SDSU Outstanding Student – George Scott

I was born and raised in England about
15 minutes away from the city of Liverpool. I decided to visit SDSU
because I’d always loved the idea of going to college in America you know
it’d be like the movies. It’s so different from our experience back home and I
absolutely fell in love. And the day I left that campus was the day I knew I
wanted to attend this University. I decided life was too short and I applied
to SDSU and I think I can honestly say the day I got my acceptance letter was,
it was probably the happiest day of my life. Getting involved was really what made my SDSU experience what it is because I
can’t imagine what life would have been like if I didn’t do it now. I joined
social organizations when I first came to the school and it really helped me
climatize to not just a new school but to a new country. And a lot of
international students aren’t sure if they can actually be involved in
different leadership opportunities across campus, and I’m telling you today
that you can be, you absolutely can be. International students SDSU, we represent
about 10 percent of the student body, so that’s a lot of students and we’re a
large voice, and we’re a very very diverse voice too because we have people from
all over the world. The main reason I ran for AS Exec was to show international
students that you can. That they have a voice, that their voice matters on this
campus. Because the last time someone held an executive position who was an
international student was 18 years ago now. SDSU is like no other place. I’ve
experienced things here that I’ll never experience again in my life. I’ve had so
many unique opportunities that I may not get a chance to do them again and it’s
all because of San Diego State. I highly encourage looking more into enrolling in
San Diego State. There’s such a huge support system there for international
students. This school has a very welcoming environment, you won’t feel out
of place. Nothing is impossible when you come to San Diego State, nothing. You can
achieve it if you put your heart to it. (Music)

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