Shenyu Baseball BAT Flashlight LED Torch for Self Defense and Security

Baseball bat flashlight. In this video I will be unboxing and testing a led flashlight torch that looks like a baseball bat. It is a mini baseball bat with a total length of 41 cm (16.4 inches) Unlike other bats, the texture of the upper end of this particular model is spiked. The torch bat is powered by four AA batteries. The power of the bat light is 2000 lumen. It has three different modes: high, low, and strobe. The last one is used for SOS signaling, or blinding someone in case of self defense The led flashlight bat can be used for self defense or security. It is perfect for countries where wearing a weapon is not allowed by the law. As you can see the distance that the stream of light can reach is pretty long. I can even summon BATman 🙂

15 thoughts on “Shenyu Baseball BAT Flashlight LED Torch for Self Defense and Security

  1. TIME-CODES (clickable)
    0:16 Unboxing the baseball bat flashlight.
    0:56 Putting in the batteries.
    2:29 Me in a bad-ass Punisher tank top 🙂
    2:47 Testing the LED flashlight bat in the dark.

    This is a LED flashlight torch that has the shape of a mini baseball bat. It is made of aluminum alloy and has three different lighting modes: high, low, and strobe. The bat light is perfect for self defense or security.

  2. Please try hitting a couple things or reviewing this again. I didn't care much for looks but rather the durability of this product along with how the flash light would hold up after hitting things like a wood block. Other than that everything else in your video including the Punisher shirt was pretty cool.

  3. Hi, a stoned epileptic here
    Thanks for the warning before flashing the torch right at me

    Lucky for you I didn't have a fit so I'm able to hit the subscribe button

  4. Be careful ordering one of these online, i just got one, came from china, 5 weeks later i get a letter from the governments home office telling me i had imported an offensive weapon and i am a risk of prosecution and 7 years in prison. I had to ring them, they wanted a detailed explanation of why i wanted such an item, i told them i collect novelty flashlights. They will now seize it. If you live in the UK, be warned

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