Hi everybody and welcome today, the second day of Underwater Hockey competition here in The SEA Games is a concern because of the typhoon society by as you see the winds and the rain is very heavy so the organization decided to cancel it everybody in fact achieve everything so all the stuff will be removed and we will come back tomorrow at 9 a.m. for the last day of the four against four competition it will be the final, two semi-finals first and after the final and we will come with the six and six tournaments so keep in touch don’t be afraid everything is going good all the athletes are right here and the best I don’t know if you can see they are coming back to their hotel so the organization says to us to stay at home so we’ll come at home. We are back here just before going to showing you like there is everything be packed here and all the officials are right here to talk about the new schedule they are making everything to make the new schedule for tomorrow because of this council game all the officials are here waiting about some news they look like happy no more fear here the last schedule will be made and everybody is going home, so see you tomorrow for the new day of competition Underwater Hockey SEA Games.

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