SECRET NEIGHBOR! Hello Neighbor Hide-n-Seek Summer Alpha Gameplay Part 1 | KIDCITY GAMING

what’s up everybody its DadCity yeah
we’re inside secret neighbor this is multiplayer online we’re about
to jump into it first we got a pic our loadout alright I’m sitting in the
server and I’m gonna choose my character so we’ve got detective if you’re a
detective it gives you a picture of where the actual key is on the maps okay
when it’s sound you get a new one yeah but it’s just like a clue I’m gonna be
the detective okay you look over there I’m gonna look over here do not look at
my screen so that you don’t know that I’m the neighbor always always so I’m
gonna go over here I found a good spot and then the system always hides the key
right here you already got caught don’t tell me
don’t tell me not fair where is my stuff I had an access point
oh oh lordy I’m upstairs I’m gonna follow this track Crowe I’m going to see
I’m gonna follow you dad nothing I’m gonna be with the seeker
back here cabinets right here ah see okay so anymore no I am that so you
don’t bet so okay so I it’s got a little table drawers and box up top Wow we leave me alone leave me alone oh damn
oh what a time all I’ve got is a flashlight a kid’s life okay round two
here we go round two okay so I’m gonna be the detective again because I like
this I like this stuff yeah I like this guy too
come on get on get on people get on we’re waiting on you
I think we’re twins now look at us go fast
oh the pants the pants oh here we go yours lagging yours lagging really
creepy Steve feels a bunch of people running why are they running what are
they running from they run it from you maybe where’s my spot man all those kids
were running that was weird it’s like they knew something biron I gotta go to my secret spot get
my key yeah don’t give me don’t give it wait wait wait a minute I just saw dad
City walking around what how is that possible
look at that am i sing myself hey it’s an out-of-body experience what’s
happening is that you you don’t know are you coming down the what is happening gotta go what are we going I can hear something outside this freaky
place now I know you’re the neighbor come o come o oh great
break the door what break it break it what do I need to do it I need to get a
box go get a box now get you out here defeat you with the light take this what no neighbor neighbor no I think
this is my photo no it’s not my photo that’s not what I want I’m in the pooper
what is this what’s this big black thing yuck who puts an apple in the toilet kid
people oh well have it got knocked out you got knocked out stop up this commode
with my Apple hi you’re so glitchy you can’t do nothing
looking like you can’t get me you so glitchy you got one one I would why I that’s so
one wanna kids get out of there hey doc doc doc for you ah she’s hitting each
other they’re hitting each other okay we got art art ooh
Art’s glitching out – he’s stuck in the floor he’s stuck a little pile of milk
that’s somebody help him that’s glue that’s glue you know poor
art he’s stuck in glue so I can catch him hello
Oh is he stuck in glues out had that glue my glue oh my goodness somebody
help him no no she’s just gonna stare at him look at Steve you’re stuck and I’m
not y’all helped him little girls they’re fascinated what are we gonna do
about this mmm what are we gonna do what are we going
to do yeah hit him yeah hitting him knock him out yeah that’s what I would
knock him out oh she’s gonna smack him with the box oh that wasn’t mean right
in the head look ya’ll need to go downstairs Oh help me help me yeah hit
him with an apple now yeah just keep running jump jump oh there he goes
lays out this is this game y’all got a lot of work to do tinybuild because this
game is super glitchy oh they found a key they found a key go get back in your
closet hiding space one of them’s got a hammer they’re all together one of
them’s got a hammer when I’m is gun oh ok they’re hiding they’re hiding in the
shed now I’m gonna help you keep going keep going there it is there’s the
oh go go go which way inside inside oh this way yes Oh get in
there oh they’re up top how’d they get up there oh they’re in trouble just wait for him
wait for him they’re gonna get down they thought this was a good IDE yeah they’re
gone they made a run for it they made a run for it I’m right behind him oh man
she’s a good shot I don’t think I only think they have one key oh he threw the
key her neck is o dot dot wife right you got ten nine seven six I know five four
three two one whoo neighbor victory you stopped them
from escaping good job buddy yeah wait up fix these glitches tinybuild goodness
all right round three here we go we’re waiting
waiting waiting on people to play with us five million years later okay only
three people in this one okay you glitching you’ve smoother this time yeah
okay good all right so it’s either I’m either the neighbor sanster is either
the neighbor or your the neighbor yeah Search Search Search Search II ow what
just happened I think it just knocked over the milk a rifle I just found a
rifle I’m gonna perch like a sniper her I’m gonna snipe the neighbor hmm what do
you think I don’t know beautiful scenery peaceful evening oh
you found one too cool you don’t have a nerf war maybe huh all right where are
you what’s having therefore cages for nice
media room lovely I mean that the neighbor doesn’t have any friends I
don’t know why needs a bunch of seats like that all right how do I get out of
here you don’t get down are you still with us over there buddy what you still
with us getting out of here uh okay
key key need in need in I hear the neighbor growling thank you
crow wait right
I okay okay well what do you mean I’ll get up there okay
somewhere around it bad Oh round it mm-hmm okay
here’s your key let me in there nice nice okay buddy yeah oh another one
I don’t think what are you laughing at you’re laughing
I don’t know Sam’s parents one is that other girl still plan nope
what what do you mean what’s that oh yeah yeah get screamo the
clown yep are you shouldn’t look at flashlights that close to your eyes I’m
at least gonna get 100 through the key again where’s the key where’s the key no
I threw together where’s e oh you got the key Oh oh no
creep oh no cream I’m Vic hey it was you if you want to see us play
more secret neighbor you gots to comment below
that’s your got stuff and give us a big thumbs up remember subscribe to kid city
so you don’t miss when we upload it oh yeah I think we may do a one on one
hide-and-seek oh all right we’ll see you next time everybody Bob

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