SEAL THE DEAL – Ice Hockey with Liwest Black Wings Linz

My name is Lunden Souza. I’m a fitness coach, I work for Runtastic. Now I’m up for a brand new mission. I want to find experts in fitness and
staying active who do something I don’t. Who have something to teach me and who could help me take my fitness to a whole new level. So, are you ready? Then join me when I
Seal The Deal. Fitness became a very important part in hockey as well as in most other professional sports. And, like I said, you got to constantly change your
training not just to keep up but to better
yourself and prevent injuries. I really look forward to meeting Lunden today and see what she’s got for us and see what kind of training she does and I hope we can learn something
and maybe we can teach her a few things as well and should be fun. Hey guys! I’m here. Looks like you’re getting in quite a good workout and maybe you think you’re strong but I have a great workout planned for you guys today. -Hey Lunden, how’s it going? -Good, are you ready for it? – Absolutely, thanks for coming. What do you have prepared for us? – We’ll get to get to that part later but first we have to the Seal The Deal procedure. Alright guys, so for your workout today
I’m gonna take you through one of the workouts from our newest app at Runtastic called Results. This workout is called Romeo. There are 6 exercises and
they’re pretty difficult but we’ll see if you guys can hang. Alright, first
exercise on your mat. Thanks Lunden. That was one hell of a workout, we really enjoyed it. I think it’s time to take it to the ice
and show you what we do every day and take you through a hockey practice. What do you say? -Ok, I am in. I’m going to be horrible but that’s okay. So, I am pretty sure that that’s as awkward as it gets. My skating, well it needs some work let’s just say that. But it was so much fun to be on the ice with all of those people. I was shaking, I was really really nervous that at one point I had to be like “Okay Lunden, focus, shoot the puck into the goal.”
But that’s what it’s all about. The more uncomfortable I feel the better I think
that it is. I hope that now you are a hockey fan because now I’m a hockey fan. I have so much respect for those guys I could barely skate a straight line. I
Lunden Souza reminding you that you’re never truly living unless you are out of your
comfort zone. So I have my lucky puck that I shot into the goal and I’m gonna watch these boys win. See you next time. Bye.

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  1. Hey Nice Video, i came from Austria and i also play IceHockey since i am 4 years old so cool i knew all of them … this is the high Lega of Austria . And good Shoot 😀

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