Sestercentennial: Vintage Baseball Match

Hello, and welcome out here in beautiful Frontier
Park in Saint Charles, Missouri. My name’s Jim Pruett, and with me as always
is my color commentator, Aaron Phillips. Aaron, how are you today? I’m doing well, Jim. We’re out here for the new sport of Baseball. Here for a match between the Belleville Stags
and the Saint Charles Explorers. Well, I’m told it should be a very a good
match. These Belleville Stags come from all the way
across 2 rivers in Belleville, Illinois. Time for the ceremonial coin toss. The Belleville Stags will strike first. Despite it being the home field of the Saint
Charles Explorers, it is customary to have a coin toss to determine who will start in
what position for the game. And we’ll be started here in just a few moments. Well, it sounds like the Saint Charles Explorers
are a fairly new club, formed right here in Saint Charles County, and I’ve heard very
good things about their defensive abilities. Aaron, what’s your take on that? Yeah, we’ve got a nice group of young men
out here, with a few old-timers to show them the ropes. I’m sure we’ll see quite a good baseball match
here today. I’m excited to see what kind of sport these
boys can put on. Yes, it should be a good show for all. This craze of baseball is sweeping the nation
by storm, a brand new game only recently created. It’s very debatable as to who created the
game. Some people say Abner Doubleday, some people
say it was Brooklyn, New York. No one really knows and we never will. And it looks like the game is about to start. The hurler for the Saint Charles Explorers
had done quite well this year, reaching 5 wins, 20 innings, and 30 strikeouts. First hitter for the Belleville Stags has
10 stolen bases on the year. He hits it into the infield, the third baseman’s
charging, he won’t get there in time. That will be ruled a single. Reaching down the first baseline. Here comes the 2nd batter for the Belleville
Stags. They’re all wearing their high socks in solidarity,
not wanting to be upshown by this new baseball club, as the Belleville Stags have been around
for 2 years. First pitch, foul ball off to the side of
the umpire there. They have a nice backstop there made of hay
bales, coming from the one and only D.J. Borgmeyer Saddle Shop. Buy 3 saddles there, and you’ll get a free
stallion. There’s another ball, his count is 2 and 0
on the batter. And that is hit. The runner’s coming around to third base. That’ll be a single, advancing the runner
to third. Runners on 1st and 3rd with nobody out. That was quite the hit there. Really nice hit there, out towards the light
post, really gave that outfielder a run for his money. Yes he did, a fine piece of hitting by the
Belleville Stags. Now they got their big time hitter, the number
3 hitter. That’ll be a ball, low and outside. Runner taking a slight lead off 3rd base. 2nd pitch, another one a little too low for
the batter, he watches it go by. Nothing better than this. A great way to pass time here in beautiful
Saint Charles, celebrating. A swing, and a. Foul pitch. And
here’s the pitch. Another ball, the count at 3 and 1. Well Aaron, it seems to me the pitcher, the
hurler, rather, is a little rusty, what do you say? Yeah, it seems like he’s had a pretty long
day here of baseball. Here’s the next pitch, right in the wheelhouse. Drilled! Right down the third baseline and foul. What a hit right there, a little bit too far
outside the 3rd baseline for a foul, but man, we felt the wind on that ball. Yes, we did. It almost hit right up here in the press box. That is ball 4, I believe. That is ball 5. 5 and 2 is the count. And that is swing, hammered out into the outfield. Boy, that could be a round-tripper. Runs into the cutoff man, and he’ll be stuck
at a double, but the runner’s coming to the plate, and the play is safe at the plate. And now he’s going to advance to third on
an error. That’ll bring the score to 2 nothing Belleville
Stags. Well, what a fine piece of hitting, what do
you say, Mr. Phillips? Oh, it was quite deep. He figured out the hurler there on that last
pitch that we saw, the foul, and straightened it right out. Way through the tree line. Yes indeed. Here comes the pitch for the number 4 hitter,
he slams it down the line and fair ball! That’s out. Oh, I apologize, that’s an out. A little confusion on the rules there. The game is brand new, I don’t know them all
yet. Apologies for the confusion there, that is
an out. Another ball hammered into the outfield. A Stag is coming around and he’ll hold up
with a single. I believe the score is 3 nothing with 1 out,
runner on first. Lefthanded batter coming up for the Belleville
Stags. Real close. Just a bit inside. St. Charles’ inaugural season is off to a
decent start this season. Not so much this game, but they’re played
some other good games pretty well so far. I was out here earlier today, and they made
quite the showing against the St. Louis Perfectos. That’s a groundball, the third baseman will
take it and it’s bobbled at second base, and he’s safe. Runners at first and second. Boy, it must be hard to field that ball with
your bare hands. It is quite the feat, coming at you quickly
there. Yes indeed. Next batter steps up for the Belleville Stags,
waiting on the pitch. Hit deep, right to the outfielder, and that
will load up the bases with one out for the Belleville Stags. Now batting for the Stags is their veteran
player. He hits a groundball to the third baseman
and that’ll be an out at first if he can hold on. And that’s an out at first for 2 outs and
that will end the inning. A fine first half inning. The Belleville Stags taking a lead, I believe
it’s 4 runs, does that sound right to you, Aaron? 3 or 4, one or the other. Something along those nature. We’ll get an official score here from the
umpire soon. Correct. It seems now the umpire is talking to the
rooters and spectators in the crowd. Nice small crowd out here in Saint Charles
for their inaugural season. Some people came all the way from Belleville,
Illinois by horse and buggy. Really quite an impressive feat to make it
out here. Now we’ll get our look at the Belleville Stags
on defense. First pitch is popped up on the foul side
by first base, caught for an out. One out made by the Saint Charles Explorers
leadoff man. Here comes their number 2 hitter who I believe
to also be their captain. Now, Belleville Stags player appears to have
lost something on the field. Hopefully they can find it for him. Now, there’s a delay in play. A little low there, watches it go by. And that ball is hammered into the outfield,
fielded cleanly by the leftfielder, that’ll be a single. Nice piece of hitting there by the St. Charles
captain. The next batter for St. Charles steps up,
left-handed here. Little low for his liking as he watches it
roll by. Pitch, the swing, hit down the line and its
called foul by the umpire. And
still safe at first base. Hit, right field, foul territory, foul ball. I believe the count is 1 and 2. Aaron, I don’t know if you’ve had the pleasure
of going across the river and seeing the St. Louis Perfectos, but they put on quite a good
show as well. They do indeed, they have a nice field to
play on out there. The ball hit deep to center field. And a nice piece of hitting for the Saint
Charles Explorers. He’s gonna come into 2nd, here’s the play. Safe. Got runners at 2nd and 3rd for the St. Charles
Explorers, the hometown team. Let’s see if this hitter can bring them on
home. Got one hand out. Groundball to the shortstop, or the third
baseman, they can’t decide to take it and the bases are loaded for Saint Charles. Now what do you make of this hitter, Mr. Phillips? He’s got some broad shoulders on him, could
hit the ball pretty deep, maybe get this runner on 3rd here, the captain around. Swings on the first pitch and it goes past
the outfielder. 2 runners will come all the way in. 2 plated for St. Charles. What a way to start their bottom half of the
1st inning. I believe Belleville still has the lead, but
St. Charles is making their presence known in this half-inning. Next batter for St. Charles steps up, and
he watches the ball go by. This one’s hit hard toward the shortstop there
and they get the out at 2nd base. Now we have runners at the corners with 2
outs for the St. Charles Explorers. Fun fact about St. Charles, it was established
as Missouri’s first state capitol in the early 1820s while they were constructing the City
of Jefferson. They got a rookie at the plate for the St.
Charles Explorer hoping to make his mark on baseball history. It’s a groundball to the third baseman, fields
it cleanly, throws to first, oh but he overruns it and gets him out. That’ll end the inning. St. Charles is on the board. We have a break here. Speaking of the first state capitol, today’s
game is brought to you by Peck Brothers Hardware. No one’s filibustering the low, low prices
in this former state capitol. Check it out today! Quite the place to buy you wares, anything
you need to start a farm or store out here and support a family. Ah yes, I got a nice snakeskin there for my
wife. She was very fond of it. Not just snakeskin, they also have beaver
fur, as well as possum fur and many other animals. Quite the collection of other supplies, for
sure. Great little place to have right here in our
town. Top of the 2nd inning here. Ball hit hard into the outfield and right
to the outfielder. And caught. Good positioning there by St. Charles. He knew right where to be on that play. And we’re back to the top of the order here
for the Belleville Stags. Watches the first pitch go by. And the score is 3 hands each. Belleville Stags versus the St. Charles Explorers. Beautiful day for a baseball match out here
in Frontier Park. Windy, probably in the 80 degree range, little
sunny but not too bad. Perfect weather. Indeed it is. That ball is popped up to the pitcher, caught
for an out. Make the
out. St. Charles is making this inning go quicker
than the last. Perhaps after seeing the lineup once, they
have a better idea of what they’re dealing with. Very true, they got a good eye the first time
around, better idea of how to pitch to these batters. Absolutely. Yes, the hurler really seems to have things
going for him this time around. The pitch, a little low, watches it go by. Ball hit right through the third baseman’s
hands into the outfield, he’ll stop at first base. Runner on 1st with 2 out. The score is still 3 hands each. The pitch. There’s a foul ball hit towards the dugout,
nearly caught by the batter preparing to come up next. There’s a foul hit. He steps back up with the pitch, and he hits
it hard straight to an outfielder, over his head. And here comes the play at the plate, that
is a score, goes right past the catcher onto the Katy Trail. And here he comes, running, charging the plate
and he is going to make it. The score is now 5 hands Belleville, 3 St.
Charles. Boy, St. Charles started off with 2 quick
outs but Belleville is really putting on the fine display of hitting today. Indeed, they are. Came around with a very well hit ball, and
a good play out there from the outfielder. Absolutely. A hard ball to field, for sure. Got some good banter going on from the Belleville
batter and the St. Charles Explorers clubhouse. Ah yes, a friendly rivalry seems to be taking
its roots. Here’s the pitch, that’s popped up, and it’s
a fair ball. He runs down the first baseline and he’s going
to be safe. Ah yes, very good point. It’s interesting how this baseball match works. You can hit the ball 45 feet one way and get
called out, bounce it in front of the catcher, you’re on first base safely. Next pitch, watches it go by, it looks like
he’s waiting for something very specific here. Could very well be. Swings on the next one, a high, high ball
over the head, hit the tree, and comes straight down. Yes, you must play it where it lies. No call of tree interference on that one. Got 2 hands up still, runners on first and
second for the Belleville Stags. Seems to be some confusion on positioning
there, and they’re all set. Pitch is coming shortly from St. Charles. Here’s the pitch, swung on by the lefty into
left field, and that’s the end of the inning. Caught on the hop there for the out. Well done. Well, the score is 5 hands Belleville, 3 St.
Charles. St. Charles coming up to bat in the bottom
of the 2nd. Time for the first pitch. I heard there was some competition between
here in Frontier Park and Blanchette Park being the home of the St. Charles Explorers. Swung up. Hit, oh and bobbled by the first baseman on
an easy out. And it appears someone is celebrating a wedding
today, and they chose to come to no other place except here. There’s the pitch. Hit hard, over the head, all the way down
towards the river, as he comes down, still waiting to see the ball, throws it in and
he’s going to be safe at third base. Make it all the way to third base, what a
hit by the St. Charles Explorer. And the bridal party seems to be enjoying
the show. Some new rooters showing up in their tuxedos
and dresses to enjoy a fine baseball match, right here in St. Charles, Missouri. I’d have to imagine they had to take a boat
out here, right along the Missouri River. I assume that’s the easiest and best way to
get around. Absolutely. Hit hard and right past. Through the infield. That’s gonna score for St. Charles. 5 hands Belleville, 4 St. Charles. As he rings the bell. The bell is rung. Next batter steps to the plate, runner at
first. Makes the pitch, nothing doing. Next pitch, as low as the first, watches it
go by. Boy, the apple is getting hit all over the
diamond today. That is hit hard into the outfield, the center
fielder makes the catch. Hit right to him, and right in front of a
spectator. Runner will remain at first base. A lot of well hit apples today. Some right to fielders, some not. Hit hard, and foul. And a foul ball but hit hard down the third
baseline. Pitch. Foul pitch, from the batter. Hit high, as they go to catch it, and he make
the catch. Caught, that’ll be 2. 2 outs for the Belleville Stags. That ball’s hit hard down the right field
line, he’s trying, he can’t see it through the trees, and that, oh, nope, he caught it. Caught it on the bounce and that is out. That brings us to the end of the inning. Score is 5 hands Belleville, 4 St. Charles. If you’d like to come see St. Charles for
yourself and see the Explorers play in person but you just don’t happen to live here, make
your appointment to stay at the Crescent Hotel. With fine dining and luxurious rooms, there’s
no better place to stay in St. Charles, Missouri. I hear they have the finest roast beef in
all the state. I’ve heard the same. It’s very popular. Don’t make enough on the broadcaster’s salary
to make it out there these days. No, not quite. 5 aces for Belleville, 4 for St. Charles as
Belleville Stags will come here to bat in the top of the 3rd inning. Seems to be getting ready here. And here comes the hurler with the pitch. Hit, and a foul. Goes all the way back towards the train tracks. There goes a rooter to get it, a young rooter
at that. Not only is baseball seeming to attract the
attention of the adult population, children seem to enjoy it quite a lot as well. All the farmers and lawyers bring out their
kids to watch. Takes the pitch, goes back to the hay bale. No hands out here in the top of the 3rd inning. And here comes the pitch from the hurler. Swung on, hit to the outfield, center fielder. Deep, and. He fields it cleanly, throws it in, that’ll
be a single for the Belleville Stags. Next batter for Belleville steps up and the
pitch, swings on the first one, hit hard and takes a couple bounces, gets past the fielder
as he throws in and the runner will make it to 3rd base. Runners on the corners, yet again for the
Belleville Stags. Yes, lots of offense here today by both Belleville
and St. Charles. Indeed, as the next pitch comes in, watches
it go by. Pitch, hits it high and deep, gets one bounce
and he wasn’t able to make the out there as he throws it back in to the hurler. That’ll plate another for Belleville, the
score is now 6 aces Belleville, 4 for St. Charles. Boy, you know St. Charles would love to win
here today in front of the home crowd. Wouldn’t want to let that bridal party down,
they’d be awfully disappointed. Here’s the pitch. Hits a groundball past the third baseman. That’ll load up the bases for the Belleville
Stags, threatening once again on the base paths. Today’s game is brought to you by the Frenchtown
Fish Market. Each player on the winning team will receive
a free halibut. Pitch is taken, fielded cleanly by the catcher. Here comes the next pitch from the hurler
for St. Charles. Again, a little high right at his eyes. And a swing and a miss, and an out. Good pitch there by the St. Charles hurler. First out here for the Explorers, let’s see
if they can make it 2. Pitch, hit hard and a foul ball. Foul ball hit right past some rooters. Pitch, hit high. Foul ball, right over the press box. Boy, that one came too close for comfort,
wouldn’t you say, Aaron? Yes, yes it did. We almost got a souvenir right here. A souvenir or a knot on the skull, not sure
which one. Could be both. Pitch is taken by the Belleville Stag batter. Game seems to be attracting a lot of attention,
a lot of people out here in Frontier Park. Really enjoying this display of the new baseball. Latest game in America, sweeping the nation. Here’s the pitch, and he watches it go by. Hit high, and behind a row of spectators here. Yes. Spectators are getting quite the show today. I hear a cannonball firing in the distance. Wonder what that’s all about. The pitch, hit hard, over the head. Oh, double, apologies for the confusion. That’ll plate 2 more for Belleville. That brings the score to 8 aces Belleville,
4 for St. Charles. Some friendly banter going on between the
2 teams. Oh, Nellie, says the runner at third base. He wants to get to home plate. Hit foul ball down the third baseline. Another one right near the press box. The wind is picking up in here. St. Charles is widely known as the Windy City. This ball is hit into the outfield. Fielded cleanly, runner will tag up from third,
come in to score for the Belleville Stags, bringing the score to 9 4 Belleville. The runner advancing to third base as well. Been seeing some nice display of defense lately. Do indeed, a little late in the inning with
runners on the plate, but good to see that pick up for the Explorers, as the ball’s hit
high and deep, waiting to drop, and. He makes it on the bounce. That’ll end the inning. That bring the score to 9 aces Belleville,
4 St. Charles. St. Charles coming up to bat, they’re gonna
hope to make an impact this inning. A well played game by 2 teams right here in
the greater St. Louis area. Now, here comes the first batter for the St.
Charles batter, St. Charles Explorers coming to the plate. Hurler is getting ready for Belleville. He’s had a pretty good grip on the apple today,
but St. Charles has made some impact. And here’s the pitch from the hurler. Ball hit toward centerfield, and that’ll get
him on base. Runner on first for the St. Charles Explorers. No signs of slowing down this inning. Good way to start, trying to close the gap
here. Thats what they need to do. Next pitch, hit hard towards the other side
of the field, and caught on the bounce. Good bit of base running there by St. Charles,
tagging up on the bounce, getting to 2nd base, putting him in scoring position for the next
St. Charles batter. Baserunning and defense, that is probably
the strongest skillsets of the St. Charles team. Hit hard, oh. Caught on the bounce. Up, bobbled at third base, and the runner
will advance to 3rd with 2 outs. Really good play by the shortstop there to
make the out on the bounce. Yes, seen
lots of bounce outs today. Belleville hurler readies, makes the pitch,
taken by the St. Charles batter. Runner’s still on 3rd base with 2 outs. Swing, and he is out. Score is still 9 4 Belleville. St. Charles will take defense coming up here
in the top of the 4th inning. Aaron, I was excited to first see my baseball
match over across the river in St. Louis, just over here in the past year, how did you
come across this great baseball match? Ah yes, I had a few friends I knew in the
river trade who picked up the game along the docks. Started to play the game to pass the time,
and wasn’t much for me, with my gimp leg but, man, quite the match to watch and to see,
and to support those boys across the river. Absolutely. Excited to have a team here now in my own
town, that I can support. Oh, thank you. Ah, thank you sir. We’ve just received Belleville Stags calendars
for the upcoming season. Friendly gift features many photographs of
the players. And first pitch goes right through the first
baseman’s legs, and it seems like he’ll be in safe at first base for the Belleville Stags. Belleville Stags’ motto is no swearin’, no
spittin’, no gloves. They’re certainly living up to that today. Here comes the pitch, the batter, he’ll take
that one as it goes against the backstop. Looking for the next pitch as the sun sneaks
back out from behind the clouds, and he watches that one go by as well. Don’t know if you’re aware, but Belleville,
Illinois, where the Stags reign from, Illinois, being the home state of the prominent politician
Abraham Lincoln. Very important figure here today in politics,
reigning from just one state over. Indeed, as the ball goes foul here. The score’s still 9 to 4 Belleville, as they
bat in the top of the 4th inning. Hit hard and high, and bounces off the hands
of the fielder for St. Charles. And that gets the out at 2nd base as the runner
did not advance in time. So that’ll be 1 out against Belleville. 1 hand out. Beans is now batting for Belleville, takes
the pitch. The next pitch, hit hard towards our area
of the field here, and a foul ball. Hit near the rooters. Rooters all over the field today, everybody’s
loving the baseball match. Pitch, hit hard again, almost to the same
spot, and a foul ball. Beans is really pulling that ball down the
third baseline today. He’s getting a good handle on it but always
just a bit foul. Beans is a veteran player on Belleville, but
he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Plays just as well as anyone on the team. Indeed, he does standing at the plate at a
young 70 years old. Absolutely. I think we’d both be quite so lucky to reach
that time. I agree with that. Beans takes the pitch, here’s the next from
the hurler, hits the apple down the first base line, and the outfielder gets it on the
bounce. That’ll put 2 hands out with a runner on 2nd. Higgins takes the plate, up to the plate,
rather for Belleville, as the St. Charles hurler gets ready to throw the apple. Here it is, drilled down the third baseline,
and what an amazing play by the St. Charles outfielder, diving for the ball! Outstanding play, and outstanding defense
by St. Charles in that inning. As we go to the bottom of the 4th inning,
Belleville is leading 9 to 4. Great inning there from St. Charles to keep
the score just as it was. See they’re picking up steam here as we continue
to go along. Figuring out this team from Belleville. Absolutely. And making a good showing here. Absolutely, let’s see if they can put some
more runs on the board here in the bottom of the 4th, and cut that difference down from
5 runs. Umpires explaining the rules to the rooters
in the crowd, still some confusion here as baseball is a very new game. I personally don’t even know all the rules. Indeed, a hard game to follow as the umpire
was explaining, the rules are changed every year here since 19, oh, excuse me, 1858. Ah, thinking about the future there, Mr. Phillips? I am. Roundball to the infielder, fielded cleanly
by the shortstop, thrown, overthrown at first base, and he is safe, runner on first for
the St. Charles Explorers. Next batter for St. Charles, hits it high
into the outfield, and bobbled, hits him off the kneecap, I believe, and the runner is
out at 2nd base. That’ll be 1 hand out for St. Charles. Right here in the bottom in the 4th. Spectators continue to gather here, as people
walk by and want to see what is going on here in the park, as he hits the ball hard, and
makes the out off the bounce. And he is going to tag the runner out, as
he was caught in between 1st and 2nd. That’ll end the 4th inning, Belleville 9 aces,
St. Charles 4. Belleville will come to bat here in the top
of the 4th. A good showing there from Belleville, as we
just saw St. Charles held Belleville to no runs, Belleville does the same to keep the
score just as it was. Yes, that might’ve been the first inning all
game with no runs scored. It’s been a very high offense game so far,
well that’s what the rooters like to see. I’m told the players for the Belleville Stags
have a very strong bond, they’ve been playing since last season. Some knew each other before, some did not,
but they’ve all become very close friends, I’m told. Indeed, hit hard, and past a couple fielders
there. Fielded cleanly, and they have a runner at
1st base for Belleville. With the pitch, and he watches it go by. I’m told when he’s not hurling for St. Charles,
the hurler for St. Charles. Hit high and foul. Makes his living at the Katy Depot, working
with the train cars. Quite a good profession. Ah, yes. One with lots of potential. Absolutely. Trains, boats, and horses, no other ways to
get around in this era, but what else do you need. That foul ball down the third baseline, plenty
of those today. Here comes the next pitch. Taken by Belleville. Waiting on the pitch here, hits it hard across
the ground, stopped and. Oh, wonderful play by St. Charles to get the
runner out at 2nd base. Had to dive forward, took 2 bounces, but he
made sure he got it out of his hands in plenty of time to 2nd base to get the lead runner. That’ll be 1 hand out for Belleville, as the
next batter approaches the plate. Another example of exemplary defense by St.
Charles. As the batter takes the next apple. Hit high, into the air towards the tree line,
off the bounce, and makes the out. St. Charles makes the out there, but the Stags
keep a player at 2nd base. St. Charles looking to escape this half of
the inning without any runs against them as well. Yes, partially thanks to a wonderful play
by the St. Charles fielder. Hit hard, out towards the river. Another foul ball down the third base line. Boy, I’d say they’ve lost about 10 balls in
the river already. At least. And the batter’s making some fun back-and-back
with the rooters, always fun to include the spectators in the game. Ball’s hit in between the fielders, and that
might plate another one for Belleville Stags. Indeed it will, as the Belleville Stags player
comes home easily. That’s 10 aces for Belleville, 4 St. Charles. Boy, he hit that right where there weren’t
no fielders. Indeed he did, as the Belleville Stags ring
the bell again for the 10th time today. Yes indeed, here’s the pitch, taken by Belleville. I’ve seen some of the players keep handkerchiefs
in their back pockets, I wonder if those could be of assistance here in the baseball match. Indeed, a good catch there. Catcher throws it back to the hurler. I’m sure St. Charles would love to get right
back up to bat. Ball is hit hard to the outfield, and he cannot
make the catch on the 2nd out. Really well thrown ball, all the way in. Yes, almost a great play, it was almost bounced
and almost caught, it seems to have taken a weird bounce out there in the outfield. Now Belleville’s got runners on the corners,
2 hands out, and up to plate is the next batter, a lefthander, probably be more difficult for
him to hit one into the river. Indeed, that would be quite the feat, as he
watches the ball go by. One of the Stags is giving a lesson in baseball
to one of the young rooters. And, tipped foul there by the batter. Making contact, he seemed to want to hit that
one hard, as he moved ahead on, as he took a swing, took a step forward. Connects on that one, that’ll go deep into
the outfield, that’ll plate another for Belleville, and he’s gonna cross third and try to score. Ball’s coming home , and he’ll go all the
way to third. That’ll bring the score 12 4 Belleville. Fine display of hitting here by the Belleville
Stags. Indeed, slow start to the inning, but they’ve
come back with a few good hits. Indeed, they have. Spectators continue to gather here. People continue to enjoy this beautiful day
here in the park, hard hit ball. Hit down the third baseline by a batter using,
choking up on the bat, and he knows how to hit them hard. That’s now 13 runs, apologize, 13 aces for
Belleville, 4 for St. Charles, here comes Beans for Belleville. Beans had a couple of hard hit balls down
the third baseline last time he was up, we’ll se if he can keep them fair this time, as
he takes the first pitch. Today’s game is brought to you by Lindenwood
College, the finest women’s college west of the Mississippi River, right here in St. Charles,
Missouri. Hit hard, and. Makes the out, fine defensive play for the
St. Charles Explorers to end the inning. The score is now 13 aces Belleville, 4 for
St. Charles as St. Charles come to bat here in the bottom of the 5th. Now, St. Charles steps up to the plate, and
they want to make a statement. It’ll take the comeback here for the hometown
boys to bring it on home. Indeed, the captain is looking to get things
started for his team. Hits hit hard across the ground. He might make it safe to first and he will. And that’s why you’ve always gotta run it
out. That’ll be an error for Belleville, as St.
Charles takes first base, runner on first base, no hands out for the Explorers. Hit high. Hit towards the third, and he makes the out. One hand out for St. Charles. Here comes the next St. Charles Explorers
batter, hits it towards the shortstop, it’ll go past him into the outfield, and that’ll
put runners at 1st and 2nd for your St. Charles Explorers. Wind continues to pick up here. Yes, the wind is blowing right towards the
press box, but the ball isn’t and that’s hit into the outfield, and not caught on the bounce,
and the runner comes into 2nd base, and the bases are loaded for the St. Charles Explorers
with 1 hand out. Now this is an opportunity for them to do
some real damage. Indeed, it is a good opportunity here, hopefully
they can take advantage, bring a few men in to ring the bell. Here comes the lefty to the plate, swings
and hits it hard but right to the shortstop, but he can’t seem to find the ball and he
throws to third base, gets the out there but a run will score, and that means St. Charles
gets to ring the bell. Whoa. And the score is now, Oil Can takes the plate,
the score is 13 5 Belleville, hits it hard into the outfield towards some spectators,
and it’s going far, and they keep rounding the bases! One run will score! That’s another ace scored for St. Charles
on the double by Oil Can. The score is now 13 6 Belleville, but St.
Charles is making an impression this inning, only one hand out with runners on 2nd and
3rd, and 2 runs scored already. It appears that ball might’ve gone into the
river. Nope, seems like they found it. Got a little bit of mud on it though, as third
baseman clean it off, throws it back into the Belleville hurler. Definitely want to make sure the apple is
clean. St. Charles batter takes the pitch, ball comes
back to the hurler. Runner on third base looks ready. Hit hard on the ground, past the third baseman
and that’ll score another ace for the St. Charles Explorers! Score is now 13 aces Belleville, 7 for St.
Charles. Runners on the corners and 1 hand out. St. Charles is showing no signs of slowing
down on the offensive side. They want to win this game for the hometown
fans. Agreed, they’ve made a nice chip in that lead
here, in this inning. Absolutely. They continue to try to make opportunities
to bring an ace around and ring the bell. The Explorer waiting for his pitch here. Ball hit on the ground towards the third baseman,
throws it, that’s a little bit wide, and he’ll be safe at first. Another ace scores for St. Charles! And, runners at 1st and 2nd, 1 hand out, score
is 13 8 Belleville. I apologize, 2 hands out. Scooter at the plate. Another ball low there for the batter. He’s able to get a piece of that one. That’ll end the inning. It will. A good showing there in that inning by the
St. Charles Explorers, able to get a view runs back there. Absolutely. Score is now 13 aces Belleville, 8 aces St.
Charles. They made quite the impression that inning,
now they just have to hold them here in the top of the 6th. Umpire announces the score to the rooters,
as we get set here in the top of the 6th inning. Fun fact about St. Charles, right here in
Frontier Park, historical figures Lewis and Clark traveled through here on their expedition
with their Newfoundland dog. Historic site, no doubt. Yes, almost 60 years ago. Indeed. As we start to explore this great country,
knocked down there by the third baseman, a very good play. And they get the out at first. Well played by the St. Charles third baseman
on that hard hit ball, not to let them get it back. Belleville batter is having some fun with
the rooters. Can’t decide what bat to use, hands that one
off to the other player. One hand out here for St. Charles, as they
see if they can make it through this inning without any aces. Hit hard though, towards the outfield, and
over the head. There’s a double for the Belleville Stags,
with one hand out. A lot of pull hitters today, hitting it hard
down the third baseline, towards the river. Certainly hope that doesn’t distract from
any of the trade happening down there. Next batter for Belleville, here comes the
pitch from the hurler, fielded cleanly by the catcher. Pitchfork is the batter, takes that one, the
sun appears to be peaking out here a little bit in Frontier Park. Yes it does, as we’ve just crossed the 5 o’clock
hour here in the late afternoon. The weather has stayed very nice, very good
day of baseball. Absolutely. Swings hard, hit to the outfielder, and Belleville
will plate another on that single. That’ll bring the score to 14 aces Belleville,
8 for St. Charles. Here comes the pitch from the hurler. Certainly nice for all of these players after
a hard day in the corn field as farmers to come play a match of baseball. It is a nice way to pass the time after a
hard day of labor. Hit hard. Hit hard in the outfield towards a rooter,
and the runners will stop at 2nd and 3rd. Still 1 hand out for Belleville. Got runners on 2nd and 3rd. Here comes the pitch from hurler, foul tipped. Spectator grabs the ball there near the train
tracks, throws it back in to the players. Awfully nice, no trains appear to be running
today during this baseball match. Another pitch taken by the Belleville batter. Wait again here on the pitch, hit hard towards
the outfield and caught, very nice catch, runner on third will score an ace, and the
next Belleville runner will advance to third base, as Belleville rings the bell once again. That’s right, and that brings the score to
15 aces Belleville, 8 for St. Charles. Outstanding defensive positioning there for
St. Charles, he knew right where he was gonna hit it and and he was there to catch it. Ball hit into the outfield and that’ll plate
another for Belleville, as the runner, or the batter, will reach first base. Score is now 16 aces Belleville, 8 for St.
Charles. Quite the display of offense by both teams
here today in Frontier Park. Has been, seems just as St. Charles, as that
ball is hit down the line and fair, the Belleville runner will hold at 2nd. Runners on 1st and 2nd for the Stags. Here comes the pitch from hurler. Batter hits it hard into the outfield and
caught on the bounce! Good play from St. Charles, that’s the end
of the top half of the 6th inning. We go to the bottom half of the 6th, the score,
16 aces Belleville, 8 for St. Charles, Explorers coming up to bat. And here we are in the bottom of the 6th inning,
St. Charles Explorer takes the first pitch, here’s the next from the Belleville hurler. Swung, hit down the third baseline, and we’ll
call that a double for St. Charles Explorers! Another ball hit towards the river. St. Charles was discovered along the river
by fur trader Louis Blanchette. The prominence of the Missouri River is unmistakable,
right here in St. Charles. Much similar to its nearby city of St. Louis,
but with the Mississippi. As the batter hits a groundball to first,
fielded cleanly on the ground by Belleville, he’ll tag him out, tag the base for the out,
as the St. Charles runner advances to third. St. Charles would like to get a few aces here,
as we are nearing the end of this timed match. Indeed we are. St. Charles would definitely like to pull
out the W for the home crowd. Ball taken by St. Charles batter, thrown back
to the hurler by the Belleville catcher. Hit hard past the infielders, that’ll plate
a run, or an ace, rather, for the St. Charles Explorers! The score is now 16 aces Belleville, 9 for
St. Charles. Right there, the St. Charles Explorer batter
makes it to 2nd base on a bad throw back to the hurler, putting himself in a better position
to come around and score an ace. Indeed, nice piece, bit of base running, that
ball is hit back to the pitcher, runner stays at 2nd base, but now he advances to 3rd, another
fine piece of base running on the out made by the batter. That’ll put the runner at 3rd base. I believe 66 feet from home. One hand out for St. Charles as the left approaches
the plate, here’s the pitch, swung on and fouled back by the left-hander. Pitch taken. Ball hit hard, and he’s tagging up from third,
and it takes a weird bounce, that’ll plate a run on the sacrifice fly for St. Charles,
as the other runner advances to 2nd. The score is now 16 aces Belleville, 10 St.
Charles. Oil Can swings hard and high, and Belleville. Makes the catch, that’s 3 hands out, ending
the 6th inning. The score is 16 aces Belleville, 10 for St.
Charles. Again, St. Charles plating a couple of aces
here, but not enough to bring the score that much closer. Alright, this is the 7th inning, this will
be the final inning of this baseball match. St. Charles will have to put on quite the
display of offense in the bottom of the 7th to make a comeback, but they’ve done it before. Apologies, I had the score wrong earlier,
the score is actually 16 aces Belleville, and 9 for the St. Charles Explorers. They’ll need to score 8 runs in the bottom
half of their inning to come ahead with the W. Just heard here from the umpire because
of time, this is our last inning here, so St. Charles has one more chance here to bring
the score closer. Indeed. They’ve done so earlier in the season against
the team from Florissant, Missouri, I believe they can do so here as well. This will be the last game of the day here
in Frontier Park, there’s been a number of games played, all the rooters have enjoyed
it. As the Belleville batter hits it towards the
third baseman, caught for the out. And out. That’ll be one hand out for Belleville. So next batter comes to the plate, and here’s
the pitch from the St. Charles hurler. Here’s the next pitch, taken. Another groundball hit towards the outfielder,
fielded cleanly, he’ll be in at first base with a single for Belleville. Now St. Charles just has to hope for the double
play ball. One hand out. Rooster up to bat here for Belleville. Yes, Rooster, a farmer known to have many
roosters on his farm. Ball hit high in the air towards the third
baseman again, and he makes the out. Third baseman has been quite busy this inning
for the St. Charles Explorers, making both outs and having another ball hit towards him
in the outfield. That’ll be 2 hands out, Pitchfork comes to
the plate for the Belleville Stags, here’s the pitch from the Explorers, takes a pitch. St. Charles could end this half of the inning
right here and look to make up some aces. Absolutely. As the ball is hit hard towards the outfield,
and hit an obstruction there on the field. Yes, well, must play it from which it lies,
as they say, that’ll put runners on 1st and 2nd for Belleville. No interference there. To his advantage, the player could climb the
tree to catch the ball if he really wanted to. I’d imagine it’d be quite difficult, and I
would not recommend it. Pitcher comes back to the hurler, apologize,
the apple comes back to the hurler. He’s reading his signs from the catcher, and
here’s the next pitch, taken for the Belleville batter. 2 hands out, runners on 1st and 2nd. Score remains 16 aces Belleville, 9 for St.
Charles, here’s the pitch, another pitch taken. Here comes the apple down the plate. Low again, it’s going to have to get it up
there to get the batter to swing, as he does, over our heads here, hit right towards the
river. Hit right down the third baseline, but foul. Plenty of those today. Imagine many river workers will be digging
baseballs out of the river for weeks to come. They have a new apple, thrown to the hurler,
as he looks to get this final batter out, give St. Charles their last chance at a victory
in the bottom half of the 7th inning, as Belleville bats now. Hit again, and out of the tree, hit almost
to the same exact place as the last one. Ball’s thrown back into the tree, trees have
been making quite a name for themselves in this match. Seen some new fans, I apologize, new rooters
are being made at the baseball match here today as people walking by are stopping to
watch. As that ball goes past the backstop, clean
new apple thrown back to the hurler by the catcher, as one of the Stags goes to retrieve
the apple, another ball taken. And here’s the pitch from the hurler, another
pitch taken, kind of low, as the batter waits on, here comes the apple. Low again. Seems a colony of insects has claimed our
press box as their home. Here’s the pitch, taken again, this batter
is well renowned for his good eye. Swings at a high one there, sends it right
down the middle of the field. They call it a seeing eye single, hit ’em
where they ain’t, that’s what they say. Bases are now loaded for Belleville with 2
hands out. Score is still 16 aces Belleville, 9 for St.
Charles. Next batter up for the Stags, right-hander. You know St. Charles would like to get out
of this to half of the inning clean. Hit hard and far. And that ball seems to have hit the outfielder. And. 3 runs will, 3 aces will score for Belleville. Not the inning that St. Charles was looking
for. It is not. The bell gets to ring 3 times. The score is 19 aces Belleville, 9 for St.
Charles, now a deficit of 10 aces for St. Charles, as they’ll have their chance in the
bottom half of this inning. Ball hit foul down the first baseline, onto
the train tracks. Beautiful weather, lush green grass out here
in Frontier Park in St. Charles, Missouri. Good weather, had lots of rain the last couple
of weeks, but it seems the field has dried enough for the baseball matches to occur,
thankfully. Another foul ball down the first baseline. Hit into a baby carriage, it appears. Handed off by the excited rooter to the outfielder,
as it’s thrown back in. The apple comes back to the hurler. Some friendly banter going on between the
players. And here’s the pitch by the hurler, batter
hits it and just barely missed by the 2nd baseman on the bounce as it goes into the
outfield. Waits for the pitch, seems the hurler for
St. Charles is starting to weary here, see the fatigue start to set in. It appears so. 7 innings, that’s a long time to be a hurler. Played quite a number of games today. That ball is smacked into the outfield. Going towards 2nd base, and the out, that’ll
make the 3rd out. The end of the top half of the 7th inning,
as St. Charles will come to the plate, I believe the score to be 19 aces Belleville, 9 for
St. Charles, as they hope to erase the deficit here in their last chance, the bottom half
of the 7th inning. What a splendid baseball match here today. Couldn’t have asked for better weather. Rooters are enjoying themselves. Even if St. Charles doesn’t come out with
the win, we all had fun. It has been a fun game, we’ve seen quite a
few number of bases here. Indeed, a high offense game, for sure. As we finish out the game here with the St.
Charles Explorers up to bat. Taken by the first Explorer to the plate. Final at-bats of the game, of the match. Hit to the 2nd baseman in the air, caught
by the Belleville Stags 2nd bagger. That’s one out for St. Charles. Foul ball towards the press box, exciting
moment there for here, us journalists here at the game today. We’ve had a couple come our way. Indeed. Hit down the third baseline, oh, a diving
attempt on the bounce, that’ll be a double by the St. Charles Explorer. A valiant attempt by the Belleville leftfielder,
but it just quite couldn’t come up with it. Retrieves the apple, from near the river. Scooter steps to the plate, seemed to tip
his hat there, not sure if he was calling his shot, or just adjusting his hat. Takes the first pitch, and here’s the next,
hit hard, into the outfield, that’ll get the runner to 3rd base, runners at the corners
for the St. Charles Explorers, as they threaten again, they are not going down without a fight. One hand out, here’s the next batter, hit
into the outfield, and caught on the bounce by Belleville, but bobbled by the 2nd baseman,
runners at 2nd and a ace will score for St. Charles! It’ll put St. Charles at 10 aces, 2 hands
out, 19 aces for Belleville. Score of 19 to 10 for away team. 2 hands out, this could be the last batter
of the game for St. Charles, he takes the pitch. Still waiting for a good one to hit, sends
that one deep to the outfield, and hits the tree again, as the runner for St. Charles
will score an ace. That’ll bring the score to 19 aces Belleville,
11 for St. Charles. 2 hands out, this could be a comeback for
the ages, they can pull this off. Ball’s hit, towards the shortstop and 2 baseman,
but goes between the 2 of them into the outfield! That’ll put runners on 1st and 2nd for the
Explorers. They are making things interesting here in
the bottom of the 7th inning. Some confusion about the batting order. And now the St. Charles hurler will come to
the plate. 2 hands out for St. Charles, apple is thrown
towards the backstop, and the pitch, ball is taken. Ball is hit up the middle, to the outfield,
errant throw to 2nd, that’ll load the bases for St. Charles! St. Charles giving themselves an opportunity
here to make the game interesting. Absolutely. Looking to make a comeback. First pitch taken by the lefty for the Explorers. And with 2 out, 2 hands down, the runners
will run no matter what, left hits the pitch towards the shortstop, 2nd base gets it and
tags out the runner, and that is the end of the match. Final score for the game is 19 aces for the
Belleville Stags, and 11 aces for the St. Charles Explorers. Aaron, what do you make of the game we just
saw? It’s quite a game from Belleville, we saw
some good flashes there from St. Charles, as they continue their inaugural season here,
and learn this new game of baseball. Be fun to watch them the rest of the year
and see what strides they can make. Absolutely, a fun game all around, strong
efforts by both teams, strong defense from St. Charles especially I would say, and good
offense from both teams, but just a little bit better offense from Belleville as they
pull out the win. We’d like to thank you all for joining us
here today in beautiful Frontier Park in St. Charles, Missouri. This is the network for the St. Charles Explorers,
as they take on the Belleville Stags. Thank you for joining us, and we will see
you next time.

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