Shane Watson to Steve Smith: Josh Gavan is cricket bat fixer to the stars | ABC News

My name’s Josh Gavan. I’m a cricket bat maker. I also do bat repairs. I work with a lot of professional players I work with a lot of customers to get the correct specifications on their cricket bats. Customising a bat takes about an hour, an hour and a half. We don’t make them quite from scratch – so we don’t start with just the piece of wood. Basically we have unfinished clefts which are pre-pressed and handled, which allows the customer to come in and actually have it made. We start with the handle and we can make that nice and thick or thin or oval or round, depending on how the person likes to feel their bat. An oval handle will stop the bat twisting in your hands. Then we move on to shaping the blade and we can go concave or full shape, depending on what the person wants. With modern bats, obviously we make them very big. So there’s now limits on how big the bats can be. You can only have them up to 40mm edges and 67mm spine. But that’s still a lot bigger than a bat say 20 or 30 years ago. From there we go on to sanding and that’s a big process. So we work through the grits of sandpaper and then put on the buffer and make it really shiny. From there, we put on the binding on the handle. Make sure that the handle’s in one piece and it’s nice and strong. And then we go ahead and put on a grip and stickers. Everyone needs something a little bit different, whether it be weight, shape, sort of balance, different feels of the handle. So the benefit of what I can do is to actually make it exactly how that person wants it. It’s very enjoyable work.

7 thoughts on “Shane Watson to Steve Smith: Josh Gavan is cricket bat fixer to the stars | ABC News

  1. …………….I reckon ??? cricket is for lOSERS and NOTHING about it gets me excited BUT I'm told there are LOSERS in the World and I MUST make allowances for them………….So to ALL losers hI AND i am SORRY to hear of your affliction…………..

  2. Why doesn't the ABC report about the collusion going on amongst the big Silicon Valley Tech companies? These guys are censoring conservative speach and taking out competition such as Gab. This surely is a massive story that needs telling but it's not being reported anywhere? Why is this? Because the ABC is part of the censorship that's why. All I hear is crickets.

  3. About half as many people watch television as they used to. 1.2 Billion a year is still wasted on the ABC. The de-funding will save us Billions.

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