Sesame Street: Baseball School | Murray Had a Little Lamb

MURRAY AND KIDS: [SINGING] Murray has a little lamb. Yo, Murray has a little lamb
who wears a little bow. Go Murray. Together they go everywhere
amigos like to go. But, Murray. It follows her to school
each day, they run, they spin, they leap. Go Murray, Yo, everybody
loves to see a monster and his sheep. And they all say,
Murray, Mary. Murray, Mary. Murray has a little lamb. Go Murray. Murray has a little lamb. Murray has a little lamb! MURRAY: Hi. I’m looking for Ovejita to find
out we’re going today. Ovejita means little
lamb in Spanish. Ovejita? OVEJITA: He, he, he, he, he. MURRAY: Ovejita? Where’s Ovejita? OVEJITA: Wee! MURRAY: Ooh, ugh! Ah, Ovejita! OVEJITA: Hola, Murray. MURRAY: Where are we are
we going to today? MURRAY AND KIDS: Baseball
school. OVEJITA: Escuela de beisbol! MURRAY AND KIDS: Yah! MURRAY: Hey, Tim, what
are we going to today in baseball school? TIM: Well, we’re going to work
on running the bases. We’re going to practice
throwing. We’re going to practice
catching. We’re going to practice
hitting. MURRAY: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute. TIM: Lift that leg way up. MURRAY: Leg up. TIM: Bring that arm way back. MURRAY: Way back. TIM: And throw that baseball. MURRAY: Hiya! I’m catching and throwing. Always keep your eye on
the ball like this? TIM: Well, a little
further back. MURRAY: Like this? TIM: A little more. MURRAY: Like this? TIM: That’s it. OVEJITA: He, he, he, he. MURRAY: And keep my eye on It. Keep it level and– TIM: Oop. MURRAY: That wasn’t good. How am I ever going to learn
to hit the ball? GIRL: I don’t know. MURRAY: [JABBERING] Whoa! TIM: Run, Murray. Run to second. MURRAY: I’m the fastest
runner in baseball. TIM: And here comes second. That’s a home run, Murray. MURRAY: I got it. I got it. I got it! Ha, ha. I love baseball school! OVEJITA: Escuela!

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