Shaid Afridi Match Winning 84 Runs Highlights |2019|

something about a leg stump you can whip
away like that strike that down 75 I like what I see so close Freddie damn wind big forward stride lucky he went late
side of the ball he was trying to go mid off and he just got enough of it to put
it on top of the roof he went the wide y’all got set deepen the crease that’s
what he does so well nice try why I guess she still can hit it
swinging winch over this top the frontage there’s no
where it’s gone one of the best exponents of trying to
get the York or the full delivery away and try the free T there it’s just
showing one of the shots that AV Davinia’s has brought into the game of
t20 cricket and he did it a lot against the West Indies but he’ll take it at this stage of the
game runs are so important helps it along but the field is set he’s
inside who’s that unable unable to rein it in it goes straight through well here 3d cities rolling back the
years but he’s also showing a little bit of innovation as well just a flick of
the wrists and is up in the circle they get it over his head the outfield does
the rest frustration shooting from Benghazi this
goes away football he picks up a handsome to get to the 80s

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