Shahid Afridi 76 Runs & 7 Wickets Wickets VS Westindies In 1st ODI 14th July 2013 | BOOM BOOM Shots

there he goes
that is typical that is shy Afridi that’s boom-boom under it on a straight
hit alpha bola realtor space really well dispatched make sure will this be taken it’s gone
it’s done the distance are 3d good shot good knitting that’s the
second six even a missing offer freebies back goes over the line such a strong
powerful hitter picked up the slow one and it went over long gone like the finish the flourish from a
freedom there he goes lot of bottom hat involved don’t over poink more runs for our Feeny
it’s gone across hits note for a for so the attackers on of Lydia’s look pretty
solid pretty determined using his ability to good effective six followed
by a slash of a point to the fence one of the things that you’ve got to do
against them is try to take away that left leg coming down the track and
climbing into full pitch deliveries you’ll get the ball up there
occasionally but you’ve got to set it up you look at his scoring shots so far
four and two sixes all off the front for the loves to get onto that front foot it’s a good one because Afridi had
played the ball over towards the Lakeside so he must have been blinded
for a little while but nevertheless a very good try seventy three four five the verdict fake shot bakes Riga 3d has
gone flat and six great blow this is good badging he’s living the ball
straight and smack in the middle of his match surprise the ride here because he
had quick feet very few batsmen are able to use if he
can arrive because it’s flat and on a good length that was a very good shot quickly into the 30s them look very
simple hair off really long off has not been posted those back cuts good shot good pick it
from Afridi Mehran push to go flat is paying the price for it 50
partnership has raised 50 from forty-five balls Mizpah with a strike
rate of 27 Afridi with a strike rate of almost 700 it’s a batsman too much time that one is
hit away and don’t think Milan someone’s going to
catch that mask on before 30 overs have been bored is 107 5 shada freely plays his natural game
which is exactly that but his natural game is almost the unnatural shot look
at that not even looking at the ball turning the face away in case he did
himself some damage never know what next to expect from this
one that’s gonna take him 250 over the top just 35 bosses come in and these change
the complexion of the Pakistan innings added that momentum that Umar Akmal who
came before him was on wit was unable to supply that could very well boil de we just
stopped inside they pick up three nevertheless so hints mismos approach Afridi is
getting into strike in the strayed rather and that was his fifty sweetly
struck over cover this is short and get to treatment 6iv
you to the wind as well his fresh breeze blowing across the ground from east to
west and he took his chances on the even bother to work out where he was going
into the window with the wind it’s got such power sealing into the distance he went so far outside off stump while
I’d must have thought that the stomps followed him well I was wondering what he was
bellowing about because such a huge stride across you can see do all three
scums behind him big hit bringing up the hundred
partnership and is the best six we could partnership act of Providence and what
are we to achieve that they have a block on counter block
between the tool and the god enjoying it I love to see the exchanges was he a
better personality at this they’re both pretty similar slap over extra cover in the end
virtually the one hand on the back and somehow it’s done
screaming down to the extra cup of boundary looking forward to short of the
the ropes extraordinary shot by shiz everything and when you have no one
sleeping on the off side you cannot afford to give any batsmen with this
type of room the three deep fielders allowed all leg side so that was a poor
delivery know who’s going to get under that
Darwin some it is takes a catch so China pretties Michael innings ended
with that style living by the sword and Diane by that’s the way he goes but it’s
been a very very important things from Shahid Afridi an excellent one as well
he’s signor fit as well from pelada little cutter and the field is set for
this type of trouble miss him Sammy one of free deep feelers on the lakeside
takes a street block that has been a good hand from Afridi 76 to him one six
seven percent big appeal big appeal her empire is
called upon Pakistanis seemed very very confident spun away Simmons looked as if
he lost his balance let’s see if he did wrong with the delivery let’s see what
happens at the other end forward is some part of that talk well the decision is soon to come
anxious look from Randall Simmons and the red light goes on gives him out on
the replay Nigel arm reckons that already going
nowhere and spin I’ll beg before quest all my ladies
sites with his three hundred and fiftieth one day international wicked and when bobble who’s had a rough time
with both pattern ball of late is our firstborn
it’s an Afridi special as well it’s it’s quicker and it just slides straight on
to Dwayne Bravo and we saw the previous one that went past the elf’s idea to
blend those Simmons it’s 2 & 2 for free these very good day so far runs and
wickets nor runs for Bravo 41 for five it’s in the air and shred him so Parag
hits it straight down too long off and his horror run continues Muhammad Ria’s
just waiting for the ball to come to him where it is it’s just a matter of time he was
itching to get going to try to hit his way out of the slump that he’s been in
but it’s gonna be very difficult against a freely given the way that he’s been
boiling he’s been excellent in everything he’s done today a free wall
art goes for 350 for 6/5 over give it maybe Thor onto the become the
pad on to the bat on fire I had a good look not only Kapoor Shahid Afridi holding
mayhem here Western is now 51 for seven oh yeah oh yeah pollen samples looked around after the
decision was given but it’s strictly at first on to bat and it looked pretty
adjacent to that’s another quicker one from a pretty 25 to Samuel s as well 51% gone that’s his fifth shied off 3d five
or six magnificent figures and what a grand comeback brilliance with the bat
and now showing his talent with the ball this is awesome stuff from a breathing Plus this one up on the stops got watch
the try an under-eye vein is it’s it straight back to the boiler and Afridi
has five broad scores for one and the West Indies ultimate now it simple
absolutely simple so that’s a certificate his career-best
smiles all of our 3d space well a simple way to get out for the
Ryan or the played pretty well easy as you please
six wickets for shahid afridi it’s almost too easy or relaxing for a
bit so Narayan capitalized but now he’s gone for 1498 for nine additional
circumstances and that’s the end of it seven minutes
for birdie just on the backfoot had no clue about
it the ball coming in to him man afraid he gets seven wickets to follow his
unbeaten correction his 76 which helps Pakistan to recover from their early
problems against the West Indies and now backing that up with a seven wicket haul second best figures for him in what the
original question about that much too late on the shot on the back foot
engulfed by jubilant Pakistani teammates shy afraid either come back in water
match his hand face no the second up in succession
all right

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