Seychelles Catamaran Sailing – La Digue, Felicite, Anse La Farine, Praslin ep. 2

It has been our longtime dream to live
on a sailboat and have the wind drive us to explore new places.
A few months before this trip I registered for a training course and obtained a bare boat skipper
license. A dream came true! We can now legally sail a boat throughout
the world to create our own adventure. In the previous episode, we arrived in the
Seychelles on Mahe Island, boarded the catamaran and enjoyed our first night
and morning in the St. Anne Marine Park. Today we will do the 5 hour crossing
from Mahe to La Digue. Explore the marine life there in crystal-clear waters and
then continue on to Felicite to then anchor the night between Praslin and
Île Ronde. The crossing from St Anne Marine Park to La Digue was 25 nautical miles and took us about five hours. okay So we just left the St. Anne Marine Park. Now sailing towards Praslin and La Digue. And because we’re sailing quite close hauled, we’re going to be heading towards La Digue. And probably stay there for the night, we’ll just have to choose a spot. And there’s unexpected wind, we have up to 17 knots actually. Going almost directly into wind so making no more than 6 knots boat speed, but it’s good! Amazing sailing already. On the first day… with the sail out!! He said he just got a fish.. But who knows, it could be something else too!! No salad right?? Farhat?? What if you just caught some grass or something?? Might be!
– I’m taking a video! Ok! You can delete the video ha!
– No no I’ll shame you with it!! See if you can have noodles with salad… or have fish for lunch!! – Yea!! Yea, it turned out to be salad! And moments later, we were unlucky again! Whoops…. escaped!! Huh? Or it was seaweed! Maybe. Maybe it was a fish.. and now it’s not… it’s gone.. So we are passing Anse Source D’ Argent, apparently. It’s amazing… it’s gorgeous! Now he’s taking in the sails. So tell me again the name of this place? Petite Anse La Digue. Petite Anse La Digue yes.
Nice one, thank you! Looks good! Ok here we go!! A fish!!! You saw a fish?? Wowww!!!! Just need to rub my eye… Whenever we did our dishes, these batfish
appeared very quickly. They seemed always very happy to see us! After lots of snorkeling, the kids really
enjoyed playing a bit of double. And it was really relaxing sitting dry on deck, watching this rain shower pass by. Your reporter is here…. Yep.. So what’s cooking? What’s cooking? Chicken? Yes breaded chicken. Oh breaded even, look at that. Nice!! That’s awesome. Ok! Good luck!
okay I’m excited. Should be fine… we’ll survive… Well.. probably more than that!! We just arrived in eh.. La Digue, on the
south shore. There’s two beaches here and this is the
petite. We haven’t been to the beach yet, because we came a bit later yesterday. We’ll go the the beach in the morning, see how it goes with the waves. We had a lot of rain overnight as well, but it ‘s cleared up now, so that’s awesome. It was a little rolly, so some people slept.. and some others got a bit sick. But we’re ready for another day. The water is unbelievable blue here, it’s amazing. What do you think, will it work to get to the beach? Yeah!!
Yes we’re not scared of the waves right? It’s really beautiful right? – Yes! At the beach unfortunately our batteries turned out to be empty.. After having explored the south of La
Digue, we sailed on to Felicite, and then on to Praslin, where we anchored near
Île Ronde, Anse La Farine. We stopped at La Digue for a bit, and now moved on to Felicite. We’re just sailing past the coast, well motoring really, there’s not much wind. And it does look beautiful! Comfy? Beautiful right? And then it was time for a bit more fishing action! Lost it? Ayayay! At least you still have some good scenery with it.. No no it’s here!! It’s here, a big one, I can see it!! Yea it’s a big one!! Yea the thing is, this kind of big fish we have is very dangerous!! Dealing with the fish, you need to be a little bit far, because it can take you anywhere.. Let’s keep the knife ready, you have a knife no? This is Jobfish, it’s very nice ha!! Can you just fry it?? Haa whallaa you can just fry it.. yeah We’re just following the coastline of Felicite here.. Nice, maybe we can anchor somewhere.. And here we made it to Felicite, to
like a private beach, owned by a resort. The Sixth Sense Resort. And yea it’s good, they are letting us on the beach which is very nice of them. It’s nice but a little rocky of course
but it’s good, some nice snorkelling. So for sure the family is enjoying! I was hoping to kite as well, but there’s like 5 knots of wind so… I’ll need a couple more.. Maybe at the next island! There’s a crab!! – Wow really? Ooohh! Smile for the camera!! After enjoying the afternoon at Félécité
it was time to point the catamaran to Praslin, to anchor for the night. oh yeah So let’s just repeat that for the video.. We are planning to anchor in Anse La Farine. Next to Praslin, and in between Round Island (Île Ronde). Next to those catamarans in the distance. Focused? – Yep, trying! Good morning again… Just woke up… We are anchored between Praslin and Ile Ronde.. And waiting for the sun to come up, enjoying the sunrise in silence.. And that was part two of our Seychelles
Catamaran sailing adventure. Write us a comment to say hi! Give us a like, and be sure to subscribe for more! In the next episode we visit one tree island, and find what might.. ..the most beautiful beach in the world!

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  1. Your hat is definitely to small Reinier😁 beautiful spot indeed, next time don't forget your wing and a rope 😉

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