SEMO Campus Tour

Hey, welcome to Southeast
Missouri State University. I’m Cody, and we’re going to
take a mini tour of our campus. We’ll start with our most
iconic building, Academic Hall, with administration offices
and an academic department. Plus, it sits at the highest
hill of Cape Girardeau. At the center of campus,
there’s events on the terraces and studying on the steps, and
a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to leave your mark here at
SEMO, by signing your name in the dome. Let’s get going. This is Magill Hall of
Science, home to just some of our 145 majors. SEMO’s great when
it comes to choosing a major because like
those larger universities, it has tons of options. But it’s actually small enough
that your professors teach your classes, know your names,
and when you have a question, you feel totally
comfortable asking them. Southeast is one of Missouri’s
most accredited institutions. Our mass media program is
one of only two accredited in Missouri. Our cybersecurity
program is recognized by the NSA and the Department
of Homeland Security. And our business program is
among the top 5% in the world. Speaking of accreditations,
this is the River campus, home to all of
our arts programs, and Missouri’s only
campus dedicated solely to art, music,
theater, and dance. Plus, all those
programs, accredited. What’s more? The River campus is an
immersive environment that allows students to
study, create, and perform. More than 100 performances
and exhibitions take place each year in our
three professional theater spaces, one recital
hall, three galleries, and countless studios,
classrooms, and practice rooms. Or on the bank of the largest
river in North America, if the weather’s nice. Now all that studying is
bound to work up an appetite. This is Towers Cafe. It’s one of 16 different
dining options on campus, which is located at Tower’s Complex,
one of 18 different residence halls for your home
away from home. Like to exercise, play sports,
swim, or even scuba dive? The student recreation
and aquatic centers has your ticket for
entertainment and activity. Plus, with 5,000
students participating in intramural clubs
sports and even esports, rec services has you
covered no matter what. But maybe you want to cheer
on your fellow Red Hawks. This is Capaha Field,
home to Red Hawks baseball, just one of our
15 NCAA Division 1 athletics teams. Fans love to sit on the
hillside or hang out in the home run deck. And it doesn’t
matter if it’s here, at Houck Field, or
the Show Me Center, you need to know when
I say S-E, you say M-O! That’s a super quick view. There’s so much more I
could tell you and show you, but we’ll stop there for now. If you have any questions about
anything else, just contact us.

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