SEC Shorts – Tennessee’s football building janitor is a busy man

Hey! Wait up! Sorry about that man. I..uh.. Got one more for you. There’s nothing in that trash can. No this…sorry..this whole thing is actually the trash. You want me to throw away your trash can? Yeah uh it was for the defense. They get a turnover..they comeback and they.. You know it’s not really important. Coach says it’s not working so we have to get rid of it. So if you could just toss that and we never talk about it again. See you next week, man. Alright! Hey man wait up! Hey Sorry man I uh got another one for you. What is that? It’s a wrench. You know for like..tightening. Like “Tighten it up!” Tighten what? I don’t know we thought it work for the kickers but it didn’t really so we’re just gonna try something else next week but just toss that and Go Vols! I’ll see you next week! Hey man hold up! It’s uh…it’s me again. What is that supposed to do? Well it’s supposed to make us Hail Mary proof. Did it work? No. Yeah if you could burn that one actually Thank you. Alright. Go Vols! Hey buddy. How’s it going? What you got for me this week? So these are actually my personal items. the coaching staff has been asked to exit the premises. beginnings! Hey are you guys hiring? No? I think I have a resume in here if you don’t mind. We could hang out every day! SEC Shorts is sponsored by Bedzzz Express. Go online today and enter the Bedzz Express play hard sleep hard giveaway. Enter at the SEC Shorts Facebook page or at the web address below.

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