Sea Games 2019 Sepak Bola | 90% Semifinal, 50% Final dan 50% Medali emas.

2019 Sea Games held in the Philippines. Where is the 2019 Sea Games in soccer Can be sorted in group A. Rank 1 Myanmar, second is Cambodia and third is Malaysia. Myanmar is certain to advance to the semifinals. Cambodia and Malaysia will go through a deciding round On December 4, 2019 Wednesday. Where when Cambodia wins, Cambodia will be runner up When Malaysia wins, we can be sure that Malaysia will be the runner up in the Group A standings. In Group B. Class 1 is led by Vietnam, second Thailand and third Indonesia. Where is the difference between Thailand and Indonesia in the aggregate only. Vietnam is certain to advance to the semifinals because Vietnam is likely to remain in 1st place. And runner up in group B between Indonesia and Thailand. Enabling Indonesia to be runner up in group B by 90%. Because December 5, 2019 Thursday at 3 pm Thailand will fight Vietnam (ranked 1 in squad B.) This allows Thailand to experience defeat. But when Vietnam loses, the score difference will be the same between Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. This will all happen when Indonesia wins against Brunei Darussalam and Laos. When in the semifinals Indonesia will fight Myanmar. Then in the next semifinal, Cambodia or Malaysia will fight Vietnam. When Indonesia fought Myanmar, the odds of winning were 50%. Because Myanmar has never experienced defeat in the group A. As for Indonesia, When advancing to the Final round most likely will be against Vietnam. Where in the group B standings There, it is seen that Indonesia is often suppressed by Vietnam. So the possibility of winning to get a gold medal is only by 50% when Indonesia against Vietnam.

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