Share your landing location with Paragliding Pilot Retrieve and what3words – what3words tutorials

hi everyone, and welcome in this tutorial
I’m going to show you how to use what three words in paragliding pilot retrieve This app is available on Android and it is a useful app for paragliding pilots if you land in an unanticipated location and have to inform your retrieve team
your whereabouts and status after landing you can use this app. For this to work you have to have an internet connection and have your GPS turned on now when you open the app the three word address will be determined and appear in the top bar. now to choose the statues of your landing tap on the select message bar and new screen opens and displays 12 messages and you can just choose the relevant one and tap on it and it will go back to the main screen if you want to only share the status of your landing you can tap on the share message bar or if you want to add location information as well tap on the shared message and location bar your smartphone will now open the screen allowing you to select the messaging service you want to use and you can send
according to the settings of that app that’s pretty much it thank you for
watching see you with the next tutorial

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