Shaun Of The Dead — Movie Review #JPMN

Edgar Wright directed this British zombie
comedy that was released in April of 2004 to rave reviews from the public, a mere two
weeks after the “Dawn Of The Dead” remake came out. The title of this picture is a shameful
and irrelevant play-on-words, riffing on the George Romero horror classic from 1978 – but
the similarities between the two pictures stop there. Featuring long-time comedic collaborators
Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, the drawn out 99-minute story features a number of hapless characters
who find their town slowing getting overrun by slow-moving and dimwitted undead creatures
everyone hesitates to actually call “the zed word”. The two have undeniably infectious
chemistry, but this is my least favorite film with the pair, “Hot Fuzz” and “Paul” are vastly
superior in my opinion. Frost’s bumbling and inept character provides for an unbalanced
relationship that prevents either from really rising above the material. As the love interest,
Kate Ashfield is a one-dimensional obstacle for the story, rather than a proper character
with any interests or desires of her own. The rest of the British cast, including the
incomparable Bill Nighy all hit their marks with ease: their comedic timing near flawless.
Wright’s kinetic directing and burst-editing style gives the picture a sharp and fast style
to it, and when it works: this film is hilarious fun, and supremely entertaining. An awesome
scene early has Pegg and Frost attempting to dispatch a couple of the monsters using
an old vinyl collection… but only after they debate on the qualities and virtues of
each album; “Blue Monday” is off-limits, but the “Batman” soundtrack makes for a great
projectile weapon. Similarly, a epic sequence set inside a dreary pub as the zombies close-in,
all fittingly scored to an in-world jukebox playing of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now” provides
for an immensely enjoyable moment. There are a few laugh-out-loud jokes sprinkled throughout,
but mostly, the vast majority of the humor here is subtle, satirical, and only mildly
amusing. Lagging a bit in the middle, this R-rated picture takes itself too seriously:
and the uneven emotional tones really hinder the effectiveness of the humor, horror, and
drama. The zombie-murdering is never frightening enough to call this film scary, but it’s far
too gory and disgusting to keep things light-hearted, either. Suburban England is hardly picturesque,
and little effort is given to change that: inherently though, that’s part of the charm:
just a few blokes climbing over backyard fences while viciously beating zombies using a cricket
bat and discarded lawn chairs. A surprising development during the epilogue is perhaps
the most memorable aspect of what is otherwise a woefully overrated attempt at horror satire.
Still, this picture is definitely entertaining, with a few great jokes, intelligent writing,
fun characters, and some gruesome zombie killing along the way. “Shaun Of The Dead”, “Emotionally
inconsistent, but gory fun.”. Let’s read some of your reviews now that you’ve heard from
me. A NINE and a SEVEN for “Shaun of The Dead”.
You loved this British comedy duo, the comedy, and even some of the horror elements, you
thought the film was AWESOME. I’ve really enjoyed Pegg and Frost’s other works together,
but going into this incredibly hyped picture, I was certainly expecting more from it: perhaps
it’ll be more rewarding on multiple views, but for no, I was less than impressed. I thought
it was COOL.

43 thoughts on “Shaun Of The Dead — Movie Review #JPMN

  1. You nailed this review downlike bob the fucking builder I absolutely agree with your review I was expecting a lot more from this movie but its just over rated, still a good film at the endof the day

  2. You think Paul is better! I liked that movie, but seriously, that's like saying I liked The Campaign more than Anchorman or Ricky Bobby.

  3. I honestly don't think you appreciate this film enough, maybe because of some cultural barriers between USA and UK. As an Australian, this film is bloody brilliant

  4. Top secret and shaun of the dead are my top 1:s when it comes to comedy! Top secret because most of the jokes are on screen istead of in dialog and shaun because I found the characters believable while they still make me laught! Hot fuz didn't make me laugh at all and Paul was…just not as good…


  5. I highly agree with the uneven emotional tones. It's almost as though that there were three different directors and/or writers arguing what genre it should be.

    I have to say though, hats off to Simon Pegg's stellar acting. (did I spell stellar correctly)
    By the way, new subscriber!

  6. i think you missed the point of the film, i mean the film is layered and it seems every time i see it i notice something different

  7. you're making it out to be a parody of the zombie genre, but its actually a rom-com that just happens to be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse

  8. you said paul was better than this?! i HATED paul, i had to turn it off after 30 minutes. part of it is that I do not like the guy who voices paul, he is greatly annoying. and the movie was just fart jokes and not funny in the least bit.

  9. Amazing film, classic british comedy going, from the pub to cricket and cornettos. Will never turn down the chance to watch It again

  10. Ed was fucking annoying as hell. He should have died earlier in the movie so that the rest actually had a chance.

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  12. You should watch it again at least three months after the first time you saw it. You'll notice more the second time and you'll enjoy it more.

  13. This is what I think of this movie, having watched it many times

    I really believe you have to deeply observe this film in order to see how clever and truly amazing this movie is, you can't simply watch it as a simple zombie movie, and Edgar Wright himself said this movie isn't a satire; it's a movie that happened to have zombies in it. Take the opening montage for example, clearing showing us humans living in a boring 'zombie' like state. In the beginning, Shaun's life has had no direction, but through the events ย of the zombie apocalypse, managed to accomplish the three goals he set for himself, let go of the childish feelings for his stepdad and step up and take charge, something he couldn't even do at work. Another thing you have to watch out in this movie for is repetition. This movie loves to go back on things said earlier in the film in a different light; the most prominent example is the infamous line 'You've got red on you' which in originally referred to a mere pen leak, but later came to refer to literal blood. The film also humorously introduces the events in a subtle manner, people falling over ill, TV channels reporting strange happenings, but everyone is so wrapped up in their own lives that it goes unnoticed, even when Shaun makes his second trek to the store (again repetition) and is so accustomed to his route he doesn't notice something is amiss. Again, it's a movie that is a true classic, a genius in it's own and is one of my favorites for years to come.

  14. @MovieNight Don't bother reviewing anymore British movies, because you don't know what your talking about when it comes to reviewing them.

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