shahid afridi 5 wickets vs Sri Lanka Sharjah must watch

delightful shot, technically if he’s not fit it will be a substantial blow pakistan chances there you see him, just trying to slide and his knee got stuck in the mud he’s lucky he didn’t just make it into
two pieces fell with the impact if he walks it will be a good sign but i
think uh… the time being will be outside the ring and that’s cleaned him up, beautifully bowled by shahid afrdi, GREAT COMEBACK! we have seen him cleaning up batsmen with the googly ???? with the leg break, is this too late or is there a twist in the tale because.. it was an excellent delivery, hit in the middle stump, little loose on the occasion Sangakara probably that last boundary, made him play that shot finger up fair enough Get on with it that might be the problem later on Run a ball on this pitch….. tough job…….That’s hit him right in front that’s just not what sri lanka needed, Jeevan Mendis Jeevan Mendis, just the two runs to him, it’s 161 for 6 he should not stay-,.. just look for singles ohh is that it, there’s the salute, it that man again, shahid afirdi and this could be game over, the seventh one goes down, and the crowd just simply errupts here in sharjah, the man the wanted, Maheela Jayawardene, is now gone for 55 caught by Hafeez off Afridi 55, it’s 168 for 7 and a bit of a flight yes, and this is it again he takes a bow, and there’s that characteristic salute, thought for a moment it might be a bad ball but Prasanna is walking off certainly the pakistan team have engulfed Shahid Afridi Sri lanka, 168 for 8 ….pretty ease, gone big, this is gone to the moon, who wants it, gone and it’s all over and as Shahid Afridi takes a bow Umar Akmal takes the catch and if there ever going to make a statue of afridi in karachi, that would be it ???? and taking it all in what a great performance a great all round proformance from Shahid Afridi 75 to go with his 5 wicket bag 5 for 35 in 9.2 overs this is why this crowd goes nuts they simply love Shahid Afridi this man afridi got five for 35 and he bowled well, he batted well, and pakistan cruising they did really well, and the crowd came into the grounds which we have not seen earlier on ?????? variation

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