Self Defense Using a Baton or Baseball Bat : Defending Against a Cross Slash with a Bat

Tres Tew here. I’m an instructor at Yeshua’s
Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be talking to you about the expandable
baton. Okay, now we are going to be going over how to defend yourself against someone
who’s going to do a cross slash (someone who’s slashing at you across their body). We are
going to start out with our baton in the open position to ward of the knife attack. Then
we’ll extend it and strike the knife hand and then come back across to keep them from
attacking us again. So the first movement we are going to do as he comes across is we
are catching it here and hooking. Then we are pulling this hand across and grabbing.
And in the same movement, simultaneous extension and strike here will cause them to let go
of the knife. If they don’t, just push it out of the way and then push this hand out.
You can either come back across to the head here to keep them from coming forward. Or,
if they back off at this point, once you’ve gotten rid of their knife, as they back off,
you are still ready. You come back to a fighting stance, ready to go if they pull another weapon
on you. Or if they just leave, that’s fine. But, you want to ake sure you are staying
ready. When you extend your baton, go ahead and extend it all the way. I did that at half
speed. But when you do that, you want to make sure you are going ahead and extending it
and striking that hand to make sure you are getting rid of that knife. That’s how to defend
yourself against a cross slash with a knife; starting closed and then going to open.

10 thoughts on “Self Defense Using a Baton or Baseball Bat : Defending Against a Cross Slash with a Bat

  1. You do not hit someone in the head with a steel telescopic baton. A weapon designed to be non lethal can become a lethal weapon in that situation, you better be justified doing that or you will end up in court on a murder charge.

  2. Complicated moves unlikely to work in real life followed by a head strike with a baton.
    READ: A convoluted and ineffective way to kill somebody with a non-lethal weapon…

  3. In the head are you fuckin crazy most people who would watch this live in a country with strict self defence laws where guns are illegal and even a retractable stick I would advise people not hit someone in the head if you don’t want to get charged with murder.
    Breaking bones and destroying muscles ligaments and tendons
    is what you should aim for.

  4. That just won’t work full stop.
    Create distance and strike the knife hand. Use the Batton at the full range possible and shout for help.
    Trying these moves will get you killed.

  5. 0:40.
    Cause them to let go of the knife and if they don't just push it out of the way😂😭🤣
    Someone's going to get some stitches if they take this advise!

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