So he did all right. MIKE OZ: Well, I’m going to open up my cards. Now, you have some good stuff that I want. I want that Randy Johnson. He’s a Hall of Famer. That might be a good one. Let’s see, I got Kevin Mitchell. I got Norm Charlton, Cecil Fielder, Fred McGriff. All right, so if I give you a Kevin Mitchell and a Fred McGriff, and Todd Zeile, how about those for Randy Johnson? SCOTT BORAS: Oh, well, let’s go by a point structure. MIKE OZ: Oh, here we go. This is how the deals get done. SCOTT BORAS: Hall of Famers are five– MIKE OZ: All right. SCOTT BORAS: –all right? And I have two, so I have 10, all right? Guys who played less than six years in the major leagues are one, all right? And then the guys that are Major League All-Stars, we’re going to rate 3, all right? So I have basically Larry Walker, who was an MVP and an All-Star, so he’s a 3. [CASH REGISTER CHA-CHING] So I’ve got 13 points. Steve Lake, Chris James, Mickey Morandini, Bobby Bonilla, that’s a 3-pointer. Rudy Seanez, Greg Olsen, he was an All-Star. Juan Berenguer, Leo Gomez, and Mark Lewis. So I’ve got a total in my stack of roughly– [CASH REGISTER CHA-CHING] –19 points. MIKE OZ: Let’s just– SCOTT BORAS: I believe in your stack, from what I saw, you at best have about 8 points. MIKE OZ: Let’s pause for a second and just marvel at how great he just did that. He just went through there and just started assigning points to them. All right, do mine. Tell me what I got in there. SCOTT BORAS: All right, Todd Zeile was an All-Star. Kevin Mitchell was an All-Star. Randy Ready, Salazar, Willie Blair, Chris Bosio, Norm Charlton, yes. Doug Jones was an All-Star. My god, you have a Randy Johnson. MIKE OZ: Well, it skipped over my trade. SCOTT BORAS: Yes. Cecil Fielder was an All-Star. Mike Henneman. Greg Harris threw both ways. That might be worth something to you. And of course, Fred McGriff. So you have one Hall of Famer, which you get a 5 for. [CASH REGISTER CHA-CHING] And you’ve got a one, two, three, four, five All-Stars, so there you have 15. So you have actually– MIKE OZ: We’re close. We’re close. SCOTT BORAS: –20 and 19, so we’re really very equivalent. MIKE OZ: I will ask you this, the fact that I had a Randy Johnson but I still wanted your Randy Johnson, that’s why I didn’t tell you I had Randy Johnson. Is that a sound negotiating strategy? SCOTT BORAS: Well, now that I know that you’re not credible and dishonest, I’m done dealing with you. MIKE OZ: Scott Boras, thanks a lot. SCOTT BORAS: Pleasure. Thank you.

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  1. Boris could friggin open any pack from the 80's, 90's, 2000's….etc and find a player that made him rich. Imagine that.

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